Happy Thanksgiving

 It's been quiet on this Blogsville streets but I hope everyone is holding up well and keeping head above water because as we all know, adulting is hard. It's Thanksgiving over in the States, I hope you all have a good one and are able to spend it with your loved ones.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Why won't you let us live, COVID?

 I am always complaining about people leaving blogville and now I have become one of the people who don't post regularly. This is not intentional. I have COVID burnout and I am not ashamed to admit it. I feel a bit weird to say it because I didn't have to spend lockdown by myself and I also didn't have to spend it with kids while trying to manage a full time job, so do I have a right to complain? I think I do though. (It's my party, I can cry if I want to...and all that jazz) COVID has affected people in different ways and believe it or not for some, they haven't really been affected. In fact, they have thrived. Again, I don't know where I fall in this category. On paper, most would say I was thriving. I started the lockdown unemployed and with no direction. Fast forward and I am at a job I like with a great boss and I started two podcasts with one doing better than we ever expected. It didn't occur to me until much later in a random moment that I was doing

Wise Words I Came Across

I am tired. I think 2021 has been a better year than 2020 but so far, it's been a better year buuuut I'm tired. I am probably burnt out. I just want to sleep all the time except there is not enough hours in the day to do that.  I came across this Nigella Lawson interview and she isn't someone that I know a lot about but I really enjoyed her interview. She is 61 and chockful of life experiences. It's so crazy the layers everyone has as they experience life because - life is a bitch. She talks about how she embraces lounging now. Rarely wearing makeup, dressing in comfortable wear and eating chocolate in bed. She does this and revels in it because she didn't want to repeat her mother's mistakes. Her mother was 48 when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer and that's when she finally started eating what she wanted without worry or guilt (she died two weeks after the diagnosis).  She goes on to say "Being thin is not and should not be the goal" becaus


 Yesterday, my uncle died. We'd known it was coming but it doesn't make it any easier. Ever since his wife, my aunt died some years ago, he'd basically been on a decline. My uncle was tough growing up. Tough as in very strict. He was a doctor and spent a huge chunk of his life in Germany. I'd say I was a tad scared of him. As we grew older, he definitely mellowed and was more approachable. My uncle used to be an atheist and that used to fill me with wonder because to my young eyes, all Nigerians went to church. I never understood how he was able to stay home when we went to church and not join when we had family prayer. My aunt, a huge figure in the church had a sole mission to get him to have faith and my aunt the indomitable force, made it happen - well her prayers were answered and my uncle started having faith and started going to church. My aunt did everything for my uncle and they were partners business wise. I have fond memories of them speaking German when they


What's an accent? Who gets to define what an accent is? Americans have a lot of hubris. Especially when it comes to being American. They think they are the best at everything. They think everyone operates on American terms. Which is why when they go to another country, they are so confused as to why the citizens of the country aren't doing things the way it is done back home in America. There are many different accents in America -- Southern, Northern, Mid-western the list goes on. America being a melting point and having loads of immigrants means there's even more variants of hybrid accents. It's so crazy how Americans go crazy for a British accent. Who declared a French english accent sexy but not a Senegalese one even though they are both rooted in French (spot of racism? hmm...) Why am I saying all this? As you know, I am co-host on two podcasts and in one of the podcasts, we get a number of reviews and recently there have been comments centered on my accent. A pers

Happy New Year - 2021 Edition

Happy New Year, Good People@ I don't think I have anything that holds weight for this. 2020 was a year like no other. Personally and globally. The one thing I took from it was that God does have my back. You would understand how huge this is because not long ago, you may have heard me say that I wasn't sure God hears me when I speak to him and he probably sends me to voicemail. When I look back on this year, God is the only explanation as to how I made it through. I honestly had a decent year overall but a majority of it was riddled with anxiety. I don't think I want to spend too much time on 2020. Let me talk about 2021. I've seen in a couple of places instead of a new year resolution or in addition to a new year resolution, having a word of the year and I think I settled on one - Progressive. I want a progressive year. I want to progress as a person, as a sister, as a wife, as a friend (sorry as a sidebar, I was about to write daughter and I stopped because am I still

A Stolen Q&A

 I got a notification from Neuyogi saying "just checking in, its been months!" Indeed it has. In 2020, months basically means decades. It's been a crazy year guys. A lot and I mean a lot has happened. I am exhausted in all ways. In my exhaustion, I am still grateful and thankful for the blessings and the way God has guided us all through.  Today I heard about a mother and daughter dying in a fire and I stopped for a second just thinking if she was feeling grateful for making it through 2020 and then 2 weeks to the end of the year - poof - they're gone. That's just one thing 2020 has reminded us of. You think you know but you have no idea. My brain is dead at the moment so I don't have any topics at head but I figured I would steal this Q&A that I got from Dami's blog  . I know it would be much better if it had pics but please reference above. A girl is tired so just make do with text okay? My Can't Miss Podcast(s). ..I listen to a bunch of podcasts

Friday Randoms

 Yep. Your eyes aren't deceiving you. It's been a while since I had one of these but someone (you know yourself) bugged me to get one up ASAP and now I am here to keep my word. I don't even know whether I have had many random thoughts or if I have and they are just not thoughts I'll utter out loud. They are just safer in my brain. I hope everyone has been relatively okay this year. It's very easy to say 2020 has been a wash so far, but for some, it has actually been a good year. It's kind of crazy how save for the not socializing (as much) and not traveling, life has not changed much for some people while for others, life has changed so drastically. Like I mentioned in my birthday post, it's only by the grace of God that I have made it through this year. I feel like it has been a wasted year for me but I won't get into that. Enough rambling. Let's random. I'm watching 90 day fiance. One of the ladies gets mad at her man. She starts packing up her


Yes, guys. We've been through so many +1's together, which just reminds me how long I have had this blog. A reader actually reminded me that I had to put up a +1 post ASAP. But yea, another year another birthday for me and in spite of COVID and its other agents, it truly was a great birthday. I felt the love from everyone and I truly appreciated being able to have the love. My love isn't the biggest birthday person and I am. He's learned really quickly and also learning my love languages and he really came through for me for my birthday. It's ironic that I ended up with a photographer (seeing as I don't like taking pics) but he took some great photos of me some time ago and made them nice for my birthday. He truly is my favorite gift. It was non stop call galore from friends and family and I had to just fling my phone aside just to even take a shower. We had reservations to have lunch outside with a waterfront view but the weather was awful. It stormed so bad th

Untangling Trauma Bonds

I'd been having some thoughts in my head lately and in my brain, they connected so I thought I'd write about it but now that I am, I am hoping that it makes sense. I feel I have to remind you guys that I am a serious person. I can have a good time but I am self aware enough to know that I am a serious person who could do with some chill, sometimes.  I don't know if I consider it a flaw or not, I guess it can be because it's probably what contributes to my anxiety and always overthinking stuff. But on the flip, it's a plus for me, in that it helps in my self introspection/evaluation with my life goal of living an intentional life. I have always been fascinated by the human psyche so I tend to never take things at surface level. I always want to know the why or the layers that led to something because as complex as life is, there is always a pattern that pieces everything together so to me it's like a psyche jigsaw puzzle. I quietly got married some time ago and a