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Happy Thanksgiving

Hi guys! Finally, Thanksgiving is here. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers from my last post. I appreciate you all. It's so cold here and yes, it does get cold in Texas. Apparently, some people are under the impression that it doesn't get cold here but it does o. The last few days have been high of like 35 degrees and feels like 27 but the good news is we get back to like 60's soon. Looking forward to that cuz my light bill is suffering. I actually don't know if I have done this before but this year I do want to have a thanksgiving post where I say all that I am thankful for, no matter how little or cliche.

I am thankful for the gift of life. I may not always say my prayers as often as I should but the one thing I always try to do every morning when I wake up is say "Thank you for letting me see another day". A lot of horrific things we see on the news or read about and we always think it happens to other people not us. Like I told a friend the o…

Random Thursday..or Friday?

Hi guys, I thought I had been out a while but I checked and its just been 2 weeks. Guess it just feels like longer. Like they say, a lot can happen in a short time. I had been dealing with some medical issues that left me in a lot of pain the last few months. Many doctor and hospital visits later, I finally had surgery last week. We thank God that it went well, as evidenced by me writing this. I am on the recovery train now and yesterday was my first good day and gave me hope so looking forward to the future and yay to no more pain. I have learned so much about people, life and myself these last few days. Thank you Baba God and even though my aunt will never read this, we have our many ups and downs but I really hope she knows how appreciative I am of all that she has been doing for me since I could barely move around. I also want to thank my friends who have been there the last few months listening to my complaints, offering to go on dr visits with me, praying and just being there fo…