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Female Health

Hi Guys. Long time no blog. Thanks to everyone who reached out and checked up on me. I had my surgery last Tuesday and it went well. I am home now on bed rest, healing well so far and OD'ing on pain pills. My mom has practically been an angel since I can't really do much of anything - although I can take a shower myself now and get off the bed without help woot! woot! - I am truly, truly grateful that she could make it back here.

Ok, back to my topic. I just listened to an interview with Guiliana Rancic on her breast cancer. For those of you that may not know, Guiliana has also been public about how difficult it has been for her to conceive after trying IVF twice before, miscarrying on the first try and it not taking on the second try. Her third attempt, her doctor forced her to get a mammogram even though she is just 36 and that's how it was discovered. I just kept thinking that she doesn't deserve this on top of that, so why her?

I think I really took notice of this …

Life is what happens...

...while you are busy making plans.

A few weeks ago, my concerns included sulking about a boy/figuring out how to make the Adele concert/what to wear to a wedding etc etc. In the last week, my priorities have become trying to keep up with my doctor appointments and figuring out which hospital or specialist I am seeing on that particular day.

A month ago, I started having abdominal pains but I am the kind to brush things off and ride the pain out. It didn't go away and my brother urged me to see a doctor. I went to see the doctor and she shoo'd me away with antibiotics. I dutifully took it and the pain didn't go away and it was becoming worse, so I went back to see another doctor last week Monday. I was actually going to cancel the appointment but went ahead anyways. Well, one abdominal pain complaint led to a week of tests upon tests and surgery next week.

It's all been so surreal because you watch these things on TV and in the movies but never think it'd be you. I…