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Friday Randoms

Whew!Guys, Happy Friday, I wish Friday meant something to me but it doesn't anymore, working all through with finals, papers and homework floating through my head, while we are on it, what is sleep? Enough of my rambling before I start happy birthday in advance to Mr Words himself, Blogoratti. If my calculations are correct, his birthday should be this sunday. Happy Birthday, wishing you many more and here's to never having writer's block. Let's go:

So Sandra Bullock went and got herself a baby 4 months ago with cheater hubby. Who knew? More proof that celebs can do whatever they want on the downlow. She got a baby from New Orleans and one of the comments I read was, "Why do these celebs keep adopting black babies?" lol that made me laugh.

I really have a problem with impatience. I am so impatient that if I go to a store, sometimes I just peep through the racks where people hang the stuff they don't want. somehow in my head that's faster than going th…

You think you know but you have no idea...

'Allo, 'Allo! (hehe, remember that show?). Hi guys, I really should be writing a paper, doing some homework or studying for finals, but am I? Nooo, I'm on blogsville. Anyways, if you've been reading me long enough, you will know that I be having some beefings with my weight, so I try to watch what I eat. But you know, living in this country me I already believe that nothing is "good" or "healthy" seeing as half our food is engineered not grown. I still secretly(I guess not anymore) think that organic food isn't really organic. My organic rice krispies shouldn't taste the same as the original..I'm just saying.

Sidebar: oooh! you have to see Food Inc if you haven't. It's a documentary on how food is "grown" in Yankee. Most people I know were grossed out by it but yours truly was craving a burger. I digress...

As I was saying, in my usual quest for "what not to eat" I stumbled across this yahoo article on unhealthy…

Friday Randoms

Happy Friday guys. As you all may have heard, we lost a Nigerian artist yesterday - Da Grin. He was in an accident last week and was in a coma, word was that he came out of it and was going home but we eventually found out that was not the case. Some have been up in arms about the Nigerian healthcare system and yes we can only hope and pray that it gets better. Either way, may his soul rest in peace and may God grant comfort to his surviving family members.

I admit that I like staying in hotels. I wonder why they don't provide toothpaste unless you ask for it.

So I've been watching a new tv show - Spartacus - and the love scenes in there are hella graphic and I just wonder in general how these actors do it sha.

I really think Lisa Raye is very pretty. Watching her reality show, I realize I don't like her attitude. I mean I am all for strong, black woman anthem but when it borders on being a diva there's a line. Her makeup artist put purple eyeshadow on her eyes and she…

10 things I love

I was tagged by Madam Fabulola and this is harder than I thought. First let me put a disclaimer that I am not including God on the list, because that's a given constant. Without him I won't be here to be listing whatever so called things that I love, so he gets ever special recognition that doesn't require being on a list. Okay let me try(in no particular order):

1)Music: Happy, Sad, Up or Down, music is my only constant. There is a song out there for every emotion and a song out there that always conveys your feelings and it's a comforting feeling to know that at least one other person out there shares the same emotion. Whether its the beat, vocals, lyrics everyone has their own but music is something I love.

2)Family and Friends: I've been so blessed in this area of life and I am truly grateful. I have the most supportive family and friends and even though we disagree from time to time I have never had "major betrayal" like most people talk about *knock o…

Friday Randoms

Nna, I might as well buy my Naija ticket now oh! Ah, ah see as the year is flying by sha. Yes, my people it's another friday again. Before I start, I wanted to thank all that commented on my previous post on Relationships. Please eh, never apologize for long comments, I welcome them and I enjoy reading them. There are some topics like those where I look forward to other people's opinions so please feel free to drop comments whenever and however long you want it. Speaking of which, I appreciate it when people reply to my comments on their blogs, so I think I will start making an effort to respond to comments, note I said try. Ok let's random:

So Brad Pitt's bodyguard is claiming that Brad and Jennifer Aniston have been sneaking around and having some sexytime "at least 3 or 4 times". Infact, I think I am upset that I am mentioning this and it's my first random.

If I ever became an actress, I think I know exactly what time in my life I can refer back to, to…


Disclaimer: This shall be long and somewhat disjointed.

Ok, because this topic has not been discussed enough since the time of Adam, I thought I'd talk about it and just ramble my views on it. I got the inspiration last week as I was reading the latest installment of celebrity cheaters - Tiki Barber decided it was a great idea to dump/cheat his pregnant wife of how many years for a hot, blonde intern and Garcelle Beaveaus-Nilon(Fancy from Jamie Foxx show), her s.o of about 10 years I think has been cheating on her for about 5 years with a chic in Chicago. What is really hood people? I feel like now, things are gonna change. Cheating will become the norm and we'll be saying, "at least it was with just one person, not 5". Anyways, I am with my study group and suddenly the dude in my group blurts out, "Man, I shouldn't be married". He proceeds to tell us how it wasn't fireworks and violins when he got married (May of last year)He was tired of different…

Friday Randoms

Hallo people, and once again the Lord has deemed it fit for us to see another friday. Na wa oh, half month go soon reach. Anyhue, tomorrow is a huge day, my friend and I are battling Ticketmaster to get Lady Gaga tickets, she is flying in from Atlanta and I couldn't get two seats together through the presale, I sha bought a single ticket as backup incase we don't succeed tomorrow(drat, she might read this). Lol, I sent a reminder to my boss to get his own tickets.Yez, Yez I can be an obsessive lirru creature. Wish me luck! Let's random:

UPDATE: Mission was successful, I got my tickets with some ridiculously good seats, now I pray for long life and good health for Gaga. Ok carry on.

Oh wait, Lucid and other chefs please feel free to list the types of seasoning you use to bake chicken. tenks in advance.

Twice I have been in a publication that involve two yoruba artists - Lagbaja and Shina Peters.

Work, School repeat cycle. Work, School repeat cycle....

I feel betrayed when I…

(Kinda Sorta) Wise Words of Wisdoms

I'm not a happy camper at the moment but hopefully it will be resolved soon. Took an impromptu (work inspired) road trip today, drove back and forth and I am a little tired but I can't quite go to bed. I have a Finance text book calling my name(Can this semester end already?I'm so over it!) Anywhoo, I saw this on the refrigerator at work, so I thought I'd share.


Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days you are the statue.

Always keep your words soft and sweet incase you have to eat them.

Drive carefully, it's not only cars that can be recalled by their maker.

If you can't be kind then have the decency to be vague.

If you lend someone $20 and you never see them again, it was probably worth it.

It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to be kind to others ( This is my favorite, cuz me I don tire to find what my purpose in life is jo)

Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time because then you won't…

Friday Randoms

Hiya people. I'm in a different time zone so this might come up as Thursday but I guarantee you that it's Friday where I'm at lol. I just had the tastiest Mojito and I have a slight headache. It's Holy Week for you catholics out there meaning that Easter is round the corner, shey una don buy your Easter cloth ready? lol I'm being silly, here we go:

I think I have joined the bandwagon. I too am irked by the whole battle cry of "First!" followed by nothing. As in no comment related to the blogpost.

I'm not a milk drinker. I don't like the taste. The only time I drink milk is with cereal. I have to say that when you eat cereal at the right time, men that ish knows how to hit the spot. Thank God for America, choices out the wazoo.

Last year, when I was in Poland I heard a song that wasn't in English and I immediately downloaded and added to my collection. I never really got the translation of the song until recently. As my friend was listening, sh…