Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday Randoms

Whew!Guys, Happy Friday, I wish Friday meant something to me but it doesn't anymore, working all through with finals, papers and homework floating through my head, while we are on it, what is sleep? Enough of my rambling before I start happy birthday in advance to Mr Words himself, Blogoratti. If my calculations are correct, his birthday should be this sunday. Happy Birthday, wishing you many more and here's to never having writer's block. Let's go:

So Sandra Bullock went and got herself a baby 4 months ago with cheater hubby. Who knew? More proof that celebs can do whatever they want on the downlow. She got a baby from New Orleans and one of the comments I read was, "Why do these celebs keep adopting black babies?" lol that made me laugh.

I really have a problem with impatience. I am so impatient that if I go to a store, sometimes I just peep through the racks where people hang the stuff they don't want. somehow in my head that's faster than going through the actual racks.

I truly know I am overwhelmed when for the first time in how many years the Dallas Film Festival came and went and I had no freaking idea.

It's the oddest feeling when you really want to vent/talk to someone but you don't want to sound like you are whining but you don't want to hold back and you don't want to hear cliches or hear how someone else relates or hear their own life example but you really want to empty your chest. I end up just keeping my trap shut and i'm still all over the place. Nyeh.

Earlier in the week I remembered someone who just cut off communication with me, no explanation no nothing. You really are guaranteed nothing with human beings.

Finally filled out my census form and my ethnicity options were : Black, African American or Negro. I was sure to fill out the blanks and say that Negro as an option was inappropriate.

If dogs are loyal and man's best friend, why do we call trifling men dogs? And why do men like being called daddy, but when you tell them you are pregnant they run to the hills screaming?

Sometimes the heart doesn't know what it wants till it finds what it wants - The Office.

I've never understood the logic of being mad at someone and not saying anything and acting all weird. Sometimes humans do stuff to upset people by accident not on purpose, how are they supposed to know if you don't say it. If you have beef, speak! If you don't want to, don't act strange then.

I realised another example of how I like being in control. I am freaked out by cruise control.

I think I attract unsingle men.

Omo eyin bloggers, some of una can write men. The way you put words to compurra, it's very nice.

My oyibo coworker has a dog named Mike Jones. So every now and then they play the song and when it's going "Mike Jones!, Mike JOnes!", the poor dog is going crazy trynna figure out where the man saying his name is. That cracked me up.

I tried watching Monique's brother's interview with Oprah about abusing Monique. I was surprised that I couldn't watch that interview, it really was hard. I guess you see things differently when someone close to you has been through something similar.

I don't quite remember who blogged about apologizing for something that had happened 10 years ago and I seemed to be the only one who thought letting bygones be bygones was an option. I saw many comments saying if it makes you feel better. But I think just because you feel better doesn't mean the other person shouldn't be considered especially in a case where it might have been forgotten, I dunno jo...

Heidi from the hills just makes me sad. I keep staring at her face and I am in shock, she is 23 and looks awful. I can't imagine what her mom feels like.

PRAYER REQUEST: For all those that have been abused in some form or the other - mentally, sexually, verbally, physically - that they are able to heal from the hurt and for those that are abusing to see the error of their ways. Amen.

Because I am too damn exciting, last friday I spent the night going through American Idol videos and watching Idol reminds me of how your life can change in an instant, from a regular person to a well known celeb. Anyways, i have always liked Fantasia, she bring something to the stage, I watched her winning song again and there was no way she did not have this in the bag. Today's song is "I believe"...Have a lovely weekend guys and if you have a moment say a prayer for me, I need it. Thanks.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You think you know but you have no idea...

'Allo, 'Allo! (hehe, remember that show?). Hi guys, I really should be writing a paper, doing some homework or studying for finals, but am I? Nooo, I'm on blogsville. Anyways, if you've been reading me long enough, you will know that I be having some beefings with my weight, so I try to watch what I eat. But you know, living in this country me I already believe that nothing is "good" or "healthy" seeing as half our food is engineered not grown. I still secretly(I guess not anymore) think that organic food isn't really organic. My organic rice krispies shouldn't taste the same as the original..I'm just saying.

Sidebar: oooh! you have to see Food Inc if you haven't. It's a documentary on how food is "grown" in Yankee. Most people I know were grossed out by it but yours truly was craving a burger. I digress...

As I was saying, in my usual quest for "what not to eat" I stumbled across this yahoo article on unhealthy cereals (and the more healthy options) that further made me think that you just can't win, so I thought I'd share. A few of them surprised me, let me know if you were surprised. I summarized everything they said in the article and added my own jara.

This cereal might probably have the most sugar. It has more sugar than Lucky charms, Cocoa Krispies and Reese's Puff. The sugar in the raisins is a killer, like Lucid said in one of my posts,the fructose in this country is a heavy sumting. The raisins are pretty much fructose and glucose,laced with sucrose. Basically, you might as well have a candy coated dessert instead of a "healthy" cereal. The better option they say is Kellogg's All Bran with a tablespoon of raisins.

Admittedly, Chocolate cereal should not be part of a healthy diet but they spoke about it in terms of a snack when you are craving something sweet. It's ironic that the unhealthiest is the one that is targeted towards adults. A healthier option is Cookie Crisps.

Ok for real, how do we have a fighting chance if Multi freaking Bran cereal has more sugar than the Chocolate Chex! One bowl of this cereal has more sugar than a scoop of Edy’s Slow Churned Fudge Tracks Ice Cream. The healthier option is Post Shredded Wheat.

Basically you are eating sugar sprinkled with vitamins. Healthier option is Kashi Vive(I've never heard of this cereal before)

WORST HOT CEREAL:Quaker Oatmeal Express Brown Sugar
Eating this for breakfast is worse than eating a Little Debbie Marshmallow Pie for breakfast. 'Nuff said. healthier option is 1packet of Quaker Fiber Cinnamon Swirl.

WORST GRANOLA CEREAL : Quaker Natural Granola. Oats, Honey & Raisin
One cup of this is equivalent to a snickers bar. Healthier option is Kashi Go Lean Crunch.

Ok that's all the article said. This was just cereal, I shudder to think what other things have. Have a lovely rest of the week people!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Randoms

Happy Friday guys. As you all may have heard, we lost a Nigerian artist yesterday - Da Grin. He was in an accident last week and was in a coma, word was that he came out of it and was going home but we eventually found out that was not the case. Some have been up in arms about the Nigerian healthcare system and yes we can only hope and pray that it gets better. Either way, may his soul rest in peace and may God grant comfort to his surviving family members.

I admit that I like staying in hotels. I wonder why they don't provide toothpaste unless you ask for it.

So I've been watching a new tv show - Spartacus - and the love scenes in there are hella graphic and I just wonder in general how these actors do it sha.

I really think Lisa Raye is very pretty. Watching her reality show, I realize I don't like her attitude. I mean I am all for strong, black woman anthem but when it borders on being a diva there's a line. Her makeup artist put purple eyeshadow on her eyes and she said that she forgot that she can't wear purple it hurts her eyes *blank stare*. She is always late, which I think is rude. I found it interesting that she said she knew she was not in love with the Premier(president) of Turks and Caicos. Personally, I think she is a gold digger.

I really like the Sunday VH1 black celebreality lineup: Brandy and RayJ, Basketball Wives and What CHilli wants (Umm chilli needs to slow down on her list or else she will be single for a loooong time)

Where's the line between being picky and being too picky?

Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches are the bizness.

My friend has gone off the deep end, who in hell cries for Glee?

So people say to be married or in a relationship, you should know yourself, use your single time to be a better person blah blah. I've always wondered about that. Isn't everyone a work in progress? Aren't you a different person and find out more about yourself in relationships?

Did anyone know "420" is some sort of code for weed? Cuz I sho didn't.

No matter how independent and strong a woman you are, I believe every woman likes and wants attention from their s.o or someone they are talking to.

I stopped buying juice so I could drink more water and it's been going well but I pee a lot now.

Man the joys of having "bad veins". Was at the doctor the other day and it took an hour, 3 nurses and 7 pokes for them to draw blood out of me and even then the thing was just drip, dripping from my fist.

It must suck to love shopping and shop so much and still look a hot mess.

Chicago accents are hilarious to me.

I long for the day when I want something and can get it immediately and not stall because of money. I really want a new car :(

I'm all for a sensitive man and all but I get uncomfortable if I see a man crying.

Watching Tough Love couples and Tool academy, I think I concluded that women are just addicted to love and want it any shape or form it comes. Its the only reason I can conclude why some of the douche bags on here have women that have stuck with them through the years like wth is it that bad? There's a chic on there who every boyfriend she has ever had in her life has cheated on her, I wonder what goes on in her head.

I am torn about what to do in a work situation.sigh, i'll deal with it later.

PRAYER REQUEST:For all who have lost someone because of death. I'm not sure the pain ever goes away but for God to grant them comfort. Amen

In Memory of DaGrin. This is one of the best videos out of Naija, I call it the Naija "Run this town"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

10 things I love

I was tagged by Madam Fabulola and this is harder than I thought. First let me put a disclaimer that I am not including God on the list, because that's a given constant. Without him I won't be here to be listing whatever so called things that I love, so he gets ever special recognition that doesn't require being on a list. Okay let me try(in no particular order):

1)Music: Happy, Sad, Up or Down, music is my only constant. There is a song out there for every emotion and a song out there that always conveys your feelings and it's a comforting feeling to know that at least one other person out there shares the same emotion. Whether its the beat, vocals, lyrics everyone has their own but music is something I love.

2)Family and Friends: I've been so blessed in this area of life and I am truly grateful. I have the most supportive family and friends and even though we disagree from time to time I have never had "major betrayal" like most people talk about *knock on wood*

3)Dancing: Man, I love to dance. Just hearing a beat puts my head in a tizzy, I have to move. I danced in college in our african dance group and we danced in a yearly competition. I always looked forward to practice and joked that I was in college just for dance. Post College, I joined a diverse dance group but had to give it up cuz I didn't have enough time for rehearsals.It's all good I still dance in front of my mirror.

4)Pop Culture/TV/Movies: Nothing gets me all excited as anything as discussing anything pop culture related. Talking about xyz reality show, talking about that movie, talking about award shows etc etc. I can't explain but I get such an adrenaline rush it's the weirdest thing. I am not joking when I say that talking about that with whoever I'm with qualifies as pre foreplay to foreplay lol

5)My blackberry: O how I love this device! It's like glued to me at all times. I am hardly separated from it. That glowing red light, blinking and signifying a new message makes my heart smile. Yes I am an addict, and then???

6)Food: Some may disagree with me but my padded body is proof that I love food. Like there are so many choices, so many things to pick from,and they taste oh so good. I swear there is something addictive in food in this country(hehe and not additives).

7)Zee Eenternet: Where oh where would I be without the internet?It gives me access to internet, instant message, blogsville and the ever handy google.

8)Traveling: Besides the actual flying, it's nice to visit new places and make new memories in a place other than where you live.

9)Cuddling: There is something calming about it.

10)Love: Love is a beautiful thing whether between family and friends or two people in a relationship either way when its genuine love it only leads to nothing but good things. love is what makes friends and fam there for you when you need them the most, its what made God give us his only son, its what breeds the environment for a happy family. I don't always believe love conquers all but for the most part it is a good thing.

Phew, Ok I survived. I am enjoying my time in the windy city, I ate waaay too much food today. I digress - I tag the following people if they haven't done so:Omosi T, Ms O, Vivian, LucidL, Neefemi, Nutty J and MPB.

Have a lovely rest of the week!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Friday Randoms

Nna, I might as well buy my Naija ticket now oh! Ah, ah see as the year is flying by sha. Yes, my people it's another friday again. Before I start, I wanted to thank all that commented on my previous post on Relationships. Please eh, never apologize for long comments, I welcome them and I enjoy reading them. There are some topics like those where I look forward to other people's opinions so please feel free to drop comments whenever and however long you want it. Speaking of which, I appreciate it when people reply to my comments on their blogs, so I think I will start making an effort to respond to comments, note I said try. Ok let's random:

So Brad Pitt's bodyguard is claiming that Brad and Jennifer Aniston have been sneaking around and having some sexytime "at least 3 or 4 times". Infact, I think I am upset that I am mentioning this and it's my first random.

If I ever became an actress, I think I know exactly what time in my life I can refer back to, to cry on cue.

Vacation time in this country is a real bummer. Obama seems to be a president that is concerned about everything including trivial stuff, he should consider doing something about vacation time. It is especially harder for us naija people that save it all for Naija, that eliminates a lot of international places to go to mschew. How do these reality contestants do it?

Speaking of reality contestants, them chicks on survivor, they are always in bathing suits, how come their nether regions don't have hair? Abi waxer or nair dey for jungle?

Awon Mizchif and Purple Brain, I bow for una. I could NEVER be a doctor, this I know is true.

So Like Umm, is Stedman alive? Where is he?

So Tyler Perry's next project is adapting a book that I think has a really interesting title. I'm looking forward to seeing it, it's titled : For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow is Enough.

So sad about the Polish president men. He went on a trip to honor service men I think and on his way back his plane crashed and killed 94 people including his wife.Ordinarily, I'd usually gloss over a news story like that but I was in Poland last summer so I felt a lil something. May all their souls rest in peace.

So based on Bravo and their cooking shows, what's the correlation between being a chef and being gay? A lot of the chefs on there are gay.

Geez, I really need to fill out my census form. Procrastination is a biatch. (Hope yall filed your taxes)

I do wonder why Brandy is not a star. I've always loved her music and I love the tone of her voice.

I always joke that we catholics are like a cult because most times when a guy is going to get married even if he is not like a strong practicing catholic, he prefers his wife to go through catechism and convert or learn about the Church. I know 4 of my friends who have gone through this process and another friend of mine just told me that she started classes, cuz her boyfriend had asked her to. I think it's pretty cool and I welcome all with open arms, it also makes me think that love is a powerful thing, cuz as for right now I don't know if I could do that, but ask me again when I'm in love.

I guess I don't have much this week. Need to be up early for a trip tomorrow so I should probably hit the sack.

PRAYER REQUEST: For everyone who feels lost and confused and not sure what direction to take in life, that the Lord grants them wisdom, peace and guidance. AMEN.

Today's song is by Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. You might heard the Dap Kings play with Amy Winehouse before. SHaron Jones is definitely a woman who got robbed of more recognition because she doesn't have "the look". Either way, I love her voice and I love her sound so enjoy, This Land is Your Land.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Disclaimer: This shall be long and somewhat disjointed.

Ok, because this topic has not been discussed enough since the time of Adam, I thought I'd talk about it and just ramble my views on it. I got the inspiration last week as I was reading the latest installment of celebrity cheaters - Tiki Barber decided it was a great idea to dump/cheat his pregnant wife of how many years for a hot, blonde intern and Garcelle Beaveaus-Nilon(Fancy from Jamie Foxx show), her s.o of about 10 years I think has been cheating on her for about 5 years with a chic in Chicago. What is really hood people? I feel like now, things are gonna change. Cheating will become the norm and we'll be saying, "at least it was with just one person, not 5". Anyways, I am with my study group and suddenly the dude in my group blurts out, "Man, I shouldn't be married". He proceeds to tell us how it wasn't fireworks and violins when he got married (May of last year)He was tired of different girls and wanted to settle down, it was a long story sha. Long and short, he does subscribe to the theory that once a man is ready to settle down he will with the first person that comes along and closely fits what he is looking for. Then I come home and Taking Stage is on my tv, these two dudes broke up with their girls at homecoming, like in the middle of it. So while the girls are crying, hugging each other and consoling each other, dem dudes were backing it up on the dance floor celebrating their freedom. - They might not connect to you but for me it got my head thinking.

I won't lie I am a bit jaded about relationships. I don't think I have a damn clue about them. I love to see people in relationships and I hope for the best. But over the years, as you see seemingly good relationships fall, it's hard not to be a little pessimistic about them. Don't get me wrong there are good relationships out there, but let's be honest they are not the majority. Relationships are not easy, not in the least bit. Men, Women- two completely different species that will NEVER understand each other. People evolve, people change. I give mucho kudos to people that get married, it's a brave step. You are making a promise that you yourself don't know you can keep, you can only decide to keep your end of the bargain and hope for the best.I've seen some wedding videos, couple totally in love and I wonder where/how you lose that love? or was it not real from the beginning?

On a personal note, I've written an earlier blog post about being told to put myself out there, maybe to a certain extent they are right but nyeh. I told someone the other day that my last relationship was in 2008 and they were making noise like I said my last drink of water was in 2008. I'm not opposed to relationships, it just hasn't happened and there's no rush( I am wasting my singledom sha). Anyways, like I said before, I have no clue about relationships but there are certain things I believe in/hope to have:

I will never ever try to change a man. Hopefully he will compromise on some things and I will know what I can or can't handle.

Not comparing or molding my relationship after others. I believe everyone is different. I feel most women get into trouble when they do this, "oh he calls her 20times a day, why don't you call me", if it genuinely doesn't bother you and this person has your back when it's important what's the problem?

I hope I don't ever have to change myself for a man and whoever I'm with accepts me for who I am weird and all.

I know I had much more to say but that's all I can remember and I am getting tired of typing. I really wish I could just pour everything in my head but meh. All in all sha, even though I'm a bit jaded, I still think there are good ones out there, for those who plan on getting married or ending up in a long term relationship, I hope we
all get it right and play our own parts well too. And for those already married or in serious relationships, hope it's blessed and you guys continue to grow and learn with each other.

Two randoms:

Having history with someone is a very strong and dangerous thing. It sometimes clouds your judgement and is the reason why some people just stick it out in a relationship they know is dead.

People say relationships are not easy and sometimes people say it shouldn't be hard. What you say?

Ok well have a good week and thanks for listening to my disjointed rambles.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Randoms

Hallo people, and once again the Lord has deemed it fit for us to see another friday. Na wa oh, half month go soon reach. Anyhue, tomorrow is a huge day, my friend and I are battling Ticketmaster to get Lady Gaga tickets, she is flying in from Atlanta and I couldn't get two seats together through the presale, I sha bought a single ticket as backup incase we don't succeed tomorrow(drat, she might read this). Lol, I sent a reminder to my boss to get his own tickets.Yez, Yez I can be an obsessive lirru creature. Wish me luck! Let's random:

UPDATE: Mission was successful, I got my tickets with some ridiculously good seats, now I pray for long life and good health for Gaga. Ok carry on.

Oh wait, Lucid and other chefs please feel free to list the types of seasoning you use to bake chicken. tenks in advance.

Twice I have been in a publication that involve two yoruba artists - Lagbaja and Shina Peters.

Work, School repeat cycle. Work, School repeat cycle....

I feel betrayed when I buy fruit and they end up being not sweet, all sour and ish.

Cotdamn, Kate Gosselin sucks on Dancing with the stars. She is a waste of a "star" on the dance floor. And I am sorry, maybe Jon was a douche but it's so hard to be on Kate's side. She seems so stoic and cold and bleh just not my type of person.

Nna, the thing a suit does to a man, makes a woman wanna do things to the man.

My name is Taynement and I stare at men's crotches.

The movie is Precious: Based on the novel push by sapphire but according to "30 Rock", it is the derivative for the porn name: Fresh Ass: Based on the Novel, Tush by Assfire. I tell ya, watch 30 rock.

Maybe the Indians have it right with the whole matchmaking thing. I see them taking walks with their wives, grocery shopping together etc and they make it work. They take the time to get to know and grow to love their spouses. I could be tripping but who is the last indian you know that cheated on their wife?lol

I really wanna switch to wordpress but I don't know how to and I don't have time to figure it out.

What is up with airlines? Charging for carryon ke? and man, regional jets are the worst things ever.

I get a twinge in my chest when I hear about people who are opportuned to work in the entertainment field. I just don't know how to go about it, sigh.

What is worse?: Walking into the restroom when someone just started blowing up the restroom with deadly poopoo stench in the air or walking in when they are done and someone comes after, smells the stench and thinks you did damage?

Dear unknown person, thank you for holding the door for me but can't you see I am 50 miles away. Why do you feel the need to make me sprint to the door as I was enjoying my leisurely pace? Don't feel bad if I decide to maintain that pace while you impatiently hold the door silently yelling at me to hurry up. You will wait for me, because dem no born you well if you decide to let go of the door at the last minute. Thanks, taynement.

Even though I am not a diehard fan and will not be attending, I think the Jill Scott and Maxwell tour will be a good concert.

Only peeps in Naija be abusing broadcast messages on bbm.

A HUGE happy birthday to my lovelies, Kate and RepressedOne. Love you guys.

PRAYER REQUEST: For all women who are having difficulty having kids. That they will be blessed with their desire either naturally or via adoption. AMEN.

This song popped up on my roadtrip and I hadn't heard it in a while. Kanye is a genius jare. Have a lovely weekend my darlings!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

(Kinda Sorta) Wise Words of Wisdoms

I'm not a happy camper at the moment but hopefully it will be resolved soon. Took an impromptu (work inspired) road trip today, drove back and forth and I am a little tired but I can't quite go to bed. I have a Finance text book calling my name(Can this semester end already?I'm so over it!) Anywhoo, I saw this on the refrigerator at work, so I thought I'd share.


Accept that some days you are the pigeon and some days you are the statue.

Always keep your words soft and sweet incase you have to eat them.

Drive carefully, it's not only cars that can be recalled by their maker.

If you can't be kind then have the decency to be vague.

If you lend someone $20 and you never see them again, it was probably worth it.

It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to be kind to others ( This is my favorite, cuz me I don tire to find what my purpose in life is jo)

Never put both feet in your mouth at the same time because then you won't have a leg to stand on.

Nobody cares if you can't dance well, just get up and dance! (another favorite men, in other words - JUST DO IT!)

Since the worm gets eaten by the early bird, sleep in.

The second mouse gets the cheese.

When everything's coming your way, you are in the wrong lane.

Birthdays are good for you. The more you have the longer you live.

For you readers out there, I came across a book (I might prolly be late)that if I ever have the time I'd like to read:

It's the story of a 16 year old Nigerian orphan and a British well off couple. I have only heard good things about this book. The publishers say they don't want to spoil it for us but every review has hinted at something horrific at a beach. I don't buy books but I will definitely be buying this and hope to read it someday.

Have a lovely week guys!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Friday Randoms

Hiya people. I'm in a different time zone so this might come up as Thursday but I guarantee you that it's Friday where I'm at lol. I just had the tastiest Mojito and I have a slight headache. It's Holy Week for you catholics out there meaning that Easter is round the corner, shey una don buy your Easter cloth ready? lol I'm being silly, here we go:

I think I have joined the bandwagon. I too am irked by the whole battle cry of "First!" followed by nothing. As in no comment related to the blogpost.

I'm not a milk drinker. I don't like the taste. The only time I drink milk is with cereal. I have to say that when you eat cereal at the right time, men that ish knows how to hit the spot. Thank God for America, choices out the wazoo.

Last year, when I was in Poland I heard a song that wasn't in English and I immediately downloaded and added to my collection. I never really got the translation of the song until recently. As my friend was listening, she told me she heard that people are drawn to songs they relate to even when they don't understand what is being said. She translated the song for me and boy was it so on point to what I was feeling at that time.

Did anyone ever watch that show V.I.P with Pamela Anderson? It used to come on a looooong time ago on weekends. I actually liked it.

I have decided that I am going to record episodes of 16 and pregnant and show it to my kids. If that doesn't scare the be-jesus out of them, then...actually I don't

I think everyone should fill out their census forms. I have been meaning to fill out mine but procrastination. It's a good way for govt to allocate resources, so if you can just go on right ahead and fill out the form.

So in 2007 there was a movie called "Death at a Funeral". It's 2010 and there is a (black) remake of the movie already. Umm, are we that short of original material that we are doing remakes in 3 years?

I have always beleived that human beings were inherently good and society makes them evil. If Schadenfreude(pleasure derived from another person's misfortune. Not like oh they lost their leg, I am pleased. More like why humans laugh when someone trips and falls)is human nature, does that mean we are inherently I even making sense?

Pretty Wild on E! has some VERY special characters on it.

If the Cheetos Mascot (the orange tiger) was a real person, he'd prolly be a stoner dude.

Jill Scott is a GORGEOUS woman.

I'm pretty peeved about paying to check in when you travel, makes no damn sense. In other news, frequent travel seems to have reduced my air sickness. My queasiness has been reduced to about 10%, which is fine by me.

Listening to the radio the other day and the ad was for an Obesity clinic. They claim that if you have an obese friend, chances of you gaining weight is higher by 20%. As if that wasn't silly enough, they offered a discount to people who had obese friends. Like wtf, how does that work? Do you show proof of your "obese friend". I thought the whole thing was silly.

I went to church today at a cathedral and I think I was pretty spooked. I've decided that I identify as catholic and I do enjoy going to mass but there are just some tenements and traditions and just some things that I deem unecessary so I am probably going to just ignore them. I could be guilty of picking and choosing but ehn, sue me!

PRAYER REQUEST: For all those who are homesick, lonely and far away from loved ones.

Have a lovely weekend guys.

I like this ad, the sarcasm is hilarious:


Love this song: