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2017 Year in Recap

I really hate doing these but I think they are good as someone who is not good at maintaining memories, it's good to have these things down so you can look back and see how far you have come or how you are still in the same place.

Overall, I think I had a pretty decent year. I started out 2017 with all the hope and expectations in the world. I even followed through and made a vision board. I am not sure if I will ever do one again. Here's the thing, I am one of those people that aren't really stuck on goals and outlining stuff because my life has shown me that it doesn't follow an outline and always turns me on my head because there are things I did not account for and that changed everything else.

Sooo that's a long way of saying that nothing on my vision board was really achieved which doesn't necessarily translate to a bad year. I had two things that I'd consider major dings that happened to me this year but you know what? I've gotten quite used to m…

Friday Randoms

This is probably going to be the last randoms for the year and it's unfortunate it's going to be a lame one as I only have less than a handful of randoms. But I figure I'd just give a little something. I thought about combining it with a Year in Recap post but I figured that didn't go together. I am traveling for the holidays and can't figure out how to pack my stuff without worrying about it being too heavy. I always want to travel light but as an overpacker, I always fail on that front.

Here are my handful of randoms:

Everytime I travel with someone or just in general there's always much ado about sunset. Don't get me wrong, sunsets are pretty but are there differences in sunsets? Do people really appreciate it so much or have we just been told that it's something we have to make a fuss about.

There's something unfortunate about being the boisterous one in any kind of relationship and maybe boisterous is the wrong word. Maybe the more outspoken on…