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Friday Randoms

Hi guys. How are you? Hope everyone's good and everyone's been keeping well and staying warm. Man, I gotta tell you this weather has not been kind to us. I live in Texas and contrary to popular belief it gets cold here. We were hit by an ice storm and I know people like to laugh at us but we were having highs in the 20's with ice everywhere and everything frozen. I am glad we are warming up now. I am watching the new Netflix documentary The Short Game as I type this. I love documentaries. (and man I watch too much tv) So cute watching little kids who have already found their passion and have discipline in training and are so ambitious. Oh yea and Beyonce just released a visual album at midnight. I learned that a visual album is one where every song on the album is accompanied by a video for each songs. The stans are going crazy. I previewed the videos and man, this girl's body is SICK. Whatsup with these chicks (kim K) looking better after having a baby. Anyways let me…


If you haven't watched Benedict Cumberbatch's version of Sherlock (PBS in America) I watched on Netflix. Then you are on a long thing. Ohhhhh soooo goood (It's the version CBS' Elementary is based on) I became a huge Benedict Cumberbatch fan after that. It is the only reason I endured the 5 part "Parade's End" miniseries, cuz Lord knows that thing was dreadful. Dude was in like 5 movies this year alone. Anyways, I digress. As a Cumberbitch (its the name we were given) I found this video hilarious and oh so hot. It's him reciting lyrics from "Genius", a song on R Kelly's upcoming album titled Black Panties". Enjoy.