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Friday Randoms

Happy Friday y'all. It was brought to my attention that I don't random as much anymore. In my head, I was like I random'd two weeks ago. I checked and I was like sheesh. Time really is flying. I got to hang with my friends' kids this past weekend and it really has me wondering where time is flying. Like, August is literally next week and before you know it the end of the year is here. We just keep getting older and I am like eeeeek! Speaking of, summer is almost over and I hope you guys are having a great summer.

Let's random.

I totally understand that it is different for everyone but there's the widespread belief that your life ends or something akin to it, once you have kids and you can't do anything anymore. But I have friends with kids who still travel as much as they used to, with or without their kids but more so with their kids. So in the case where finances is not an issue, is it more of a personality thing than the notion that kids make everything …

Self Care While Adulting

We are thick in to the summer and I hope you guys are enjoying the warm weather. I am a summer baby and will always always prefer the heat to the cold so I am grateful for the warm weather to step out and not need a jacket or a coat.

Unfortunately, good weather doesn't always make your problems go away and we still have to adult. Adulting comes with so many commitments and priorities that we sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses and take some time out to enjoy life or take care of ourselves. We take it for granted that our bodies will keep going and our friends and family will be there waiting for us when in reality, life changes in seconds. Whether from good to bad or bad to good.

I came across this on twitter and thought these were good guidelines to practice. Figured I'd share. It says to schedule this sometime every month:

1. Lunch date with a friend
2. 24 hours with no social media
3. 1 day outdoors
4. 1 night out with friends
5. 1 date night (even if it is with yo…