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Lagos Life

Howdy ho folks, how una dey? Christmas is just days away and I am enjoying the sun and heat of lagos. It was an ordeal getting to the East sha. This country na wire. Just to check in my luggage was wahala. People yelling at each other, my brother and I screaming at people who feel they have a right to yell at you. All before 7am. My 7.30 flight didn't leave until 3pm.Rumor has it the big wigs hired the planes for private use and left us regular folks to roast smh. Once we were told to board and after driving us there, they drove us right back because the plane wasn't ready. 2 Nollywood actors were on my flight and I took a pic, one of the midget actors (they say he is Aki) and Ejike Asiegbu. KOK was at the airport too. Also ran into JayJay Okocha in the lounge at the owerri airport. They tell u its VIP lounge with complimentary drinks and snacks, till a lady comes to ask u for ur N1000. I'm currently waiting for my food at Yellow Chillis and na wa they charge u to take ur …

Safe and Sound

Hey Blogfam, just wanted to let you all know I made it safe and sound to Las Gidi. It was an eventful journey, with plenty delays. No I didn't sit by a knight in shining armour (Nice Anon,lol) but by some chic who says she is going to Naija for the first time since she was 3 but has a very present naija with fonee sprinkeld on top accent. umm ok.

This country is frustrating. I am currently sitting at the airport trying to catch a domestic flight. My flight was at 7.30 and the announcer has been saying 30mins delay. we are currently scheduled for 12.30pm. make we dey see. enjoy your weekend and I hoope to keep up with you guys!

Random Wednesday

Hey Hey Folk. Long time no see. You see this girl right here was trying to keep it together with finals and everything else trying to stress me. So, I feel like I should address my last post, thanks for all the comments but it seems my post sounder sadder than I actually felt. I wasn't like sad or anything, it was more of frustrated with my mom saying the same thing everytime. Anyhue, for those who asked what change my friend was referring to, she felt like single folks felt like they can't talk to her anymore about relationship stuff because she wouldn't understand. Moving oooooon, I am going to be in Naija in a few days and I am uberexcited, I have been trying to get everything together that I am so scattered but for once I think I won't be over limit. Soooo, as a goodbye present I figured I would random for my good people, so you won't forget me lol. Legoooo!

(this might be long)

You should be kissed often and by someone who knows how - Margaret Mitchell

How suc…

Being a Single Girl

I just got off the phone with my mom. Based on my title, I am sure you know where I am headed with this. She asked me who I was talking to these days and I said noone. Then I asked her why there is all this emphasis on marriage, when in most cases chances are you have the rest of your life to be married and few years to maximize your alone time. I told her how my cousin said I should enjoy the time I have alone. My mom now launched into a it's a lie, they are happy with their spouses why shouldn't you be too?sigh. Anyways, she said her bottom line is that she feels the longer I wait the slimmer the pickings and she doesn't want that for me blah blah blah. I don't know why we have this conversation over and over and over again.

I would love to claim that I am a strong, superwoman immune to her mom's words but I got off the phone, saw a lovey dovey bb status update from one of my friends and I started thinking. My friend had expressed the other day, how she feels that…