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Two days ago, I get on my twitter and there's numerous tweets saying that Tosyn Bucknor, a well known naija personality had passed away from complications from having sickle cell anemia. It was shocking. I didn't know her personally but we followed each other and she was a fellow Man U fan. She seemed to live a full life and lived it to the fullest. She might have had an inkling that she had a short time here as seen in this poem she wrote below:

But Tosyn's death seems to be one of so many these days. It's not even about being at the age because it is just not older people who seem to be passing away. There just seems to be death everywhere at all ages and it is a bit upsetting.

I hate how final death is. I hate how it causes this ripple effect for those left behind, the grief that never heals and the hole that never gets filled. The questions that never get answered and worst of all the not knowing for sure what happens after since noone has ever come back and let us…