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So, I am so lazy.I have numerous blog posts written out in my head, unfortunately blogsville is blocked at work so I can't immediately pour it out, so I end up never putting these entries to web. Anyways, forgiveness had just been in my head and all around me(right down to a scene between Miranda and Carrie when I was watching Sex and The CIty again), I finally talked about it with BFF in one of our numerous gabfests and she ecouraged me to write this, so I'm like well I guess I will.

I have to apologise ahead of time that this may not come out as strongly as I would like because I have a hard time getting really personal. I am not so anonymous on blogsville so I need to kinda mask the scenarios but ultimately I hope I am able to get my point across.:)

Anywhoo, couple weeks ago, BFF asked me: "If you could pass 3 important concepts to your kids, what would they be?". AT the time, maybe I was in a mood or something but I was just like "I don't know, who think…

My Night with Adele..

This is hella late and to Ada, I apologise. I was out of town and had an exam which I shouldn't even have bothered at all with cuz I flunked that mutha so bad..sigh. Anyways, I had the awesome pleasure of attending an Adele concert on the 15th of March and for those of you who know how much I love Adele, excited was an understatement. I arrived at the concert only to be told that The Script was opening for her, my heart leapt while I let out a giddy "wheee!". I am quite new to The Script ever since fellow blogger WordMerchant recommended them to me. They gave a rousing and energized performance, those Irish boys. By the time they were done, we were all hyped up for Adele.


*Applause, Applause.Hooting and Hollering. Taynement enters her Concert Zone*

SIDEBAR: Umm, if you have never been to a concert with me, let me tell you that I enter a zone and all night I am dancing, jumping, screaming, yelling and sometimes like at Justin Timberlake's concert, I enter a trance…

Songs in my head

Hi peoples, it's been a minute sha. Have a lot of things going on in my head but as always I just turn to my music for some reprieve. Have a happy sunday and enjoy the songs.

Taylor Swift - Breathe

Usher - Appetite ( People really didn't give Usher's Here I Stand a chance sha)


Mary Mary - Seattle


Eldee - Big boi


Of course all things M.I( be sure to youtube him). There are many more, but these are the songs I remember. Have a happy sunday people.

Can I Just Say.....

.....that I am mega, uber freaking proud of the state of the new wave of Nigerian music today? Gosh, I have been on a naija music high it's not even funny, been jamming it all over the place, infact yesterday as I was driving, this dude at the light was jamming to Paramoure all loud and stuff, me too I turned up the volume right as D'banj was hollaring, "Igweeeeeee!, Igweeeeee! lol.

Anyways, I have always liked Naija music, a lot of my birthday and pocket money was spent on cassette tapes by artists ranging from Blackie to Fellyx and Mozzyx to Mandators to Evi Edna Ogoli, don't test, I did not discriminate oh. I will not forget my slight(ahem) obsession with Shina Peters or that one KWAM1 album...oh yezzz, I loved them all. Fast forward how many years later and now we have a different crop of musicians with a different sound and this chic is loving it!

See at first, when this new breed started coming out, it seemed like naija music was unsure of itself and it was still …

Getting Older...with Cliches

"With age comes wisdom"

The other day, I was talking to my friend and asked her the biggest lesson she had learned in life and she replied with, "All that glitters ain't gold". This is one of the reasons I am incorporating cliches in this entry, because I have noticed as I get older and encounter obstacles it seems to be the best way people know how to console you or encourage you, and though I scoff at them, I have come to realise why they are cliches, because they really do hold some weight to them, so I wasn't surprised when she replied with a cliche, of course with an explanation to back it up.

Anyways, back to getting older I don't know about y'all but I swear as I get older, I get more confused and the older I get the more unanswered questions I encounter. As I often tell people, my twenties have been so confusing for me, it's not even right. Lately, I find myself yearning for the days when every decision didn't seem so weighted and wi…