My Night with Adele..

This is hella late and to Ada, I apologise. I was out of town and had an exam which I shouldn't even have bothered at all with cuz I flunked that mutha so bad..sigh. Anyways, I had the awesome pleasure of attending an Adele concert on the 15th of March and for those of you who know how much I love Adele, excited was an understatement. I arrived at the concert only to be told that The Script was opening for her, my heart leapt while I let out a giddy "wheee!". I am quite new to The Script ever since fellow blogger WordMerchant recommended them to me. They gave a rousing and energized performance, those Irish boys. By the time they were done, we were all hyped up for Adele.


*Applause, Applause.Hooting and Hollering. Taynement enters her Concert Zone*

SIDEBAR: Umm, if you have never been to a concert with me, let me tell you that I enter a zone and all night I am dancing, jumping, screaming, yelling and sometimes like at Justin Timberlake's concert, I enter a trance. Ahem, back to my nite with Adele.

Alright, Pretty Miss Adele walks unto the stage, her feet in black stockings and nothing else, I hate to say this but she had on the drabbest black dress ever and if you think I am kidding, check out the picture below. Anywhoo, she comes on and her first song is Cold Shoulder and may I just say that this chic sounds EXACTLY like she does on a CD and maybe even better. She went through her songs and even strapped on a guitar for Best for Last.

In between songs, she kept waving shyly, playing with the hem of her dress or her hair. She also told stories in between, which I assume were funny because people laughed because let me tell you, I am pretty good at understanding most accents, but Adele talks SO fast and combined with her british accent, I could barely understand her lol. I did understand one of her funnies which was when she was telling a story and she coughed, then told the crowd, "Don't Smoke".

She only has one album out so the concert went by pretty quick, yours truly had goosebumps when she sang First Love. I'm not kidding when I say the whole room went silent when she sang that, even the drunk girl in the back who said "sshhh!" back whenever she was told to be quiet. By the grace of God, I was able to keep it together when she sang my favorite song, Make You Feel My Love. That was another crowd shusher. She did some covers too by some dude I can't remember, Etta James and my favorite for the night, Many Shades of Black by The Raconteurs (Jack White from the White Stripes' side project band), it was very dark and rock heavy, loved it.

As expected, she ended the night with Chasing Pavements( I really can't believe I hated this song at some point sha). It was a great (and cheap - $20!) concert and I am happy I was able to see her. Those of you who haven't checked her out or still think I am talking about a Yoruba Fuji artist, make yourself right in my books and check her out!

Have a lovely week ahead, my people. Below are pics of Adele(tell me if that dress ain't drab!) and The Script.


The script


Anonymous said…
I saw her once, on saturday night live. didnt feel her but Imma give her another try. I think British artists give me DA started with that barefooted freaky bansheee, what was her name again...the one who sang music eith Lauren Hill. (Where DA hell is Lauryn, like SERIOUSLY). And then I couldnt listen to the one that won the British Idol...yup that one...cant remember her name either. But I am going to check out Adele...
TayneMent said…
Joss Stone?

and if you mean Xfactor, Leona Lewis?
Ada said…
yes finally!!
Damn at the exam, hope you can make it up somehow :(

back to adele *squealllllllllls*..

She seems shy and I can expect "first love" to give serious goose pimples live
Im jealous, maybe oneday maybe oneday
I heard only one of the scripts song, I'll check out the rest later
Mocha said…
I love turned onto her by a friend over a year ago..
I'm sure she was great in concert, she's phenomenal.
Jay said…
love adele and adore the script...i bet you had an awesome time.

As per the dress...thats her style, she is very laid back...extremely so looking at the dress

will love to see her live.
Reverence said…
now i want to go listen to adele, cant believe i never heard of her.

lol @ your blurt #10 on mgbeke's blog , i just had that experience a few days ago *sigh*

how is it going? i miss our gmail encounters...sorry about the exam..
Original Mgbeke said…
Shay I told you that I would listen to her in your honor.
TayneMent said…
@Temite...oooh I love it when you furst my comment box;)

@Ada - sigh, we shall act like the exam never happened.

@Mocha, indeed she is

@wordmerchant - it'll be a fun experience.

@reverence - checkirout oh and lol@#10 blurt, it's true na

@mgbeke - no words for you, latecomer oshi
Blogoratti said…
Adele....hnnnnnm,i'm a great fan. She sings amazingly well!
Sure you had loads of fun.

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