Friday Randoms

Happy Friday guys. As you all may have heard, we lost a Nigerian artist yesterday - Da Grin. He was in an accident last week and was in a coma, word was that he came out of it and was going home but we eventually found out that was not the case. Some have been up in arms about the Nigerian healthcare system and yes we can only hope and pray that it gets better. Either way, may his soul rest in peace and may God grant comfort to his surviving family members.

I admit that I like staying in hotels. I wonder why they don't provide toothpaste unless you ask for it.

So I've been watching a new tv show - Spartacus - and the love scenes in there are hella graphic and I just wonder in general how these actors do it sha.

I really think Lisa Raye is very pretty. Watching her reality show, I realize I don't like her attitude. I mean I am all for strong, black woman anthem but when it borders on being a diva there's a line. Her makeup artist put purple eyeshadow on her eyes and she said that she forgot that she can't wear purple it hurts her eyes *blank stare*. She is always late, which I think is rude. I found it interesting that she said she knew she was not in love with the Premier(president) of Turks and Caicos. Personally, I think she is a gold digger.

I really like the Sunday VH1 black celebreality lineup: Brandy and RayJ, Basketball Wives and What CHilli wants (Umm chilli needs to slow down on her list or else she will be single for a loooong time)

Where's the line between being picky and being too picky?

Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches are the bizness.

My friend has gone off the deep end, who in hell cries for Glee?

So people say to be married or in a relationship, you should know yourself, use your single time to be a better person blah blah. I've always wondered about that. Isn't everyone a work in progress? Aren't you a different person and find out more about yourself in relationships?

Did anyone know "420" is some sort of code for weed? Cuz I sho didn't.

No matter how independent and strong a woman you are, I believe every woman likes and wants attention from their s.o or someone they are talking to.

I stopped buying juice so I could drink more water and it's been going well but I pee a lot now.

Man the joys of having "bad veins". Was at the doctor the other day and it took an hour, 3 nurses and 7 pokes for them to draw blood out of me and even then the thing was just drip, dripping from my fist.

It must suck to love shopping and shop so much and still look a hot mess.

Chicago accents are hilarious to me.

I long for the day when I want something and can get it immediately and not stall because of money. I really want a new car :(

I'm all for a sensitive man and all but I get uncomfortable if I see a man crying.

Watching Tough Love couples and Tool academy, I think I concluded that women are just addicted to love and want it any shape or form it comes. Its the only reason I can conclude why some of the douche bags on here have women that have stuck with them through the years like wth is it that bad? There's a chic on there who every boyfriend she has ever had in her life has cheated on her, I wonder what goes on in her head.

I am torn about what to do in a work situation.sigh, i'll deal with it later.

PRAYER REQUEST:For all who have lost someone because of death. I'm not sure the pain ever goes away but for God to grant them comfort. Amen

In Memory of DaGrin. This is one of the best videos out of Naija, I call it the Naija "Run this town"


CILy said…
It's been a while!
Back to read!

WV: Serspi
I am feeling Serspi today... go figure!
Omotee! said…

be back
Omotee! said…
sad thing about da grin, its so so sad, a young boy like that

glad i've found someone who hates injections just like me, i just become someone else totally!
TayneMent said…
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TayneMent said…
lol i didnt say i hated injections, just said it was difficult for them to draw blood.they couldn't find a vein.
CILy said…
It must suck to love shopping and shop so much and still look a hot mess.

LMAO! I know ppl like that and it cracks me up. You might like shopping and have a lot of nice things but putting a fab outfit together is a science and it's prerequisite is sure as hell not loving shopping.
Ms.O said…
So sad about Da Grin...dont even know him and I have shed some tears.

Women are addicted to love..HA! #DagrinLaugh!

iLove staying in hotels too!

Have a fab weekend mama!..xx!
Reverence said…
I hadnt heard of him till yesterday o! but its sad.

i looooove hotels.

anyone who saw the wedding pics knew lisa raye was in it for the money.. she wont even hug the guy

i have the same vein issue. the funny thing is you can actually see my vein when i stretch out my hand but they said its not bouncy enough :(
NakedSha said…
4/20 is a HUGE celebration in my school. Maybe I should even blog about it. It's a weed-smoking day :(
neefemi said…
I need to watch this Spartacus show...

Never had PBJ :)

Glee is hilarious tho - makes me cry every episode

Didn't know about 420 till this year

Pele about the veins...i hate it when they cant find mine too

lol was the attention jab @ me...if i catch u

and i long for that day as

i love this song....i love the video even sad that he is gone, i hope it reminds us all to live our life to the fullest
LucidLilith said…
Goodness me...Spartacus sucks. Too much CGI.

Aww..pele about the poking. I hate needles too.
Myne Whitman said…
RIP to Dagrin and Amen to your prayer, much comfort to his family.

There is no line between picky and too picky, it's all the same.

Is there really a Chicago accent?

I hate injections and I love Spartacus
Nice Anon said…
Chi people get accent? had no clue!
Notice that when you stop worrying about what you eat then you don't gain weight only when you "try" to watch what you eat .. the wait keeps coming on.. just me? I need some juice now
Kate said…
Amen to your prayer

and H2O rocks!!
RepOne said…
"It must suck to love shopping and shop so much and still look a hot mess. "

LMAO...mehn serious suckage!! and i bet you couldn't tell the culprit nuffin!!

On LisaRaye--I've always heard she's a real DivaBiatch. I lump she and Kimora in the same category.

RIP DaGrin
Mamuje said…
Just stopped by. Lovely blog. I seem to be the only one in Nigeria who doesnt know Dagrin's music. Na wa oh.

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