10 things I love

I was tagged by Madam Fabulola and this is harder than I thought. First let me put a disclaimer that I am not including God on the list, because that's a given constant. Without him I won't be here to be listing whatever so called things that I love, so he gets ever special recognition that doesn't require being on a list. Okay let me try(in no particular order):

1)Music: Happy, Sad, Up or Down, music is my only constant. There is a song out there for every emotion and a song out there that always conveys your feelings and it's a comforting feeling to know that at least one other person out there shares the same emotion. Whether its the beat, vocals, lyrics everyone has their own but music is something I love.

2)Family and Friends: I've been so blessed in this area of life and I am truly grateful. I have the most supportive family and friends and even though we disagree from time to time I have never had "major betrayal" like most people talk about *knock on wood*

3)Dancing: Man, I love to dance. Just hearing a beat puts my head in a tizzy, I have to move. I danced in college in our african dance group and we danced in a yearly competition. I always looked forward to practice and joked that I was in college just for dance. Post College, I joined a diverse dance group but had to give it up cuz I didn't have enough time for rehearsals.It's all good I still dance in front of my mirror.

4)Pop Culture/TV/Movies: Nothing gets me all excited as anything as discussing anything pop culture related. Talking about xyz reality show, talking about that movie, talking about award shows etc etc. I can't explain but I get such an adrenaline rush it's the weirdest thing. I am not joking when I say that talking about that with whoever I'm with qualifies as pre foreplay to foreplay lol

5)My blackberry: O how I love this device! It's like glued to me at all times. I am hardly separated from it. That glowing red light, blinking and signifying a new message makes my heart smile. Yes I am an addict, and then???

6)Food: Some may disagree with me but my padded body is proof that I love food. Like there are so many choices, so many things to pick from,and they taste oh so good. I swear there is something addictive in food in this country(hehe and not additives).

7)Zee Eenternet: Where oh where would I be without the internet?It gives me access to internet, instant message, blogsville and the ever handy google.

8)Traveling: Besides the actual flying, it's nice to visit new places and make new memories in a place other than where you live.

9)Cuddling: There is something calming about it.

10)Love: Love is a beautiful thing whether between family and friends or two people in a relationship either way when its genuine love it only leads to nothing but good things. love is what makes friends and fam there for you when you need them the most, its what made God give us his only son, its what breeds the environment for a happy family. I don't always believe love conquers all but for the most part it is a good thing.

Phew, Ok I survived. I am enjoying my time in the windy city, I ate waaay too much food today. I digress - I tag the following people if they haven't done so:Omosi T, Ms O, Vivian, LucidL, Neefemi, Nutty J and MPB.

Have a lovely rest of the week!


First!!! Wooohooo, your 10 things are almost what mine would have been if I had to do one! For real! Anyway, gots to get back to studying! Toodles :D
Fabulo-la said…
Madam Fabulola ke?



No comment.
Nice Anon said…
Fabulola don become madam! good!

cuddling is nice. Haven't had one of those in a long while.
lani said…
nice of u to put food... not many would...
Rita said…
You sound like such a lovely (and really appreciative) person...

Really liked ur explanations on the things u love...esp food :-)
downtheaisle said…
food and good food...lol!!!
and the cuddling,how sweet!
Andrea said…
Food. hmmmmm
LucidLilith said…
Oooohh...I will have to start writing up my own 10 things...lol

I hear you on food addiction...there is something in the food here, its called high fructose corn syrup...that stufff is sugar on steroids.
neefemi said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
neefemi said…
Miss i'm jaded when it comes to love...hmmmm? lol....feel you on the cuddling thing def....

thanks for the tag, would try to do them ASAP
TayneMent said…
@ANQ - yay at first and similar list.efiko oshi.

@madam fab - yes ke.Why are you lol'ing @ cuddling and you are not allowed to say no comment in a comment box.

@Nice Anon - neither have I nne

@Lani - lol I had to.

@Rita - aww thanks, appreciative yes. I don't know if I am always so lovely lol

@downtheaisle - lol thanks

@Andrea - lol yummm. I feel you

@Lucid - Get to writing!

@Neef - it's the weirdest thing. I'm jaded when it comes to me personally but for others the sky is the limit!
Jaycee said…
Dancing and cuddling...awwww. Those two stood out. Lol. No one ever mentions they like cuddling, but most of us do...lol.
Ms.O said…
Aww Cuddling...I was talking to my best friend last night about how I wish I could just cuddle someone. The heffer then voluntered herself..lol! Feel you on dancing too! + Food!!..hmm

Will try to do the tag soon..xx!
NakedSha said…
Digging your list oh!
Myne Whitman said…
Great list, I forgot to mention food in mine, lol. Cuddling too...
MPB said…
yay...an out has been provided from my writer's block!

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