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Friday Randoms

Just like that, the cold came. Time for coats and chill and for all the fashion people that will be shouting fall fashion and layering. Mschew. I am not happy about this but what can I do. The year is also almost over and for the first time in many years I have no plans for Christmas, which makes me sad but guess it's on par with the majority of this year for me. I don't mean to always be a downer you guys. Please pray for me. I want to be less gloom and more joy.

In the spirit of more joy, I did have a fantastic vacation recently where I got to see my family and that always adds pockets of joy to my life. I went to Cape Town, which has to be one of the most gorgeous places. Almost every place looks like a damn post card in the background and also to Abu Dhabi, which was more of a family wedding, so didn't do as much exploring.

Let me see if I can rustle up some randoms.

This week I found out that the average length of time couples date before they get married is 4.9 years…


Sigh you guys.

I think I am filled with so much anger and confusion. I recently watched two things back to back that centered around religion that just has me fuming.

First, I watched "3 Wives, 1 Husband" on Netflix. It's about families who are fundamental mormons and believe in polygamy. The reasoning is that having many wives and many kids is spiritual and brings you closer to God. Basically like how God manages the whole world, this is a very tiny fraction of them managing a big, chaotic family. They are uber religious and pray all the time.

My thing is, anytime I watch anything about polygamous marriages, it is almost always guaranteed that the women are miserable and the man is the only one who seems happy with the arrangement. In one of the families, the second wife was so visibly miserable. She barely spoke, arms always crossed. The third wife was like after the honeymoon period was over she was like "What was I thinking?" but nope they keep saying I kno…

Speed Dating

Not long ago, I went speed dating with a friend. I have been speed dating before, many years ago and actually matched with someone. We spoke a lot on the phone, went on a date but it never led to anything. Anyways, I went because I figured it was something to do that could be fun, so I didn't have any expectations.

Hopefully the picture above can be enlarged but it basically was my summary of the night. I had surveyed the room before we got started and had our 5 mins with each guy and I didn't spot anyone that sparked my interest. Let's just say that the pickings for the night were not of the best quality.

In my extensive history of 2 whole speed dating events the similarities I picked up on was that a lot of Indians seem to enjoy this, there are people who legit do this as a hobby (one guy said he has been to about 50+ of these and also medical doctors - usually Indian again are huge fans). The bunch was so eccentric. I mean the one black guy was so stoned he couldn'…