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4 in one Week.

Wow, was last week not something?
4 celeb deaths in one week. Besides, the death of an entertainment great - Mr Michael Jackson himself, there was also Farah Fawcett, Ed Mcmahon and Billy May ( the dude who did the oxiclean informercials). RIP to them all.

Due to my limited internet connection I can't pay M.J real tribute the way I would like with videos and pictures but say what you want about him the man was blessed with talent and I dare you to disagree. Wherever you are in the world, I am sure you have been inundated with videos and montages of M.J's life from childhood, the man was most comfortable on stage, I mean even when he began to look scary looking when he was on stage sometimes he looked dare I say (lol, no kill me oh). All this talk about pedophilia, IMHO(In my humble opinion), I really don't think he did anything sexual, as far as I am concerned MJ was asexual and had no interest in sex. I truly believe, his development stopped in his mind as a littl…

3 Weeks and Counting...

Yesterday I was thinking about my stay so far and I have to say that I am happy here. I didn't think it was possible my first week but like my friends told me, you will get used to it. I think I am. I have gotten used to the no light thingie (prolly cuz of gen till 12), I have gotten used to keeping my purse on the floor and holding my phone down when in traffic, unless I want to risk it being snatched, I think I have even gotten used to the traffic lol. Ok, granted it might be this false sense of happiness because I have no responsibilities here i.e. bills and I don't drive much but I am still enjoying my time here.

On the flip side, people always ask what I miss the most and I say my independence. Trying to adjust to everything all over again and not knowing or having a way around town could be frustrating because then I have to depend on someone else, which I don't like doing. That is still taking a bit of adjusting. Seeing as I don't want to enter Bus and stuff, the…

Comparison, Best Friendism & Naija Randomizms


Is there anyone out there in blogsville who has never compared themselves to someone else, please raise your hand? If you have never, then I hail you very plenty, cuz I know I have. As I get older, I realise that comparing yourself to others/someone else is a very dangerous and unhealthy thing. You might be sitting there all happy with yourself and you suddenly do that comparison thing and your brain decides,you are not pretty enough, you are not rich enough, you are not qualified enough etc etc. It's easier said than done but it takes a lot of conscious effort to stop one's self from doing it but I say it's well worth the effort. I mean a little dose of comparison never hurt, it could be motivating but if it gets to the point where you are defeated then it's time to address the issue and add it to your life's "work in progress" list.:)


In my twenty something years of living, if you ask me if I think a guy and a girl can be be…


This post is a P.s of what I forgot on my last post.

How I forgot to share with you lovely people, I don't know but I got to achieve my most important goal in life(if you take that seriously, then I don't know what to tell you) which was - to meet M.I Abaga.*squeallllllss*. Yes oh, I met my group-er(what is it called if I am his groupie?).He probably has no recollection of the moment, but I DO and that's all that matters! lol( i need a shrink). Jesse Jagz was in the building, but I think my screaming blocked my brain because all of a sudden I totally blanked out on what he looked like.

The guys here are more forceful sha, ok let me call it persistent. And I can't complain because back in Yanks, I used to say they don't take action. I guess it goes hand in hand with the ambition that they have sha.

Omo, the way money flies out of my hand, e dey do me like wayo. See I am the type of person that checks their bank account 5 times a day and can account for every penny. …

Personal Space

Am I the only one who treasures Personal Space? What makes it okay for you to just linger in my space? or see an interesting book cover in my bag and feel like you can dip your hand in my bag to see it? or hover over my desk and go through my papers?what if i had something personal on there. Ugh!!!

Hi guys, hope you guys are having a good week so far?

Umm liru update, I drove for the first time in my life in nigeria and it wasn't so bad. Granted it was just within the Ikoyi area to work but maybe I will gradually progress. My road rage came in very handy, when a bold negro thought he could cut me off, lol.

I am a pro at dressing up in the dark, woohoo!

I love being around my family.

Corporate bullshit is universal.

Gala rocks!

You must have real patience to be a domestic/lowly worker here, the way these people are spoken to is ridiculous.

I am racking my brain, ok that's it. Have a good one!

Just sharing, lol

Mosquitoes are EVIL. Evil I tell ya. I was officially welcomed yesterday. After being falsely welcomed with mosquito free, a/c'd sleep. Nepa decided that they won't give us light yesterday. I got bitten, like everywhere including my buttcheek. I could hear the buzzing everywhere around my ears. I kukuma just stayed awake, almost crying and wondering which kain mumu I was and prayed for morning to come. Tonight, I have sprayed my room and will spray myself with off.
I have concluded that most naija men have itchy balls. No for real. Everywhere I look, it's being grabbed, picked, cupped or scratched. Someone should look into this.
Someone mentioned me driving in Lag. Let's just say I laughed for a while.
It's so sad but I have to say CONCLUSIVELY that America has more morals than the new Nigeria. My mouth stays dropping open at the things I hear. It's one thing to want to be westernised but to lose your morals/culture as you do it, smh. na wa sha.

Traffic na die sha.

My Country, Nigeria

Ah! For those of you that may not know, Yours Truly had an idea to do a stint in Naija for a lirru while. My reasoning is that unlike others, I just don't want to move back cold turkey. I haven't lived here for like 10+years, I can't just assume I will move back and love it. So I will be here for some time and see what it's like. I am still embarassed by the fact that other countries like Ghana, Kenya, Togo etc have 24/7 light but a whole socalled giant of Africa doesn't, smh.
Anywhoo, I love my country but I can't help but shake my head at it and the people in it. I always dread that last leg flight to Nigeria when 90% of the people one the plane are Nigerians. My people are always so ..what's the word? uncouth? I don;t know but that's when the people are arguing about being "chanced" in line or yelling at officials for rules that are clear everywhere eg this lady defending her choice to have bottles of orange juice in her handluggage - "…