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Is there anyone out there in blogsville who has never compared themselves to someone else, please raise your hand? If you have never, then I hail you very plenty, cuz I know I have. As I get older, I realise that comparing yourself to others/someone else is a very dangerous and unhealthy thing. You might be sitting there all happy with yourself and you suddenly do that comparison thing and your brain decides,you are not pretty enough, you are not rich enough, you are not qualified enough etc etc. It's easier said than done but it takes a lot of conscious effort to stop one's self from doing it but I say it's well worth the effort. I mean a little dose of comparison never hurt, it could be motivating but if it gets to the point where you are defeated then it's time to address the issue and add it to your life's "work in progress" list.:)


In my twenty something years of living, if you ask me if I think a guy and a girl can be best friends with no strings, I don't think I can give you a clear answer. I really used to think it was possible, but from observations and thangs, I am leaning towards the opposite direction. At some point or the other, isn't it inevitable that one person will catch feelings?Is it true that a guy won't start a friendship with a chic they think is unattractive? If they weren't childhood friends, how did the friendship initiate?
Anywhoos, I do think that it's possible for a guy and a girl to be best friends BUT maybe after they have gone through a period of dealing with one person having feelings or maybe not. Either way sha, I still think it's the exception and not the norm. I won't lie, if a dude I liked/or in a relationship with has a female best friend, I would trust him oh(if not why would i be in a relationship) but I know I would be wary. Basically, I can deal with it but it wouldn't be a preference of mine. I dunno, I just think there is something uncomfortable about walking down the aisle to my husband and some chic in the congregation knows my husband better than I do. Maybe I am just tripping but what say ye, blogsville?


Aite people, I got offline reminders/threats that I haven't updated in a while. Biko, my people no vex, I have been having internet issues. so here we go:

* I just realised I had a bunch of stories so I deleted and will post later on.

I am really feeling that Jesse Jagz single. Not quite sure what it is called but I thnk it could be wetin dey. It wasn't at all the sound that I was expecting from him but all the same I like it.

I like the radio stations here and there are a lot. They are not as formatted as Yank stations and they play EVERYTHING. You could hear The Dream one minute and be listening to Taylor Swift the next.

I really would like to visit a neigboring african country while I am here but I can decide when or where to go. For now, it is leaning towards Ghana though.

I am a crack addict and I don't want to give up my crack. There I said it.
*before y'all call for an intervention - crack here = my crackberry.

Teehee, I have noticed that over here when you want to describe a man of interest Very rich is usually the first description.

I am eating rice almost everyday..I see all my hopes and dreams of losing weight in this country, slowly crumbling :(

My randomizms are kinda dry sha, but ah well I promise to have stories in my next post. Y'all be good and have an awesome weekend!


Kate said…
I think that guys and girls can be friends but like you some person might have deeper feelings for the other..even if it's just in passing. Would I have a problem if my boyfriend and a best girl friend or two? I'd be ok..but wary like you's not like i can or would want to compete with their relationship if they decided that they were soulmates and wanted to be together? Am i epistling on a comment? arrrgggh!!
Anyhoo... someone and someone else misses you over here..come back soon!! EAT LOTS OF RICE :) muahhahaahah!!
If you see M.I again..can you tell him i love him and he is lucky he doesn't live anywhere near him because i will stalk him..and we all know how good i am at doing that :)
Reverence said…
update!!!! yeaah. i hope i am not part of the people that thresatened you? i only reminded you na..

as per the guy and girl best friend i so agree with you.
personal story: me and boy were "best friends" dated, broke up, hated each other (well, i think that may have been all me) and are now real close again. if you ask me , i believe the only reason we are now real beast friends is because we've dealt with the "feelings".
RocNaija said…
So if eating all that rice gets to you..
Can't you just eat suya everyday?
Protein only.. Atkins anyone??

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