Personal Space

Am I the only one who treasures Personal Space? What makes it okay for you to just linger in my space? or see an interesting book cover in my bag and feel like you can dip your hand in my bag to see it? or hover over my desk and go through my papers?what if i had something personal on there. Ugh!!!

Hi guys, hope you guys are having a good week so far?

Umm liru update, I drove for the first time in my life in nigeria and it wasn't so bad. Granted it was just within the Ikoyi area to work but maybe I will gradually progress. My road rage came in very handy, when a bold negro thought he could cut me off, lol.

I am a pro at dressing up in the dark, woohoo!

I love being around my family.

Corporate bullshit is universal.

Gala rocks!

You must have real patience to be a domestic/lowly worker here, the way these people are spoken to is ridiculous.

I am racking my brain, ok that's it. Have a good one!


Original Mgbeke said…
I love how you update more frequently. Teeheeheee...
Kate said…
LMAO... right @ Mgbeks..who knew that she would. Chocomilo and crap..what was the other thing i asked for. And getting married yet..i dont have money saved to travel.
Repressed One said…
lol- driving in naija must be road rage heaven.

eww@ gala.
MPB said…
lol at "lowly" workers, you might as well have called them "peasants." Ditto OM and Kate who whuda thunk you'd be this frequent, pls DO NOT slack off. I want gala and I will be sure to send my measurememts so dont be afraid to buy cute material.
Reverence said…
RE: personal space, *does the eye to eye signal* i have this coworker that goes through people's desks.. in short ehn

LOL @ kate freal tho, i have a few personal examples so shes not entirely wrong.. it does happen

so uhm since everyone is putting in requests, is this a good time to remind you about my golden morn?
RocNaija said…
OKayyyy... I'm guessing this is/was the Wisdom post then???

Took me a while but i think I found it..

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