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Perspective is defined as "A way of regarding situations, facts, etc., and judging their relative importance".

I think as we get older Perspective is an important thing to have. It helps see things from different points of views and saves us from one track/narrow mindedness. The beauty of it all is as human beings a lot of us things factor into things that become our Perspective such as life experiences, personality traits etc so everyone sees things differently, which isn't a bad thing because we don't have to agree but we can learn from it. To visualize what I am trying to say, try to think of that Bayer ad were a bunch of women were blindfolded and told to guess what they were touching and it varied from a rope, to a wall, to a pillar depending on what part of the rhino they were touching. Here's the link if you haven't seen it.

Why am I yapping about this? There are two reasons.

1) Today I was talking to my friend and telling her of a recent complaint my fri…

FIFA Fudge-Up

Ah, it's been an interesting Sunday. I went to church super early so I could watch the England/Germany match. chei! see disgrace. Twas the first FIFA yeye call of the day when England scored a very clear goal but noooo, mr referee and assistant referee did not see and since playback is not allowed na so dem lose. Enter Argentina and Mexico and Argentina scores a very offside goal but nooooo, mr referee and assistant referee didn't see, so na so dem give them goal. Now granted that the teams that eventually won were clearly the better team, still it was super frustrating as a viewer not to talk of if you are a player. That lead that's given to a team with a goal, messes with morale and psyche men. Uggh, just wanted to express my frustration, that's the nature of the game.

I am doing everything but what I should be doing, which is my homework. I have cooked, watched tv and now currently watching Bill Maher's docu-movie on religion called "Religulous", it'…

Friday Randoms

Hi guys. Hope everyone had a good week. I had a decent week thankfully but I am exhausted, mentally and physically. Been having headaches all week and I dream of a week long vacation with no school and no work.If wishes were horses, eh? I had a fun weekend in Atlanta, it felt good to have fun and get some male attention, albeit from questionable men(for those who think I have set back the female movement - bite me) but I am back to reality. Today marks a year since MJ died, how time flies sha. This time last year, I had just returned from my Thursday night ritual of going to Swe Bar (in Naija) when I heard he had passed away.Do you remember where you were? Let's random.

Is it better to wish for peace of mind or self confidence?

It was interesting how on Father's day, people had these kind words extolling their dads and I felt nothing. It's like there is this deep emotion that can be seen through their words and knowing that there is something that deep that you are missing…

Worry + Patriotism

So part of my monthly plans (make that life plan) is to learn how to worry less. Besides a certain Mgbeks friend of mine, I think most of my friends and the people I know are worry-ers. We worry about different things, ranging from small to big. As I was reading my current love interest - that would be the book EAT.PRAY.LOVE. There is a segment where she is having difficulty meditating because her mind keeps wandering off (I have a problem with this too, which is why I DETEST yoga, I almost want to punch someone when I am done, I can't clear my mind). Anyways, a friend of hers told her straight up that she was a control freak and she was surprised because she wasn't like the usual definition of a control freak. He explained further how she was so used to having plans and getting what she wants in terms of those plans that when it doesn't go her way she freaks out. You know how you hear things 100s of times and it just takes that one moment to sink in? This sunk in for me, …

Friday Randoms

Man, you guys are lucky I like you because as I lie here I am bone tired but I decided to just random now or else it won't get done. Who watched the naija match? chei, I didn't get to watch it because I was Indiana bound and was on a plane but it seems I did myself a favor, see disgrace.Tufia! I want to thank everyone who commented on my previous post - Favored/Unfavored. I didn't quite get as many responses as I hoped but the ones I got still made me think so thank you. Since a certain somebody said my random friday posts is class, make i give una homework - Please, see the HBO documentary - Saving Africa's Witch Children - it's based in Nigeria and so sad.It reminds me to be thankful. One of the "clues" they mentioned in the movie is when a baby cries so much, and I was a cry baby and my grandma chose to "save" me and I have 2 razor blade scars on either side of my face to show for it, if I was in an environment like these kids Lord know what …


So my post was inspired by an old friend of mine who even though we don't talk often over the phone, we tend to catch up online every now and then and have these "make your brain cells" think situation. lol you know yourself. Here is what she asked:

do you think fate/destiny plays a part in our lives? do you think we do, our state of mind, speech, a significant part in our lives? - how helpless do you think most people feel about their future plans, goals, aspirations?

Of course, my first answer was "Uggh, I've pondered that a lot but I have no idea", only because it seems as I get older, everything I think that is, really isn't. But days passed and ponder more I did and here are my scrambled thoughts (as usual).

So ask me some time ago and I always used to (half)jokingly say that at least 85% of my friends were highly favored. I said this because I felt like things came easy for them. It was like as long as they spoke something in the air, …

Friday Randoms

Yes, Yes I saw Neefemi's blog and I was jealous so I tried to get a new template too but she already chose the one I would have chosen:(. Boo! Neefemi. I ended up with this one because I figured it might help in cheering me up and also help on me worrying less, you know running in the fields and being carefree but err negative, it's actually annoying me so I will be changing this soon. The week was good up until today but whatever, the best friend passed her Step 3 exams woohooo!! Thats an exam these med school peeps have to take and we were kinda worried as to whether she'd pass or not(well she projected her worry to me, she's a brainiac). World Cup fever people,Naija.Saturday.9am.ESPN2. Now, randoms.

I am amused by the fact that Volkswagen makes a car called Volkswagen Rabbit. teehee.

It's annoying when you pay good money to do your hair and you end up hating it.

I was watching oprah and all these yeye people were saying: Do what you love, find a way to get paid …

Friday Randoms

Hi guys, happy first friday of the month to you. I always say it's impossible to be in a bad mood on a friday, the weekend is always welcome. So a few posts back, I asked for some dinner ideas and it just hit me that I did not thank you guys for your suggestions. I apologize. Thank you, thank you so much to those that gave suggestions they were very helpful. I took the time out and actually voted on the blogger awards site, I figured a bunch of people took their time out to set it up so if you get the chance go browse through, take a few seconds and vote for your favorites. Lucid, i don't care how long my randoms end up today, I dare you (and anyone else) to comment on every single one lol. Let's go:

I have noticed that on tv shows when pregnant women's water break and they go into "unexpected labor", they never show the part where they take off their underwear, they just give birth and the baby miraculously slips out through the underwear too.

In the last we…

Monthly Plans inspired by Poet Blogoratti.

1) Worry Less
2) Keep up with working out
3) Make better food choices and snack less
4) Do the best I can at work
5) Be more consistent with my devotional/Bible reading
6) Find people to do things with? Ok not sure about that, find more things to do that's outside the confines of my walls
7) Be more positive
8) Have more confidence
9) Laugh more
10)Believe that everything will be okay

I thank God that we are able to see another month. Have a lovely month ahead and stay blessed.