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Life goes in ebbs and flows. I think  know I am in an ebb. Everything is just not at its best. It makes everything else just a little bit harder.Probably does not help or maybe because I am in an ebb, I chose to do some introspection. It's a weird thing when you can't tell if you are telling yourself harsh truths or being hard on yourself.

Instead of a friday random I figured I'd share some musings.

I wish there was a person who spoke fluent Taynement and could read my mind and know me inside out. They'd know what I needed before I myself knew and it'd come in handy on those times when I can't bring myself to ask for help when I need it.

I find it very dismissive when people say "Life isn't complicated, it's just people who make things complicated". I almost always conclude that they are speaking from a place of privilege. It's unfair to make a person feel like they are whining about something - although I am a hypocrite in this regard bec…