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My Ode to Adele - No Homo

People may not notice you
Because you are not a size two
And you don't prance around the stage half clothed.

But I see you, Adele
Not only do I see your beautiful face
But I hear you
I hear you in every soulful note that you sing
With the instrument that is your voice.

Your '19' album
Portrays different emotions felt by women
From a Confused Woman in 'Chasing Pavements'
To a Patriotic Woman in 'Hometown Glory
The Loyal Woman begging for a chance in 'Make you feel my Love'
You were able to be the Scorned Woman in 'Cold Shoulder'
Yet told Him off with just your voice and a bass in 'Best for Last'.

Thank you for the gift that is your music :)

Feel free to check out Adele's album - '19' (no I am not getting paid, lol). The listed songs are my favorite from the album.

If there are any other Adele lovers, what are your favorite songs?

Here's to the SongWriters

In good times and bad times, Music is always there, we listen to it when we are sad, happy, just for fun and even while cleaning. One of the beautiful things about it too is the fact that there are so many different genres to pick from so there is something for everyone no matter your mood. Everyone knows how important lyrics are and going through "matters of the heart" issues, I am pleasantly surprised when I find songs that capture exactly how I am feeling. Sometimes it's hard to put into words what you are feeling and these songwriters do this for you, it's also very comforting to know that even if it's just one person(ie the songwriter), you are not alone in whatever you emotion you are feeling. There are two songs that I remember feeling strongly about the first time I heard them.

1) Kelly Clarkson's 'Because of You' - The first time I heard this song, I was like "wow! I couldn't have said it any better". The song resonated with me…

All about Ms B (...or Sasha Fierce)

Ah, it's that time again. You know, the time where Beyonce releases a cd and attacks all our senses by being there everywhere you turn and don't think it's coincidence when a movie happens to be opening whenever she has a cd coming out, it's all part of B's world domination plan. To celebrate her oncoming Media Blitz against the Poor Masses(MBPM), I decided to write my thoughts on her.

I was a HUGE Beyonce fan, not during her Destiny Child days, but when she went solo. I remember where I was the first time I heard and saw the video for "Crazy in Love". It was summer 2003 and I was on my way to class, which I was eventually late for cuz I plopped myself on my bed and was in awe of Beyonce. I don't even know why sef but the video was different to me at the time and so refreshing. The day the cd came out, I headed straight from work to Best Buy and bought me my copy of "Dangerously in Love". She did the regular press junkets and promotion requi…

Bad Luck Oscar?

Just had a random thought. I noticed that whenever a female wins an oscar, a breakup with their significant other is imminent. Off the top of my head, these actresses came to me:

Elizabeth Taylor
Halle Berry
Julia Roberts
Jennifer Hudson
Reese Witherspoon
Hillary Swank I tripping or am I on to something?lol..Have a good week ahead people!