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Some days...

When it feels like your car is broken down on the highway and everyone is just zooming by in their working vehicle.
You realize that even when your world stops, the world doesn't stop.
They say joy cometh in the morning. I'm still waiting for my joy.

45 and 5 Lessons

Hi guys. It's been a minute since I have been here. Life is kicking my ass but I refuse to let it make me its bitch.

Before I do this post I want to address a comment/request I received from Anonymous about detailing my time in Nigeria. I did blog during my time there but I am not sure what angle you are looking for. Is this for personal knowledge or just a good read because I am not sure when I can get to it. If it's for personal knowledge please feel free to hit me up via email ( or if I know you (which I am guessing is how you knew I did a stint?) you can hit me up and I will be happy to answer or address any questions you may have.

Ok on to today's post which is kind of a cheat. It's 50 life lessons by Regina Brett which she wrote right before she turned 50. I know we see so many of these things but its funny how there's always something that resonates. Probably because as human beings, we know better but don't always do better. Anyway h…