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Today is a good tv me

Lately, I have been so busy and have fallen behind on most tv shows and pop culture happenings. But I have a little bit more free time and I cherish my sundays . A perfect sunday to me is sleeping and watching tv/movies, basically doing nothing! Mad Men(which if you are not watching you are missing out!) was moved to Sunday, so it's the perfect way to end my Sunday, oogling John Hamm right before I go to bed :)...Anyways, I have a lot of tv watching to do today, I totally forgot about the Gossip Girl premiere and missed out on half of the Top Model premiere,so I plan on catching up. The Mtv movie awards are today and even though they are now boring, I am still going to watch and hopefully catch a disaster or two, of course a new ep of Mad Men is on and finally and most excitingly (sue my english) - Entourage is bizzzacccck!!!! yay!. Hopefully they come with it this season because last season was kind of ho hum. Oh and if you are a fanof vampires and all, the new series True Blood …