Monday, February 23, 2009

Sometimes I Wonder....

So the Oscars were yesterday, I totally enjoyed the show besides the Slumdog sweep, humph! and also yours truly once again called it right for most of the major categories. Anyways, Oscar season signals the end of award season which usually makes me a tad bit sad, which leads to my main topic.

Who gets sad because award season is over? and on the flip side who gets so mega freaking duper excited when award season starts? Making sure to know all the people nominated (be it music or movies or tv shows) so I could give a fair assessment.

The answer: Noone I know :(

Ok so I admit I have a disease, as I call it. The amount of pop culture crap in my head cannot be normal.I'll give you examples.


A friend of mine asked on his status message(referring to Brangelina), is this the first time a baby mama and their S.O have been nominated for an Oscar at the same time?

Do you have an answer of the top of your head, dear readers? OK, well I could immediately mention Tim Robbins and Susan Sarandon for Dead Man Walking and Michelle WIlliams and Heath Ledger for Broke Back Mountain.


I was asked, Has Meryl Streep ever won an Oscar? well that's easy enough yea she has but I also added that she had been nominated 15 times and her last win was in 1983 for Kramer vs Kramer.

Sigh, I can't decide if this makes me a loser or a psycho seeing as I gain nothing out of it and it's not like I know anyone I could share and babble on about this without the glazed look and polite smiles come on after 5 minutes.

Anyways, I was all on a high from the Oscars and ready to go to sleep with a smile on my face, when silly me decided to tune to E! to listen to a little of the after party interviews and I see Ben Lyons - he is the E!movie critic and Roger Ebert's replacement, yes ROGER EBERT!. All he does is interview movie stars every now and then, watch movies and critic them and award time give predictions. Basically the same things I do except he is getting paid a ridiculous amount of money and get this he is 26!

Well that just got me depressed, because it made me wonder. Why do I have this disease/gift/passion when I cannot channel it into something, if I can where do I start from? Who do I talk to? What can I do? Sigh again. Well I'll keep on enjoying my pop culture knowledge solo (it really does get lonely sometimes:( ) and maybe it will lead to something one day...even if it's a phone a friend on who wants to be a millionaire :D

Have a good week ahead people!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Oscar Tyme '09

Hey lovely peoples, can you believe it, it's another year again and time for the Oscars. Last year, most of my predictions in the major categories were right. This year, I think I may have actually seen all the oscar nominated movies, so I thought I'd give it a shot again this year, so here goes:

Best Picture:
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Reader
Slumdog Millionaire

Sigh, so unless you have been under a rock, you have to have heard about Slumdog Millionaire, they've pretty much won every award there is to win. At first, I thought the Academy would give it to Benjamin Button but now I am not so sure. I did read somewhere though that Harvey Weinstein is pulling a tough nose campaign for the reader so we might see an upset, if people are tired of the SD ride. As for me, my fav movie was Milk but I know it doesn't stand a chance so here's hoping we have a surprise win like when Crash won over Brokeback Mountain. I think it'll be Slumdog

Best Actor:
Richard Jenkins
Frank Langella
Sean Penn
Brad Pitt
Mickey Rourke

Yours truly really thinks it should be between Frank and Sean with Sean winning it. Sean already won an oscar 5 years ago for Mystic River and he is not exactly the friendliest of people in the industry, but he has won all the major awards. But the academy loves a story, especially a comeback story,so me thinks Mickey Rourke gonna get it. Why Brad Pitt is nominated, I have no idea either way I think it'll be Mickey Rourke.

Best SUpporting Actor:

Josh Brolin
Robert Downey Jr
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Heath Ledger
Michael Shannon

NO brainer here, everyone knows its Heath Ledger's award. Personally, I feel bad that the other actors have to compete against someone that is not alive, when next will they have a chance to be nominated again. Ah well, my vote would have gone to Robert Downey but I think it'll be The Joker for this one.

Best Actress:

Anne Hathaway
Anjelina Jolie
Melissa Leo
Meryl Streep
Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet submitted her name for the Best supporting actress category, but the academy ignored that and was pushed to this category. The competition is going to be between her and Meryl Streep. Both ladies did an outstanding job, but like me the academy is going to think it's high time the 6time nominee, Ms Winslet gets rewarded, so I think it'll be Kate Winslet.

Best Supporting Actress:

Amy Adams
Penelope Cruz
Viola Davis
Taraji P Henson
Marisa Tomei

Let's just pretend that Tomei is not on that list. Ok, so with Winslet out the running, it really is anybody's game. My personal favorite is Penelope Cruz for Vicky Cristina Barcelona. my sentimental fav is Taraji, she has been in the business for a while, it's nice she is getting recognised.Like I said, it's really up in the air but I think it will be Penelope Cruz.

The oscars will be airing tomorrow Feb 22 on ABC, here's hoping I don't disgrace myself with my picks. Have a lovely weekend.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Gospel according to James Morrison

Ok people, I need to take a deep breath..*wooooooohhh, haaaaaa*. I have been blogging real stuvvs but I think I better venture back to my core, which is my pop culture stuffs and stuffs. Sooooo today, as you may have noticed from the title, I am going to be gushing about my latest discovery and obsession - James Morrison.

Ok so a friend of mine recommended a song of his to me, I listened and I liked instantly. I looked him up cute Brit boy who has 2 albums with one album aptly titled Undiscovered. He has this raspy voice thing going and for those of you who remembered my last obsession, Adele, to me he is the male version of her. His heartfelt songs and lyrics combined with this haunting vibe in his songs, ooh wee I couldn't help but fall in love, I mean c'mon the album name alone - Songs for You, Truth for Me is enough to make you want to listen.

Well I shall leave you beautiful people with two of my favorite songs of his, after you listen if you want more feel free to listen to more. Have a wonderful day..or night (depending when you are reading)

If you dont want to love me (the slow song)(Isn't he cute?)


Broken Strings with Nelly Furtado (faster song)the real video is on youtube


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Hello lovely ones, it's February 14 again. I hope most of you had a good day with your loved ones and significant others. As for me, I had a solo day with myself and as I write this at 8.04pm, I still haven't taken a bath (yeah yeah yeah, sharrap!). So instead of feeling sorry for myself, I began to think (wait I do this all the time anyways).

It all started with a writeup I read on a website I frequent, here are excerpts(excuse the language):
"I have always said and will reiterate it once more, a relationship going no where is ONE LONG BAD DATE. Time waits for no one and if you can be very honest to yourself and answer for yourself, "Where is my relationship going?" NOT " where do I want or would like for it to go?" If it is going somewhere stay put, if it's not, cut your losses short. When you cut your loss short, it means you are saving TIME, your TIME on this earth is your LIFE on this earth.



Now that you can see this, Value your time, and if someone else doesn't value it, Fuck what they are going through, don't engage in wishful thinking, face reality!"

This was what really struck a chord with me:
"The easiest thing of it all is finding the right partner, are you ready for the real and simple secret? the hardest is FINDING YOURSELF, once you FIND YOURSELF and you are absolute sure of who you are, what you want, you will find your other half if you so desire. BUT YOU MUST FIND YOURSELF".

What does it mean to find yourself? It means TO KNOW YOUR PRIDE AND PRINCIPLES. These are the things that you will die for and never compromise. The principal thing for you to do each and every day is to maintain your principles and stand for your pride.

Finding yourself is no one day task, we grow older, experience new things and change. So, to me one of the most important things in finding yourself is self love, so no matter what changes you still love the core of who you are. Yes we all say self love is important but how many of us really practice it? I know for me it has been one long struggle. Coincidentally, a darling friend of mine who has been going through a similar dilemma(not the self love struggle) with me told me of an exercise she was doing where she was writing down what love means to her and how she can practice it on herself. I thought about it and one of the most important things to me has been having a S.O that accepts me for who I am flaws and all and still loves me. So why don't I do the same to myself?

So today, February 14 2009, instead of doing what I have done in past years ( like drowning in self pity, getting a piercing etc), today I declare that I shall work on my self love and love myself like nobody else can - flaws and all. I know I am an awesome person and one day I hope to meet someone who will know, appreciate and be willing to take the risk and bask in my awesomeness too :D, till then I shall bask in it myself and learn to appreciate every thing about myself.

Happy Valentine's day my darlings and enjoy one of my favorite love songs of all times. Muah!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thank You God

I have been dealing with various things in all aspects of my life that I have been literally exhausted but tonight as I made my long way back home, I suddenly just had the overwhelming need to thank God. I usually deal with stuff in my head (hence my blog being an entertainment blog and not a personal one)and I wrote an open thank you letter to God in my head, haha. I felt the need to put it in writing and debated on where to put it since it didn't fit in here, then I remembered that this is MY blog and I can put whatver I want, dagnabbit! so here goes:

Thank you God that almost a month later my brain finally got the memo that school is in session. I am now in grind mode.

Thank you God that I am not shameless and I can randomly walk up to people in class and ask them to study with me so they can explain stuff I don't understand.

Thank you God for the Indians who say yes. Without them, I might have flunked out of school by now( I exaggerate)

Thank you God for forgiveness. You are able to forgive me, no matter how many times I fall away from you. And also, my ability to forgive even when the parties involved are not sorry.

Thank you God for the course my life has taken thus far. Probably wouldn't have been my first choice, but the sooner I accept that it's all part of a plan you have for me, the happier I would be.

Thank you God that I have not given up. My tank may be at 2% but at least it is not at 0. You are the one that keeps strengthening me, no one else.

Thank you God for my mother, you knew what you were doing when you gave us to each other. I love you momma more than I could ever say.

Thank you God for my brother, the only man in my life that has never let me down. 22 years later and I am still as happy to call him my baby brother as the first day I met my beautiful, wonderful brother.

Thank you God for my job, in this uncertain economy, it is sometimes a pain in the neck but I am still ever so grateful to have my job.

Thank you God that gas is cheap, cuz Lord knows driving them miles almost everyday, I should have a tent at the gas station.

Thank you God for my ability to hear, because with that I am able to listen to music, my happy place when all else is blue.

Thank you God for all the people that you have sent my way to pass me nuggets of wisdom knowingly or unknowingly.

Thank you God for my friends. My wonderful lovely friends who are always on my side no matter what mood I am in. Understanding me even when I cannot verbalize what I am thinking or feeling. Scattered in different places but I still feel their love with their actions and their words, I feel I have to mention them individually:

For the bestestestest friend anyone can ask for, Thank you God
For the stubborn bigheaded panda, Thank you God
For the one whose cup overfloweth :D, Thank you God
For the one who makes me think of bowling, Thank you God
For the fabulousest CIL a girl could have, Thank you God
For the one who knows what FIB, TAB and NJD means, Thank you God

Thank you God for Justin Timberlake and Backstreet Boys :D

Thank you God for the gift of knowing you, Thank you God for my life and most importantly Dear Father, Thank you God for loving me.

Ok I got that out.If you read this then Thank you for reading. Have a fabulous day or night ahead(depending on when you are reading it):D