The Gospel according to James Morrison

Ok people, I need to take a deep breath..*wooooooohhh, haaaaaa*. I have been blogging real stuvvs but I think I better venture back to my core, which is my pop culture stuffs and stuffs. Sooooo today, as you may have noticed from the title, I am going to be gushing about my latest discovery and obsession - James Morrison.

Ok so a friend of mine recommended a song of his to me, I listened and I liked instantly. I looked him up cute Brit boy who has 2 albums with one album aptly titled Undiscovered. He has this raspy voice thing going and for those of you who remembered my last obsession, Adele, to me he is the male version of her. His heartfelt songs and lyrics combined with this haunting vibe in his songs, ooh wee I couldn't help but fall in love, I mean c'mon the album name alone - Songs for You, Truth for Me is enough to make you want to listen.

Well I shall leave you beautiful people with two of my favorite songs of his, after you listen if you want more feel free to listen to more. Have a wonderful day..or night (depending when you are reading)

If you dont want to love me (the slow song)(Isn't he cute?)


Broken Strings with Nelly Furtado (faster song)the real video is on youtube



MPB said…
i shall check him out, u are right he is cute
Reverence said…
no i dont think we know each other but i bet if i find you on facebook we will have one or two mutual know how that goes.

I will be sure to check him out, sounds like he will be suitable for one of those ifeellikebeingdepressedatwork kinda days.
TayneMent said…
lol@reverence. I forgot to mention I have a penchant for depressing songs.
wordmerchant said…
i love broken strings...have it on my playlist and is always listening to it...i have all but nearly killed my ears with it :)

Check out the script ( man that can't be move & i'm yours), you may like them
Original Mgbeke said…
I will listen when I get home. I noticed that you stay listening to him so he must be that good stuff.
HeavyFeathers said…
You Just discovered James Morrison????!! Wow, I must have done a diservice to you. Love him. Ok.. u must check out 'pieces don't fit here anymore' from Undiscovered. One of my current theme songs..:) Save yourself, from the new album. Fix the world up for you. ...alright, u have the albums enjoy. Please tell me you know of Paolo Nutini, album -These streets. Listen to rewind and last request. Part of my current playlist. luv.
TayneMent said…
LOL@Heavy Feathers, yes! great disservice to me indeed. I would never do you like that. Yeah I have listened to his albums, I went on a binge.

I dont like Paulo Nutini :(
Mocha said…
Oh! so it was HER on that song!
Nice one.

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