Thank You God

I have been dealing with various things in all aspects of my life that I have been literally exhausted but tonight as I made my long way back home, I suddenly just had the overwhelming need to thank God. I usually deal with stuff in my head (hence my blog being an entertainment blog and not a personal one)and I wrote an open thank you letter to God in my head, haha. I felt the need to put it in writing and debated on where to put it since it didn't fit in here, then I remembered that this is MY blog and I can put whatver I want, dagnabbit! so here goes:

Thank you God that almost a month later my brain finally got the memo that school is in session. I am now in grind mode.

Thank you God that I am not shameless and I can randomly walk up to people in class and ask them to study with me so they can explain stuff I don't understand.

Thank you God for the Indians who say yes. Without them, I might have flunked out of school by now( I exaggerate)

Thank you God for forgiveness. You are able to forgive me, no matter how many times I fall away from you. And also, my ability to forgive even when the parties involved are not sorry.

Thank you God for the course my life has taken thus far. Probably wouldn't have been my first choice, but the sooner I accept that it's all part of a plan you have for me, the happier I would be.

Thank you God that I have not given up. My tank may be at 2% but at least it is not at 0. You are the one that keeps strengthening me, no one else.

Thank you God for my mother, you knew what you were doing when you gave us to each other. I love you momma more than I could ever say.

Thank you God for my brother, the only man in my life that has never let me down. 22 years later and I am still as happy to call him my baby brother as the first day I met my beautiful, wonderful brother.

Thank you God for my job, in this uncertain economy, it is sometimes a pain in the neck but I am still ever so grateful to have my job.

Thank you God that gas is cheap, cuz Lord knows driving them miles almost everyday, I should have a tent at the gas station.

Thank you God for my ability to hear, because with that I am able to listen to music, my happy place when all else is blue.

Thank you God for all the people that you have sent my way to pass me nuggets of wisdom knowingly or unknowingly.

Thank you God for my friends. My wonderful lovely friends who are always on my side no matter what mood I am in. Understanding me even when I cannot verbalize what I am thinking or feeling. Scattered in different places but I still feel their love with their actions and their words, I feel I have to mention them individually:

For the bestestestest friend anyone can ask for, Thank you God
For the stubborn bigheaded panda, Thank you God
For the one whose cup overfloweth :D, Thank you God
For the one who makes me think of bowling, Thank you God
For the fabulousest CIL a girl could have, Thank you God
For the one who knows what FIB, TAB and NJD means, Thank you God

Thank you God for Justin Timberlake and Backstreet Boys :D

Thank you God for the gift of knowing you, Thank you God for my life and most importantly Dear Father, Thank you God for loving me.

Ok I got that out.If you read this then Thank you for reading. Have a fabulous day or night ahead(depending on when you are reading it):D


CIL said…
LOL! That gave me goosebumps... I dunno why... Made me smile too... Awww... I'm thankful for you to CIL! God used you to put sooooo much happiness in my life even before I met you.... How awesome is that? You tolerate my bullying and make me feel special! I love CILboo :hug: I hope this exercise made you smile and feel better. I bet if you keep thinking, you'll come up with more... oya come tell me what TAB, NJB and alladat stand for!
CIL said…
too* I love U* CILboo
CIL said…
tihihi... ok I'm out
Kate said…
I feel special because i understood ALL the codes..not because you told me but because yes..i am just THAT smart :) aww. Thank God for you too. I am not stubborn..and that's the last time you're calling me panda! :( I also thank God that he is going to give me the day that i get to jump up and down and rub it all in your face that i have known all along even when you doubt it yourself that everything is going to work out marvelouslly for you!!
MPB said…
OMG that made me tear up...phew. You know I just realized that when people express sincere thanks to God it makes me happy, and reminds me of things to be thankful for that I may not have noticed or considered mundane e.g. cheap gas prices. ALso, you being thankful for the current course of your life even if it may not have been your first so profound. I am learning that too. Anyways I am glad you shared this with us...Love, from your number 1 fan.
Original Mgbeke said…
Awwwwwwwwwwww, I love this post. Really love it.
I am thankful for everything that you are thankful for and I am thankful to God for you too. Let me not gay up ya comment box sha. :-p

TayneMent said…
LoL@all y'all...punks! :D

I love you all toooo!
I love dis.Deep..Love it
God is always there for US!!!
albert ancel said…
Thank you for your honesty and your prayer, It warmed me, I smiled. I stumbled upon it while looking for attibution for a prayer by St. Thomas More (Thank you, God, for all you have given me. Thank You, God, for all You have taken from me. Thank You, God, for all You have left me.).

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