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Friday Randoms

Hi guys. How are you? Hope everyone's good and everyone's been keeping well and staying warm. Man, I gotta tell you this weather has not been kind to us. I live in Texas and contrary to popular belief it gets cold here. We were hit by an ice storm and I know people like to laugh at us but we were having highs in the 20's with ice everywhere and everything frozen. I am glad we are warming up now. I am watching the new Netflix documentary The Short Game as I type this. I love documentaries. (and man I watch too much tv) So cute watching little kids who have already found their passion and have discipline in training and are so ambitious. Oh yea and Beyonce just released a visual album at midnight. I learned that a visual album is one where every song on the album is accompanied by a video for each songs. The stans are going crazy. I previewed the videos and man, this girl's body is SICK. Whatsup with these chicks (kim K) looking better after having a baby. Anyways let me…


If you haven't watched Benedict Cumberbatch's version of Sherlock (PBS in America) I watched on Netflix. Then you are on a long thing. Ohhhhh soooo goood (It's the version CBS' Elementary is based on) I became a huge Benedict Cumberbatch fan after that. It is the only reason I endured the 5 part "Parade's End" miniseries, cuz Lord knows that thing was dreadful. Dude was in like 5 movies this year alone. Anyways, I digress. As a Cumberbitch (its the name we were given) I found this video hilarious and oh so hot. It's him reciting lyrics from "Genius", a song on R Kelly's upcoming album titled Black Panties". Enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving

Hi guys! Finally, Thanksgiving is here. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers from my last post. I appreciate you all. It's so cold here and yes, it does get cold in Texas. Apparently, some people are under the impression that it doesn't get cold here but it does o. The last few days have been high of like 35 degrees and feels like 27 but the good news is we get back to like 60's soon. Looking forward to that cuz my light bill is suffering. I actually don't know if I have done this before but this year I do want to have a thanksgiving post where I say all that I am thankful for, no matter how little or cliche.

I am thankful for the gift of life. I may not always say my prayers as often as I should but the one thing I always try to do every morning when I wake up is say "Thank you for letting me see another day". A lot of horrific things we see on the news or read about and we always think it happens to other people not us. Like I told a friend the o…

Random Thursday..or Friday?

Hi guys, I thought I had been out a while but I checked and its just been 2 weeks. Guess it just feels like longer. Like they say, a lot can happen in a short time. I had been dealing with some medical issues that left me in a lot of pain the last few months. Many doctor and hospital visits later, I finally had surgery last week. We thank God that it went well, as evidenced by me writing this. I am on the recovery train now and yesterday was my first good day and gave me hope so looking forward to the future and yay to no more pain. I have learned so much about people, life and myself these last few days. Thank you Baba God and even though my aunt will never read this, we have our many ups and downs but I really hope she knows how appreciative I am of all that she has been doing for me since I could barely move around. I also want to thank my friends who have been there the last few months listening to my complaints, offering to go on dr visits with me, praying and just being there fo…

Is your heart closed?

What's a conversation if men/relationships/marriage doesn't come up, eh?

Had the following convo with a (married) friend. To give a heads up, I had asked my twitter people if catholics could marry non catholics and vice versa. My friend in question is catholic and married a catholic. Ok here's the convo (snippet):

Her: Marriage is already hard enough to add a really deep factor and some people faith and church doesn't matter to them For me. It's number 1. That then everything else, cos a man centered around God is by default a good man. And the catholic faith is a tad different. I need us to be in sync.

Me:   I agree. Now let me find a man first before worrying about all that.

Her: A man will find you. Open your heart.

Me: Is it closed?

Her: You tell me. There is a true opening of heart. I can't explain it. But if you examine yourself you'll know.When you're solid in yourself. When you know what you truly want. When you are ready for God's gift. You…

What is the biggest lesson you have learned in Marriage?

I know I haven't had randoms in a while but men, life is on a long ting right now with me so my thoughts have been everywhere but not just here. I did have a random question I decided to take one step further. My title says it - What is the biggest lesson you have learned in marriage? I asked a whole bunch of my friends who are married. I should mention all the people I asked are in marriages that are less than 5 years old. The first 3 people I asked all said the same thing - "patience". So, ladies and gentlemen, find your patience! As impatient as I am, Lord knows I need his healing powers in this area. Anyways, below are the answers that I received. Hope you enjoy or find a nugget or two.

"As a newlywed, I would say being supportive and exhibiting being supportive is one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from marriage thus far (closely following the need for an abundance of patience and the importance of communicating and solidifying unified ambitions).  Many tim…

Fan Friday

Hi guys, I know I have begged before and I am begging again. I have a segment on my sister site ( called Fan Friday where anyone gets an opportunity to rave about any pop culture topic that they are passionate about. I received some entries and thank you to all who sent in, I truly appreciate it. BUt I need more:(. Please let me know if you have a submission or you can email me at

Below is a link that explains the rules for the write up:

Let me know if you have any questions and you can have more than one entry. Hope to hear from some of you guys soon! Have a lovely day!

Songs I am currently feeling

Hope everyone had a good weekend. I thought I'd share with you some songs I am currently feeling. Hopefully you find a gem or two in the list.

My list wouldn't be complete without The Weeknd and I'd just tell you to listen to the whole album, but these are my three favorite songs on his latest album:
Have a great week ahead. I am sure I have forgotten a few but let me know if theres any you like.

Friday Randoms

Hi my people. My goodness, its been such a long time. Life men, it really knows how to get in the way. Thank you all for all the birthday wishes! I truly appreciate it. For the most part, I always do something for my birthday but I have to say this year's birthday ranks high as one of my most useless birthdays. It was so uneventful it was ridiculous. For one, I went to work. I had the day off but corporate decided that was the day we had to move. So it was just a mess with the office in disarray and everyone annoying me. The devil was trynna use people to get to me, I almost wept from frustration. The day finally ended and I got home to my empty apartment but I received lovely cards from two of my friends with one of them that had a note and a list of nice things about me that made me cry. People called to wish me well, so was on the phone for most of it then I made myself some eba and had it with onugbu a friend had made for me (I am not even joking) and I watched Sons of Anarchy…

Another year, Another +1

Another year, another thank you to God for giving me life to see another year. It's been a tough year since the last birthday ( I feel like I say this every time but hopefully that's not true). Anyways, I'm thankful for the grace, strength and opportunity to deal with all. I'm thankful for the fun times I'm able to have with my friends and family, that I can afford for myself  and the kindness and love by strangers, friends and acquaintances. Thank you blog family for still reading my blog after all these years and for being kind. For the first time in a while, I'm actually doing nothing for my birthday and actually even going to work. Change is good abi? Lol. Ehen and for those of you who don't believe in the love me and Abel (the weeknd to you mere mortals) share, his album comes out tomorrow, make sure you get it. Also Sons of Anarchy debuts tomorrow, so should be a good day overall. Have a wonderful rest of the week guys and happy birthday to me!

Things Your Single Friends Wish You’d Stop Saying To Them

Hi guys, happy friday! Happy New month too, it's my month of September, the month I get to add one more year to my life gracefully. So I had randoms all ready except I forgot it was Friday and I had to post them, I'll post them in the next day or two. In the meantime, here's something a friend just sent to me that I thought was funny. It was written by one of Tamera's best friends, Andrea (if you watch the show then you will know who she is). Figured i'd copy and paste for you guys. Which one is the most annoying? I think #2 and #3 for me. Have a lovely weekend!

1.) “You’re such an amazing person. I don’t understand why you’re still single!” My dear, sweet friends have the best intentions when they make this statement. They think they’re giving me a compliment. My friends love me and can’t imagine why some strapping stud hasn’t scooped me up by now. Thank you, friends, for thinking that I am amazing. Really. I TOTALLY appreciate it! But I’d like to know what on Eart…

I am Wonderful

Today was a tough day for me. This song came up on the ipod and I haven't heard it in a while. I've written about it some time ago. I still like it. Too bad, he was a one hit wonder. "Hit" used lightly. Have a good week ahead.

The person that you were has died
You've lost the sparkle in your eyes
You feel the life - into this traps
Now you wanna bridge the gaps
Now you wanna bridge the gaps
Now you want that person back

And all your ammunition's gone
Run out of fuel to carry on
You don't know what you wanna do
You've got no pull to pull you through

Say "I am"
Say "I am"
Say "I am wonderful"

Say "I am"
Say "I am"
Say "I am wonderful"

If what you've lost cannot be found
And the weight of the world weighs you down
No longer with the will to fly
You stop to let it pass you by
Don't stop to let it pass you by
You've gotta look yourself in the eye

Cause we are all miracles
Wrapped up in chemicals
We are incredi…

What is Love?

Hi my little friends. It has been a moment, hasn't it? I am sorry. I've been so busy and so much going on, I just haven't had the desire or time to blog. Have I missed much? I have had an okay week so far, I think the word for it should be eventful actually. Anyone else, a time warner customer? This whole CBS/Showtime withholding is on a different level. I actually wouldn't care, cuz I don't watch a lot of shows on CBS but Big Brother is on and it airs 3 times a week. It's such a pain waiting for links and struggling through them when they freeze. I went to Toronto last weekend, it was fun. First time, being in Canada. You expect it to be just like the U.S but it really isn't. Lots of interacial couples and boy is that place expensive for no reason, you don't even get free refills! hehe. I went to see Bruno Mars on Monday and I honestly want to say that is the best concert I have ever been to, but I will chill on that and think on it before I make it fa…


Leggy told me to read this blog about two platonic friends who decided to date each other for 40 days. There are a lot of quotes in there  - Anyways, I found this funny:

Love birds, I know this isn't the case, so don't get up in arms and say this is so wrong. It's clearly an exaggerated joke that I found funny. Happy Hump Day.

Friday Randoms

Howdy guys. You don't know how glad I am that it is Friday. I had a long week this week and last. Just hectic and I am looking forward to being home this weekend and not seeing an airport for a long long while. I haven't had a headache in a while and I have a raging headache right now, I probably need to go to sleep. Well, hope you guys had a good week, we thank God for giving us the gift of life. Not much happened this week news wise save for the brouhaha over the royal baby being born and Anthony Weiner getting caught again. So, I might as well begin randoming.

Tamera Mowry-Housley recently revealed that she lost her virginity to her now husband at age 29 and it seemed some people found that odd or strange or whatever. I've never understood why people get so concerned about other people's sex decisions. She chose to wait and it worked for her and her husband and they are happy. The belief that you must be boring or can't be a freak (as was mentioned on her talk s…

Fan Fridays

Hey readers of the blog,

How are you? Hope you had a good weekend. I have been away from home for a whole week and I really missed my apartment. Had a great week/weekend and glad to be home. Today i come to ask y'all a favor. I am starting something new on my sister blog - called Fan Fridays. It is basically an outlet to gush about someone/something you are a huge fan of. It could be a book, movie, tv show, actor, singer, album etc, as long as it is pop culture related. I would love to hear from you guys and have a bunch of entries that I could put up on Fridays. I know it might be asking much from your busy schedule but it doesn't have to be long or anything as long as it conveys your fandom/excitement.

If you are interested in doing a write up, please feel free to email me at If you are unsure about a topic and have any questions, you can email me or tweet me your question at @taynementdotcom.  Part of my goal is for it to serve as a re…

Rest in Peace, Trayvon Martin

As many of you have heard, the jury reached a verdict yesterday and Zimmerman was found guilty and naturally, emotions ran high. It hit me hard, like really hard. I can't believe he is walking free. So many fingers are being pointed. I don't know..I had a lot of things going through my mind and even if I don't want to admit it, the whole situation all does boil down to race.

I can say the prosecution didn't come hard enough, I can say the jury was biased, I can say there were no facts but ultimately the stereotype against a young black boy wearing a hoodie is what has him dead today. How the important fact that, if Zimmerman didn't follow Trayvon as instructed and just waited for the cops that his life might have been saved or if Zimmerman didn't have a gun, he might still be alive. Why didn't his self defense have him shot in the leg or something to immobilize him and not to his death? Where does self defense come in when this young man was unarmed? I don&…

Friday Random

7/11 guys. Hope you guys with 7/11 in your cities went and claimed your free slushies. Happy Friday guys, hope the week was kind to you. I had a good week actually. Busy, but good all the same. Can I just say that this Zimmerman trial has me all in a mixed bag of emotions. I manage to catch snippets of it in the breakroom and read up on some of it and the whole thing is are they trying to base the trial on things that have no bearings on the matter at hand. The fact is a young man is dead. We are arguing about who was screaming for help. Both mothers say it is their son. How is an unarmed boy with skittles and a drink be a danger to someone with a gun?? What was the self defense? If he had stayed away like he was told to would he even be around Trayvon to tussle and "defend" himself by shooting him to death?? His poor mom is reliving the whole thing as they try to defame the boy's character. Long and short of it all is that the boy is dead and never coming bac…