What is Love?

Hi my little friends. It has been a moment, hasn't it? I am sorry. I've been so busy and so much going on, I just haven't had the desire or time to blog. Have I missed much? I have had an okay week so far, I think the word for it should be eventful actually. Anyone else, a time warner customer? This whole CBS/Showtime withholding is on a different level. I actually wouldn't care, cuz I don't watch a lot of shows on CBS but Big Brother is on and it airs 3 times a week. It's such a pain waiting for links and struggling through them when they freeze. I went to Toronto last weekend, it was fun. First time, being in Canada. You expect it to be just like the U.S but it really isn't. Lots of interacial couples and boy is that place expensive for no reason, you don't even get free refills! hehe. I went to see Bruno Mars on Monday and I honestly want to say that is the best concert I have ever been to, but I will chill on that and think on it before I make it fact. If you get the chance, go see him. *scratches head* umm, I have nothing else to add..oh yea, the title of my post. I read this on a blog and liked it, so I am sharing.

"The older I get, the more the annoying term "marriage" gets thrown my way. I have surmised it to this:

In the movie, 'Music From Another Room' there's this scene where Jude Law expresses his love for a girl he has known/loved since she was born:

"You know how when you're listening to music playing from another room? And you're singing along because it's a tune that you really love? When a door closes or a train passes so you can't hear the music anymore, but you sing along anyway... then, no matter how much time passes, when you hear the music again you're still in exact same time with it. That's what it's like."

For me, this is love"

(stolen from http://memoirsofanimmigrant.blogspot.com/2013/08/what-is-love.html)

What do you guys think?

Happy Hump Day. 

Have a good rest of the week. 

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I really like that stolen paragraph on love.
Anonymous said…
Did you say you wouldn't care?What happened to survivor and good wife?okay, you mean for now. I'm just fed up with the nonsense.
Kash said…
That marriage word. Sigh.

Interesting take on what love is...I kinda like it.
Lohi said…
I like the quote a lot. You liked Toronto? suckssssss I was not there! SUCKSSSSSSS!!

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