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Friday Randoms

Spring has sprung. Allegedly. Allergy sufferers have started their non stop complaints about allergies and we got some peek into the warmer weather. Like, I stepped out of the house without a jacket. It was glorious. Then the temperature dipped the next day. And even more the day after that. I still refused to wear a jacket. Because WTF? It's officially spring weather and it's time the universe recognizes it. In case you haven't noticed, the year is whizzing by. It's almost half way through April.

Let's random.

It's a tad bit unhealthy but I hate how aware of mortality I am. The constant news of deaths of people in your circle, close to your circle and outside of it, is so depressing. Not that death is a respecter of age but the fact that I have friends who are orphans is such a sobering thought. Because the truth of the matter is "we are at that age". We are more aware of it and it's around us. We all know death is inevitable but it is still a sh…