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Movie CatchUp

Hi Folks, eek I can't believe I last posted in March. I guess i do have a life huh? lol....Well a friend of mine refers to me as a movie snob. He thinks I have a preference for movies not in english and with a budget of $500 lol. I bet to differ(he he, nr joke) and to prove him wrong and anyone else who agrees, I am happy to report that i have seen a number of movies in the first half of the year! ha!. I thought i'd play catch up and do a run down of the movies I have seen.


Back in 2004, I watched all seasons of SATC back to back thanks to my online blockbuster membership, even though at the time i thought it was overrated, there was still something about it that got me attached. Years later i still watched the reruns and can actually remember dialogue from most episodes. I was uber psyched about the movie and thankfully it didn't suck. It was what i expected, a 2 hour version of a different chapter of the girls' lives. It was a little bit too corny fo…