Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday Randoms

I didn't realize I hadn't done randoms in a while till someone brought it to my attention. Man, it's not my fault. As usual, the days are flying by. Can you believe that February is about to be over and March is peeking its head? I was here saying the winter has been mild and it hasn't been so bad and Nature laughed and now we are experiencing freezing temperatures. I mean, i prefer it to ice and snow because it's not like I have to stand outside. It's so amazing how cold it is here, some weeks ago I was in Houston and it was so warm it didn't even seem real. Anyways, enough winter chatter. Here's hoping spring is round the corner and warmer days are in my future. Let's random.

How come a lot of the cars used by reality stars in reality shows are white? Well the reality shows that have their stars posing as rich. probably rentals?

I feel like I now feel conscious about being able to provide for myself as a single woman. This is the effect of social media and observations from Lagos where it just seems like instead of it to be something to be pride of, I should be smh at myself for not being able to get men/toasters to do stuff for me. Also, it seems Naija guys in naija like that damsel in distress thing? I know I am being silly but I gotta tell you that it has crossed my mind.

I think I am bit sensitive to things concerning cancer now. I was reading a book where a character had it and I stalled for a while before continuing the book. It took me a while to watch "Wild" cuz of that too.

I envy Christina and Meredith's relationship. Their whole "person" thing. I think it's pretty cool when someone knows you so well and can read your unspoken feelings and deduce what you need without you saying it.

So, if love scenes are fake and all. How come actors are able to get a vein in the forehead as they "fake" moan in their sex scenes?

So Berry Dakara had a line in a blog post that said "It's fair to assume that most women have at least one guy that's interested" - I don't know if it's true or not but speaking for myself, it doesn't apply. Do you guys agree?

Apparently, I am caffeine resistant. Coffee doesn't work. Red Bull doesn't work.Tea and soda don't work. I need to find what can keep me awake.

When I hear some rags to riches story where they say "I came to America with only $100 in my pocket and a dream", my first thought is "Visa nko?", na so dem dey just enter America? Tell me about the visa part. How did you get papers?

I have said it before that i am not really sure how people afford weddings. I was thinking about it the other day and I am like I probably would have to forgo a wedding I want and just keep it court simple.

My life fantasy is for someone to just spoil and dote on me.

It's so annoying how everything is now racism. My twitter TL is so exhausting now. It doesn't matter what the topic is black twitter will find a way to reduce it to racism. It's very exhausting.

I've said it before. I have a big fear of ending up with the wrong person. How do people know when they are making the right decision? I think another scary situation is being married while your heart belongs to someone else. It's like competing with something you can't give. Like Lucious told Cookie "I've dated a lot of women and I was looking for you in all of them". No matter how great his Anika is, the thing is she will never be Cookie.

It's the Oscars this weekend. Don't forget to follow @taynementdotcom for red carpet commentary and visit to get you prepared. I have a post that tells you the 25 movies to watch to get you prepared for the night.

That's all I got for you guys. Have a wonderful weekend. Stay warm.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

What is it about Kim Kardashian?

That riles people up.

Unless you are under a rock, Kim Kardashian-West is everywhere and anywhere you can think of. I've never seen anyone who has both the vitriol and public fascination of the public. A friend of mine says she thinks Kim is overexposed and while i don't doubt she enjoys the publicity, I also think a part of it can't be helped because no matter where she is, the paparazzi is sure to follow her and be there.

Anyways,all my yapping is because of her recent nude spread in a magazine. It had people all in a tizzy requesting she keep her clothes on and remember she is a wife and mother and I was wondering if people are uncomfortable with nudity or if it's really because it is Kim Kardashian. Because last I checked everyone's always proclaiming feminism and part of my understanding of feminism is the right to have a choice to do what you want. Also, last I checked, Rihanna is always naked but when she does it it's cool and bad ass. When Beyonce showed or shows her ass, somehow it's classy. Who defines the rules?

I think the issue is people think - even after many years - Kim Kardashian should be apologetic for how she got her fame and part of how she maintains her fame and she is not. I watch her show and since the birth of her child, she cares less about what people thinks about her. Don't get me wrong, she can be annoying o but I do feel she handles the massive amount of hate she gets well and continues to make her paper.

The funny part is some of the people on my TL who get on her case are the same ones who will say meen for x amount of dollars, I will definitely do x, y,z. Well, the thing is Kim is actually living that in reality. it's not a hypothetical situation. If she is proud of her body and her husband (the only person that should care) is okay with her being nude, then I don't understand what the problem is.

For anyone who has an issue with Kim being nude, what about it offends you?