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Friday Randoms

I didn't realize I hadn't done randoms in a while till someone brought it to my attention. Man, it's not my fault. As usual, the days are flying by. Can you believe that February is about to be over and March is peeking its head? I was here saying the winter has been mild and it hasn't been so bad and Nature laughed and now we are experiencing freezing temperatures. I mean, i prefer it to ice and snow because it's not like I have to stand outside. It's so amazing how cold it is here, some weeks ago I was in Houston and it was so warm it didn't even seem real. Anyways, enough winter chatter. Here's hoping spring is round the corner and warmer days are in my future. Let's random.

How come a lot of the cars used by reality stars in reality shows are white? Well the reality shows that have their stars posing as rich. probably rentals?

I feel like I now feel conscious about being able to provide for myself as a single woman. This is the effect of social …

What is it about Kim Kardashian?

That riles people up.

Unless you are under a rock, Kim Kardashian-West is everywhere and anywhere you can think of. I've never seen anyone who has both the vitriol and public fascination of the public. A friend of mine says she thinks Kim is overexposed and while i don't doubt she enjoys the publicity, I also think a part of it can't be helped because no matter where she is, the paparazzi is sure to follow her and be there.

Anyways,all my yapping is because of her recent nude spread in a magazine. It had people all in a tizzy requesting she keep her clothes on and remember she is a wife and mother and I was wondering if people are uncomfortable with nudity or if it's really because it is Kim Kardashian. Because last I checked everyone's always proclaiming feminism and part of my understanding of feminism is the right to have a choice to do what you want. Also, last I checked, Rihanna is always naked but when she does it it's cool and bad ass. When Beyonce showe…