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Friday Randoms

Hey what do you know? 2 weeks in a row. January is finally over. It really dragged yo. Not that I am in any hurry for the months to start flying by sha. How about this Polar Vortex movie that;s now playing in a city near you. Crazy stuff. My friend was stuck in a gridlock in Atlanta for 21hrs with her baby. My mind was so blown by what was happening over there. Glad they got it sorted sha. The super bowl is on Sunday and I just wanna see my baby, Bruno Mars perform - oh and we won a grammy! wooohoo. It wasn't his first but the first that was televised- I digress. After that its valentines day. I only bring this up because every store, every promo email I get, its all they can talk about. It falls on a Friday this time which makes it seem even sadder for the unboo-eds like us hehe. Anyhueee let's take a ride on the random train!

Flaky people man...huuuuuuuuge pet peeve.

Champagne is really lucky it has status as a drink because it really doesn't taste all that.

So I was tel…

Friday Randoms

Howdy folks, another Friday is upon us. Who doesn't love Fridays? For the most part, I am in a good mood on Fridays. Guys, can we talk about this cold? yeah yeah its -xyz degrees wherever you are but I am a texan 20/30 degrees is just as bad. It's just so uncomfortable, I really hate the cold it just symbolizes misery. Was just thinking that next week is the last week in January and just like that we are done with January. Someone tweeted "Is it just me or is January going slow?" lol we humans. By the end of the year, we'll be saying how the year is just running past us. By the way, I do agree that January went slow. How about this Bieber kid, huh? I mean his meltdown was inevitable but I didn't think that it'd be this soon. Such a damn shame, I am a fan of his music and like all the celebs with issues, I hope he finds the help he needs before anything drastic. okey dokes, lets go through some randoms.

I think 90% of the people I know decided to get engag…

Random Shuffle

I've done this before and I thought it'd be fun to do again. I basically turn on my library and have it on shuffle and list out the 20 songs that play. I really hope it turns out some gems and not the songs I usually skip. Here we go!

1.  Super Bass - Nicki Minaj
2.  Footprints - DJ Klem ft Teetocemos
3.  Faded - Drake
4.  Broads - Miguel
5.  Sucka for Love - Danity Kane
6.  Mercy on Me - Christina Aguilera
7.  Go Up - Frank Ocean
8.  One Short Day - Kristin Chenoweth (Wicked Soundtrack)
9.  Muah Muah - Bracket
10.SexyBack - Justin Timberlake
11. True Love - Pink
12. While my Guitar Gently Weeps - Santana ft India.Arie and Yo Yo Ma
13. Marry Me - Iyanya
14. Poison & Wine - Barton Hollow
15. Talk About It - M.I
16. Hope - Twista ft Faith Evans
17. The Big Bang - Rock Mafia
18. After Afterall - William Fitzsimmons
19. Fearless - Taylor Swift
20. Floating Away - John Legend

Well, that's my 20. My kini doesn't even have new jams ehn? Hope you at least find one song tha…

Happy New Year

Hello lovely people. 9 days in and I am just wishing you guys Happy New Year. It's been so busy at work and this weather is not helping sha. It's so freaking cold, it's not cute. Hope everyone had a good holiday and got to spend time with family and loved ones. I had a good holiday and a much deserved one after the stress of last year. Figured I'd gist you guys about it - sorry, nothing juicy.

Ok, so the first leg of my trip was to Dubai. I've always wanted to go there and everything fell into place this time. I've never flown Qatar Airways before but it was not bad. The one thing I'll give them is that the airline is spacious and not cramped like most airlines in Economy. If you know me well, you know that the movies is a very important part of my travel process. After waiting what felt like eternity and complaining to like 3 flight attendants, they said the only option was to move my seat to a middle seat. lol i actually hesitated, till I remembered one o…