Happy New Year

Hello lovely people. 9 days in and I am just wishing you guys Happy New Year. It's been so busy at work and this weather is not helping sha. It's so freaking cold, it's not cute. Hope everyone had a good holiday and got to spend time with family and loved ones. I had a good holiday and a much deserved one after the stress of last year. Figured I'd gist you guys about it - sorry, nothing juicy.

Ok, so the first leg of my trip was to Dubai. I've always wanted to go there and everything fell into place this time. I've never flown Qatar Airways before but it was not bad. The one thing I'll give them is that the airline is spacious and not cramped like most airlines in Economy. If you know me well, you know that the movies is a very important part of my travel process. After waiting what felt like eternity and complaining to like 3 flight attendants, they said the only option was to move my seat to a middle seat. lol i actually hesitated, till I remembered one option was flying 13 hours with no movie. So I moved and like I said, the airline is spacious so it was cool. Ok nah, food, watch movie, time to sleep. Sleep I did. All of a sudden, plane drops and feels like its descending and is shaking. Umm, I snap my eyes open. Indian guy beside me is screaming "whoa whoa whoa". People legit just start screaming, flight attendants are yelling at people to "sit down!". Yo, the fear in my heart was real. I'm like seriously? This is how I'm gonna go out?  What made it worse was the pilot didn't even say anything to reassure people and be like oh its just turbulence. Nna, i don't remember the last time I said my rosary but I did that night. I had to pray for the indian guy beside me because he was so nervous after that and made me nervous. It was basically a turbulent flight and I had to think imagine people who actually crash, that this fear is their last feeling before going. I looked at the flight info and men 9hrs had never felt so long. Thankfully we made it in one piece and Dubai here I come!!

So from the get the immigration people weren't friendly. They were all men in their traditional garb. No hi, hello, what are you here for. heck in my mind, they threw my passport back at me sef. It was so weird, not a single word. The cab line had a separate line for women but I don't think it was enforced sha. Made it to the hotel where the clerk seemed to be a little smart ass (which I would come to learn as the norm). I don't remember what I did the first night,  I waited for morning all 4 days I was there, don't think I slept the whole time - and not cuz i was living it up. Let me not yarn too much but Dubai was nice, its basically a westernized tourist city with every westernized restaurant in place. All their taxis are Camrys, lots of immigrants. My friend had warned me that they usually assume most black women are prostitutes there. I saw the tallest building, went to the Souk market - which was fun as I enjoy haggling, went clubbing, did the desert safari - being on a camel when it drops is quite scary, their shisha is the real deal. that thing went straight to the head, the most fun though was at the beach. I do like the beach so maybe I am biased. It was just nice seeing women of all shapes and sizes in bathing suits with no care in the world. The men in their speedos tho...different story.

Oh remember, how I said the people can be rude. So, part of why I booked my hotel is because they offer a shuttle to the beach. I come down and they say the driver is off and they suggest I take a taxi. Never one to back away from trouble, I'm like nope. They said they've arranged a taxi to the beach but to get one back. I am like nope. He kept saying it till he agreed to reimburse the taxi fare. So after a nice day at the beach, got back, paid and was walking back into the hotel, the taxi driver called me back, I thought I had forgotten something. I walk back and he points to the seat. Theres a wet spot and sand on the seat. I apologize profusely and offer to clean, he goes no and points again, at this point I was irritated and I'm like ok what's your point? He goes, if you were a customer, would you want to get into a taxi that looks like this? I am confused at this point and he says "You should use your sense". At this point I am like "Don't you ever in your life, talk to me like that", he starts saying "What kind of people are you?" I say it one more time and kinda hurry walk back into the hotel, before dem carry me go jail. I was so livid. All in all sha, it was a great experience and I am sure I left a lot out.

Next stop was naij and Naij was the usual. I always have a good time there and this year was no exception :). Oh one more thing, why are our people so smelly? Why do our people not have travel etiquette? I mean on the flight, this man decided to go to the bathroom as the drink cart began. With all pompadour, he tapped the flight attendant and said "I want to pass!". To his credit the flight attendant rolled back for him to pass. I shook my head in shame. I saw a rat at MMIA. No words.

Anyhue, here's hoping everyone has a wonderful and fantastic 2014. I am not much for resolutions but I am giving the being positive thing a go for the 1864765th time and also trying to not be so liberal with my opinions unless asked. Here's to a happy and healthy 2014.

Listen to the lyrics of this song. I just think its deep. love this song. Ok bye for real now.


Lohi said…
Hahahaha! the cab driver must be sooooo stupid! wow! Glad you had fun! I missed Christmas in gidi :(
HoneyDame said…
Oh men!!! This Dubai story has my mouth unhinged far!!!! Seriously?!!!
Berry Dakara said…
Erm, are people that rude in Dubai? If that's the case, what am I looking for there?

Happy New Year boo! Saw pics on Chiaka's IG.
mizchif said…
Why is the naija part so...brief?

I'm still burnt that i went to Dubai during Ramadan, means i might need a do over.

Happy 2014 Tayne, all the best with the positivity part. I shall be here working on that too. Also the keeping my opinions to myself thing.
Original Mgbeke said…
Are you coding who you went to Dubai with? :-D
Rat at MMIA? That's beyond gross.

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