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Songs I am currently feeling

Howdy guys, it's about that time again to share some songs I am feeling. A lot of you seemed to like the Sam Smith song I posted in my last randoms. You can check out this post on him for other songs to check out till his album comes out. Ok here are the songs (that I can remember at this moment)

Can you tell with this song that she wrote "Diamonds"? Also, on the flip couldn't you see Rihanna totally doing this song?

Ok these are all I can remember right now. I am sure there's a lot I have left out. Hope you are able to find at least one song you like. Enjoy!

Tales from Naij - Part 2

My stress level was starting to become entirely too high. Other than dragging myself to work, I would just sit in my room and think about how unhappy I was…in every aspect of my life. I don’t think I’ve ever been this broke before. I mean I had money to get by but I didn’t really…if that makes any sense. My boyfriend wasn’t that “comfortable” so it’s not like I could really get money from him. I was just tired of everything. One night, Nicole called me and was like there’s someone she wants me to meet and she’s on her way over with him in a few minutes so I should look sexy. I wasn’t really in the mood, but I was like whatever. I didn’t really dress sexy. I had a maxi dress on and I didn’t bother brushing my hair. Few minutes later they came and I went outside to meet them. He was this older man, maybe mid 50's. We chatted for a bit outside. There was just something about him that seemed so weird…maybe cos he was around my dad’s age. He gave me some money for a cab to come see him…

Friday Randoms

Howdy Ho folks, Happy Friday! I can't tell you how glad I am that this weekend has finally arrived. Some months ago, I pulled out the vacay calendar to see how much longer before the next public holiday. See in my brain, it never occurs to me that I have vacation time and I can request time off unless I actually have some weekend travel or so. Maybe because I am used to hoarding for Nigeria in December but I need to do better and start taking time off. Either way, I am very glad for this upcoming long weekend. I have friends coming into town. Add food + booze and it should make for a fun weekend. I am listening to this Mariah album as I type this. I don't know, I am just not the biggest Mariah fan. Even that emancipation album people were going mad for didn't move me, so while this album doesn't sound bad at all, nothing is moving me except #beautiful. still a jam. Aite beautiful people, let's random.

See, I get it. We're women. Everyone has a complaint or prob…

Tales from Naij - Part 1

As an introduction, I randomed some time about how being in Nigeria changes you and not for the better. I had a reader email me that expressed interest in sharing their story anonymously from Nigeria. I plan to post the stories every wednesday, as I receive them. Here's the first one...

Background I don’t think I realized how true Nollywood movies were so much like real life in Nigeria until I got here. Sometimes I feel like my life is one extra long movie. The struggle is real out here and I’m not even exaggerating. I now know not to envy other people’s “rich” lifestyle, because you have no idea what they did or are still doing to live like that.
I have a friend who tells me that since it's almost inevitable that all men will cheat, why sit and be faithful to my boyfriend, when there are magas (rich men) I can date and get lots of money from. At first I always ju…

My 3 day cleanse - Day 3

So by now as you can tell I am over all this but sticking it through. Today, I didn't bother drinking any of the bottles I didn't like. I only had 3 and two happened to be the new ones for today which thankfully I liked.

Bottle 2 - Spicy Pomenade - pomegranate, lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. yum

Bottle 4 - Chia Berry - which was my favorite of the whole thing

Bottle 5 - ChocoNana - chocolate, banana and strawberries - yum

By the third day, I don't think you feel hungry. You kinda just get used to the feeling like feeling numb. I didn't feel tired either. So emm, yea that's it. 3 days over. I can't decide if I failed or not but it's over. All said and done, I'd recommend the Jus by Julie though. I think my palate is just weird. Have a lovely weekend!

My 3 Day Cleanse - Day 2

sigh. I honestly don't know why I am doing this again but since I have started I have to finish. Quite frankly, this is ridiculous. I didn't finish bottle 5 and didn't bother with bottle 6 and went to bed. So, I had the same bottles as yesterday with 2 changes.

Bottle 3 - Acai Blend - acai berries, strawberries and banana. I know all these things sound like they should taste great but for me it was a meh. I think the problem is my palate is used to that sweet and processed stuff so these things are bland to me...or maybe I just don't like it. The consistency of this was also weird but I finished it cuz I was starving.Bottle 5 - Not so Chunky - peanut butter and banana - it tastes just like that and of course I hate it. To me it tastes like iced salt. I am staring at it now and I doubt I will finish it. My day today, I can't even tell if it was better or worse. I was more hungry today and that's cuz I just couldn't with the ewedu bottle today. I had 2 gulps a…

My 3 Day Cleanse - Day 1

So I have been meaning to do a cleanse since the beginning of the year. I really just felt like my body went through a lot of crap last year and I ingested a lot of drugs. The anasthesia from my surgery this time around wasn't so nice to me either and if it makes any sense, I just felt dirty inside. So anyways, I have read and seen a lot of people go on about the benefits of cleansing, so I figured by January, my body should be recovered and I could also flush out all the junk I ate in Naij hehe. Well I came back all determined and it was just so expensive - I have gotten a lot of flack for wanting to buy as opposed to juicing myself but yea, I don't have enough time to sit and be juicing and I don't trust that I will have enough nutrients for the three days and ultimately, I wanted to. So I stalked and found a $99 deal on GroupOn (as a self diagnosed addict) and since I had a credit with them I only paid about $50. Life happened and I didn't get the opportunity to st…