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Howdy Ho folks, Happy Friday! I can't tell you how glad I am that this weekend has finally arrived. Some months ago, I pulled out the vacay calendar to see how much longer before the next public holiday. See in my brain, it never occurs to me that I have vacation time and I can request time off unless I actually have some weekend travel or so. Maybe because I am used to hoarding for Nigeria in December but I need to do better and start taking time off. Either way, I am very glad for this upcoming long weekend. I have friends coming into town. Add food + booze and it should make for a fun weekend. I am listening to this Mariah album as I type this. I don't know, I am just not the biggest Mariah fan. Even that emancipation album people were going mad for didn't move me, so while this album doesn't sound bad at all, nothing is moving me except #beautiful. still a jam. Aite beautiful people, let's random.

See, I get it. We're women. Everyone has a complaint or problem with their body but please let there be a line. I can't hang out with you and all you do is complain about one body part or the other or just keep saying how fat you are or policing what you eat and just sucking the fun out of everything. mba mba, life is short. I had to caution someone about that recently.

Is it nerve wrecking or nerve wracking?

A friend said something to me recently about how she feels there seems to be an in-authenticity with bridesmaids lately. Friends thinks the groom genuinely picks his boys and people in his circle. Brides seem to pick based on varied reasons and somehow people they aren't necessarily close to are on the train.

Someone also said to me - and this might not make sense but I kinda got it. She said as first borns (or was it first born daughters, I can't remember) we need to pray harder than most in life. We are the ones who bear the brunt of whatever "sins of the father" may exist.Think about the ashawo men you know, the heartbroken women they leave in their trail usually swear for their daughters lol.

I was thinking about the Malaysian plane the other day. Like that plane was still not found. Someone tweeted something about God keeping us safe and I just wondered I am sure there might have been a few people on that plane (or people who die in travel accidents)who prayed before travelling but it didn't stop whatever crash from happening so then what be the point?

You know how people complain about friends just being there for the good times and not the bad? Sometimes I think I am that person people seek out to vent/listen during down times but not when it is to share the good.

I think I have a better understanding of why people just don't bother learning or practicing their native language if when you do and it's not up to par we usually laugh at the person.

I used to think it would be better to know when you are dying and you can prepare and all that but now I am just like...that must be terrifying. The fact that we don't know what is on the other side really bugs me and is really what scares me.

When people ask "Do you know anyone going to Nigeria?" I am quite baffled by that question (especially when its heavy stuff). Why would I subject someone I know, that you don't know to go through the hassle of carrying luggage, no matter that you are paying. It's hard enough doing it for someone you know. See, sometimes the hassle isn't even carrying it's the wahala of coordinating when you get there for the person to come get it. Having to call, having to arrange your schedule. Just stressful biko.

When a mother loses a child via miscarriage, can she say she was a mother? when a mother loses a child to death, is she still a mother?

I saw a couple on tv. they were both deaf and blind. how amazing is that? (as a sidebar - deaf and blind people are finding husband. Me I am able-bodied and forever dulling. It is well)

Monica Lewinsky said Bill Clinton was her sexual soulmate. I have never heard that term before. I can dig it. Have you met your sexual soulmate?

I envy people for the weirdest things like being able to put on makeup, style clothes etc. Having numerous degrees or advanced degrees, is not one of them.

That's all I got folks. Have yourself a wonderful weekend and stay safe! Please guys visit my site Thanks!


Berry Dakara said…
I envy people with PhDs and multiple masters degrees. I feel like a slacker with my "measly" MBA.

Hmm. Monica. Stop talking.

I came across a blogger who lost 2 children (I'm not sure if they were miscarriages) but she celebrates Mothers Day.
HoneyDame said…

LMAO...I like your randoms.....They are really randoms..
I think it is nerve-wrecking...or maybe both are correct...potatoh, potatoe
Women can easily be complicated people. I can totally imagine a lady putting someone on her train just on account of the perception that the said lady is fine/easy on the eyes...It will look good in the wedding

See that are you going to Nigeria question? O di very very very annoying!!!! It annoys me even more because when I require such favour from people, I tell them upfront what I want to send...(a certificate, a camera....something really light and very necessary) so that I dont put them on the spot. And then, I ensure that therecipient goes and meet up the "donkey" at donkey's convenience...their house, perhaps....
But, when the role is reversed, people get sooo sneaky! "When is mummy going back so that I can come and greet her". Then they come with a bag of clothes for their nieces in
Lagos. Then the nieces want to come and collect the stuff at the airport and cant understand why "Mummy" didnt use it as hand luggage.

I'm even upset thinking about it fa!
yujubee said…
First of all holidays and long weekends don't do anything for me. Its just gonna be stuck with the kids and looking for something / somewhere to take them to. When all I want to do is lay on the couch and watch tv. Its hard to explain, I love my life, but I think I don't have a me time.
I've learnt to change the subject or walk out of the conversation. E tire me. Can we as women not talk of anything else but weight and body.tsk
I think its nerve wracking o, I never heard it said differently. After lemme check google.
Oh please, I say "a causeless curse will not arise"if its for that reason alone. What where they doing with the men in the first place?
They prayed o, its just, death will come when it will come.lets just try and prepare.
I don't think miscarriages qualify as been a mother, but a woman who loses a child, yes.that reminds me of something I read last week how theres a name for someone who loses a husband, wife,but not one for one who has lost a child.abi is there?
What is sexual soulmate?
I envy people for all of the above. If its something I desire and I'm not able to for some reason. I envy ppl who have it together.

mizchif said…
Odd coincidence i just saw your tweet about this song and then opened this post and saw the vid at the bottom.

I feel like one of the randoms is "inspired" by me.

Sexual that's what *redacted* is.

I think it's nerve wracking.

I never envy people advanced degrees, i mean maybe admire small, but.....nah. No envy.

Apparently people choose bridesmaids for aesthetics. I remeber sometime ago hearing a discussion about a bride wanting her train to consist of tall, light skinned babes to this end she was now approaching random people to be on her train. Funny. Also foolish, but to each their own i guess.
Anonymous said…
There's definitely an in-authenticity with bridesmaids. For my cousin's wedding, she didn't really want any and couldn't decide between her friends so she just picked girls who no one really knew so her friends wouldn't be mad. I also have a friend who picked her longest childhood friend but then replaced her cos she was fat and would make the train look bad.

The first time I heard about the term sexual soulmate, my friend used it to refer to this married guy she was dating.

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