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My Time in Nigeria

A reader had asked me to describe my time in Nigeria and what it was like and if I would or wouldn't move back and why or why not? So I shall do my best to recall my time and feelings then.

For those who don't know, the summer of 2009, I think I had what felt like the closest I would ever be to a nervous breakdown. I had just had enough of everything, most especially my job which I hated and was not even in a field that I wanted to be in. I looked around and realized if I didn't do something, I would end up so unhappy and still in this situation in another 5 years. So I did the typical thing most Nigerians who hit a wall in America do - quit my job, packed up my stuff, put it in storage and went to spend 3 months in Nigeria. And so it began.

I have to say that, that summer ranks as one of the best, if not the best summer of my life. It was the one time I had minimal responsibility and was able to let loose. I had a job for the summer at a startup telecommunications company…

What would you do?

As heard on the radio:

So this lady meets a guy at the coffee shop. They hit it off, go on a date. Date goes well and it becomes a full fledged relationship. She says the relationship is going well and it is the best sex she has ever had. She does notice that every month he seems to have new moves during sex but thinks nothing of it and shrugs it off.

One fine weekend she is chilling at his crib looking for what to watch and is going through the on demand menu and notices that in his pay per view listings there's a long list of gay porn that has been ordered. She is surprised but also doesn't know what to do and doesn't bring it up with him.

Now what would you do? shouldn't be the question I should ask because any healthy relationship the assumption is she would ask him wassup. My real question for you guys is, would it bother you if you found out your man had a thing for gay (male on male) porn? Would it be a deal breaker?

As for me, yep I think it would bother me as …

Friday Randoms

Gosh. This.week.dragged. Or was it just me. I don't even know if I had jet lag because I am sleeping like I usually would but I am just so tired. It's probably this miserable weather. I am experiencing my first real winter and we had our first real snowfall on Monday. I knew I had arrived when I was scraping snow off my car. I need to get one of those car starter things because it is COLD. Every day I wake up and I just want to burrow further under the covers and stay there but man must pay bills. Thank God it is finally Friday because biko the struggle is real. Hope everyone is easing into the new year well. Speaking of easing in, I just remembered a tweet I read today where the person said 'so far so good with this celibacy thing in 2015'...umm, it's just been 8 days out of 356 days. Aite, let's random

I can totally see how when one partner dies the other is not long for this world. I mean imagine living your life and establishing a routine with someone for o…

Happy New Year/Year End Review

Hi guys, Happy New Year to you and if you are reading this better be grateful to be alive and to see this because with the number of deaths I heard about in 2014, it truly is a blessing to see this new year. I got back in from Nigeria yesterday and was supposed to do my year in review but I had a harrowing journey that took me on 4 countries in different continents and totally took the strength out of me and i was barely able to hold myself up. All I can say is waka to the airline industry.

Anyways, every end of the year, for the last few years, I feel somewhat embarrassed when I am not gushing about how great the year was and blah blah especially since I see people saying how God was good to them and it was a great year and this year will be even better etc. I think I feel embarrassed because I begin to think it's my fault that I did not have a good year cuz I can't possibly figure out why I can't gush about my year.

2014 was a tough year. It started out well and I was so…