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Friday Randoms

Hi guys, I just blinked and we have reached another friday. Like joke, like joke February don kpai and the year is speeding on by. Shoutout to naija bloggers oh, make una enjoy your public holiday and maybe use it to celebrate the return of the President. Anyways, I have had(and still having) a weird week, so let's get to it.

You know, a threesome is one of those things I am pretty sure I will never do in my life.

I forgot to mention my bright spot on vals day. Because we are corny like that it was when my best friend called me to wish me a happy valentine's and said I was her "the one", we are just not attracted to each other haha, love you Hoagie!

The priest preached about temptation the other day and my first thought was why am I not tempted to go to the gym?lol

My mother used the term "Put a ring on it" the other day. I laughed.

Speaking of rings, it's engagement season yo, every other week I hear of someone getting engaged. 2011 is going to be a bu…


I totally had something else in mind to write about but I am so tired, my head is pounding, I just did terribly in an exam yesterday and I still bummed about it even though it was all my fault and I have to pick myself up and study for another exam on Saturday. My back seems to be flaring up and I am on Day 3 of this back pain that won't go away.I feel so unsettled and scattered but such is life, it doesn't stop and you have to keep going. Anyways, I love this song and I love the lyrics. I love sad songs(Neefemi I smell a music monday!). I love both versions.One by Fleetwood Mac aka Stevie Nicks(who wrote it) and Dixie Chicks. Enjoy both and tell me which you prefer. Have a happy rest of the week, see you at Club Friday Randoms.

Took my love and I took it down
Climbed a mountain and I turned around
And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills
Well, the landslide brought me down

Oh, mirror in the sky, what is love?
Can the child within my heart rise above?
Can I sail throu…

Friday Randoms

Greetings my Earthling Bloggers, it is I, your Martian Blogger, Taynement. How now? I feel like it's been so long, I have had a long week and I am currently in the air flying back to my warm, cozy bed that makes me lose all sense of productivity once I get in it. I have two exams looming over my head and so much work to do that I pray the good Lord for strength and guidance. My head is blank but let's see what I can think of:

First off, is there anybody else like me who totally forgets that the winter olympics is going on until you are watching the news or absent mindedly glancing at the tv and you see some crazy white person flipping or crashing in the snow? I mean the other day at the hotel bar, grown men watching women do something to the ice so some metal object gets to the middle or so, luging they call it? *blank stare*

As I was typing crazy white person i got paranoid because there is a white person seating across from me and it looks like he is staring at my screen heh…

Friday Randoms

I'm so bummed:(. So this weekend is supposed to be a weekend of debauchery and fun. It's All Star weekend and some select group of friends and people I know usually get together and have a hell of a time, we've had it twice here in Texas, we've had it in Atlanta, it's always a good time. We've been all psyched for this weekend as in people are flying in from different states but no Mother Nature had to go pms'ing and hit us with snow from all corners. I mean, since when did it start snowing here? Flights are being cancelled left, right and center but lai lai, it's going down this weekend! Come snow or sleet, so say a prayer for me and my compadres so we can live it up this weekend! Alrighty, I don't have much this week because this was a hectic week butI feel better - Random time!:

Oops before I start, I want to address two things on my previous randoms, most of you misunderstood the tampon thing, it wasn't for anything sexual it's so you ca…

Signed, Vexed Nigerian...

So this chic right here wants to rant.

Ok, so Ghana is like totally jocking our style and I am actually a little miffed by it. Remember growing up how Ghanaians take style full our country, we come say "ghana must go". Well indeed, they left and the way my imagination works, I see them leaving our country, snapping their fingers and saying "eh eehn, you are chasing us away?You will see!". Now what don't they have over us? Their education system is so good that those(nigerians) that can't afford overseas send their kids there, them get light, where is the light from - Us!, See Nollywood movies dem don crossover, anyone wonder why ghanians play nigerians in nigerian movies but nigerians don't play ghanaians in ghanaian movies? Even the movies sef, have you seen Perfect Picture? have you seen Wind in my Hair(or whatever name Naija movies have)can you compare the two? I thought so, they have left us in the dust.Just last week, didn't they just beat us i…

Friday Randoms

I have a long day tomorrow, so I figured I'd post this early:

I hate water so much it's sad. I drink the most water at the gym. Speaking of which, gym?what is that? the poor thing hasn't seen me in 2 weeks and probably won't anytime soon. I miss you gym:(, hello rolls :)

Sometimes it's pressure being Nigerian(here is where some people preach "noone can pressure you but yourself, yada yada...I'm going to tune you out now). Nigerians can be so ambitious working in the prestigious law firms, accounting firms, consulting firms(y'all know Nigerians run Accenture) and they are usually top of the class in school. When you don't fit into any of those and all you are interested in is Lady Gaga (hehe) and silly pop culture, it's an odd feeling...just sometimes.

(I watched a marathon wedding show, hence the following):

Why is it bad luck to see the bride in her dress but not the groom in his tux?

Does being married equal being boring per naija culture, as…