Friday Randoms

I'm so bummed:(. So this weekend is supposed to be a weekend of debauchery and fun. It's All Star weekend and some select group of friends and people I know usually get together and have a hell of a time, we've had it twice here in Texas, we've had it in Atlanta, it's always a good time. We've been all psyched for this weekend as in people are flying in from different states but no Mother Nature had to go pms'ing and hit us with snow from all corners. I mean, since when did it start snowing here? Flights are being cancelled left, right and center but lai lai, it's going down this weekend! Come snow or sleet, so say a prayer for me and my compadres so we can live it up this weekend! Alrighty, I don't have much this week because this was a hectic week butI feel better - Random time!:

Oops before I start, I want to address two things on my previous randoms, most of you misunderstood the tampon thing, it wasn't for anything sexual it's so you can tell the guy "I'm on my period" and also I do realise there are showers in Nigeria but that is not the norm, more people bathe with bowl and bucket, those were who I was refering to.

Glory be to the higher powers, Dear John is out, I don't have to live through those corny ads anymore!

I will never understand how important pets are to ndi obodo oyibo.

I have a bad habit. I am an impatient person, especially when it comes to traffic. So sometimes when I really just want to be home and chilling or trying to make it somewhere on time and I stumble across an accident. I get mad at the parties involved, because I feel they wasted my time by having an accident at an inconvenient time.(horrible i know)

The bad thing about a new neighborhood is finding "your spots". That great chinese place, that good tailor that alters just right etc

I'm bad I know but when I look at men's fingers I automatically think it tells me how their kini must look like. Not necessarily size, just overall look. This dude at work has the stubbiest, chubbiest fingers and I just figure that's what his downstairs is like.

Let's talk about Pep is a great reality show. It's more than likely staged but I love the format. Now if only someone would tell Pep about dem horrid wigs she be wearing.

I love old cards and letters. I recently moved and in the process of unpacking I found a whole bunch of cards and letters and junk(really, my college acceptance letter, my roomate assignment, my bills from college - I graduated since 2004!). Old cards remind you why you love someone especially if you are mad at them.

I HATE that Bedrock song. HATE it!

I think it's sad that in the video of Adam Lambert's "Whaddya want from me"(love that song) where he is holding a picture of his loved one, the person is blurred out. Obviously because he is a gay man.

Anyone read the John Mayer article. He said a lot of things I don't know where to start. He did call Jessica Simpson, a "sexual napalm". That she was awesome in bed and he was addicted to her. I just kinda figured she would be a dud. If you are interested here is the link, it's long but hilarious. I hear people are offended by his alleged racial comment but i don't see the fuss -

A condom ad just came on, do they only come on at night?

It must suck to meet your soulmate after you are married - Yes, ideally your mate should be your soulmate but we usually mold who we come across first into our soulmate. Another convo another day.

I wish you all a wonderful happy valentine's day. As a PVR - Perpetual Valentine Roaster - I shall be doing nothing, maybe homework but I hope you all have a beautiful one. Couples, show your appreciation for your S.O, commercialized day or not, Singles - shower your love on yourself. Either way, as the video says: Keep Dancing!



Kate said…
yay! First.
In your face CIL!!! :)

um.... crap..what was i going to say..oh..
BEDrOCK is my Jam!! I like gudda gudda :) and the last dude..and nicki minaj..and drake..i just like them all..
I like when drake says "I'm at the W, i'll meet you in the lobby.." LOL>.i think it's drake.

who are you mad at? mschew
CIL! said…
I hate u!
lol it says 1 commentS... thot that was funny.
ummm what was my commentS again... ummm ummm ummm

baniatto? da heck is that? some kina coffee? *WV

No comments today! Have a great weekend :D!
Omotee! said…
have fun this wknd but pls pls be careful with all that snow biko, wish i could send u some sun from naija here, lol
NigerianQueen said…
"Call me Mr. Flinstone, I can make your bedrock girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrllll!"
I love that song, and the Trey Songz' "Say ahhhhhh" one; my jams for real.

I am also a perpetual roaster....GRRRR! But I live with my sis, we'll both be roasting and cooking each other dinner and baking desserts, lol!

Have fun with your weekend festivities :D
Myne Whitman said…
Careful driving in the snow sha, it can be iminimious. I've seen people all over vexing at John Mayer, which one concern me?

Abeg have a happy weekend and keep dancing.
Anonymous said…
the snow can't rain on your parade. after all the planning!
neefemi said…
"It must suck to meet your soulmate after you are married - Yes, ideally your mate should be your soulmate but we usually mold who we come across first into our soulmate. Another convo another day"

My greatest fear in life, hence why i'm afraid to get married

i'm also a pvr and would be doing as you said, which i suspect is what you will be doing in Dallas, so have fun and enjoy
Invisible Girl said…
hmmm sticking a tampon in a dry vagina, that gotta be uncomfortable...She should just tell the guy she is on her period...its not like he would go down there and check! lol :)
Vivian said…
lol to this blog update...I feel you on that thinking Jessica Simpson would be a dud... I was awfully shocked when I came across the "napalm" comment...funny enough.. I googled the word. LOL...and yes each time I hear that Bedrock song.. I get instantly annoyed!!
I am so jealous right now because i am going to miss watching the all star game...unlike sad...I don't even know if it will be shown on the espn sports channel on dstv...must verify...

ditto you feelings about impatience and traffic...especially in stupid la-la land.. I enjoy keeping old cards and letters. I still have birthday cards from when i was 8years old and now i'm 23.. About John Mayer, dude just seems to enjoy running his mouth but i heard he apologized at one of his concerts..

Anyhoo, i hope you have a happy vals day (or as someone on bellanaija said "Happy bullshit day") lol...
We're still doing "FIRST!" in 20-dime? I guess I didn't get the memo. *shrugs*

Anywho this may be a long comment cause I love your randoms. I was so meant to be in Dallas this weekend. This was my year to dry hump Melo. :o( I hope you & your friends had a great time, still.

You know it's bad when someone can be locked in jail for 3yrs for animal cruelty while policemen involved in human cruelty walk away scotch free.

I've been told that I drive like a guy. No patience. Some serious road rage. I'm yet to flip the bird to passing car. I'm sure that time will come soon.

I'm mad bout your men and their fingers analysis. Hahaha. Now, I'm gonna find myself looking at potential men's fingers.

OMGosh, I so love "Whaddya Want From Me."!!! And the video rocks so much.

Read John Mayer's interview. Not a big deal. I thought it was amusing. He's the kind of person that likes to hear himself talk.

I've showered myself with love, o!
LucidLilith said…
Taynement, these your randoms kill me sef.

Oyinbo and pets is because they are unable to make deeper connections? I dont know...

LOL at men's fingers. Me I base mine on shoe size.

John Mayer has diarrhea of the mouth. What an idiot. where did he think he was, an extra on 'Entourage?'

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