Friday Randoms

Hi guys, I just blinked and we have reached another friday. Like joke, like joke February don kpai and the year is speeding on by. Shoutout to naija bloggers oh, make una enjoy your public holiday and maybe use it to celebrate the return of the President. Anyways, I have had(and still having) a weird week, so let's get to it.

You know, a threesome is one of those things I am pretty sure I will never do in my life.

I forgot to mention my bright spot on vals day. Because we are corny like that it was when my best friend called me to wish me a happy valentine's and said I was her "the one", we are just not attracted to each other haha, love you Hoagie!

The priest preached about temptation the other day and my first thought was why am I not tempted to go to the gym?lol

My mother used the term "Put a ring on it" the other day. I laughed.

Speaking of rings, it's engagement season yo, every other week I hear of someone getting engaged. 2011 is going to be a busy one.

There is nothing worse than lying on the bed and getting comfortable and your remote is way across the room staring at you and saying : haha, you have to get out of position and come get me.

For the first time in God knows how long, I might miss part of the Oscars due to work :(

Speaking of work, I still can't thank God enough for my job. Thank you Baba.

You know what's annoying?If someone mentions that their parent(mom or dad) is a douche or implies they are no good, and someone counters with "but they are still your dad/mom". No shit sherlock, I didn't know. Gosh people can be so annoying with their so called, unasked for opinions. *woosah*

I was singing Robin Thicke's "Sex Therapy" the other day and I don't know when I said T-erapy instead of The-rapy.:(

If you really think about it, the whole concept of marriage is insane!

How do deaf people know how to speak?As in they can't hear people speaking so how do they make out words and know how to sound it out?

Sad thoughts: I feel for Susan Boyle, all that new found money and fame and she is so lonely to the point of depression. Loneliness is a biatch. How about the olympian skater whose mom had an unexpected heart attack in Vancouver. How heartbreaking.

There is a group on America's Best Dance Crew called Heavy Impact. Bunch of heavy guys who move so well. They spend LOTS of time practicing, which is burning calories, and they are still heavy doesn't that negate the whole working out thing? I have always suspected that whole deal is based on genes.

I had a strange dream about yam. I hate the Charles Barkley Taco Bell ad.Blogsville is dry.Simon Cowell is mean but ohsosexy.I used to think quivering lips while you sing means you were awesome, so I used to quiver my lips as I sang.I love the bob hairstyle, all variations.

I find this ad offensive:

That's all folks, I am blah, hence the blah tone. Enjoy this song produced by Justin Timberlake, I love thsi song especially at 3min 45secs. Y'all have a good weekend.


Reverence said…
first! yaay!

all-nighters have their benefits :)

lol at the concept of marriage is insane.
Myne said…
You think the concept of marriage is insane? Tune into my show with Vera tomorrow. LOL..

I think that ad is offensive too, wonder when the sh*t will start flying?

Heavy impact may remain heavy because they overeat. Exercise alone will not help one lose weight. Has to be matched with calorie intake and a balanced diet.
LucidLilith said…
marriage is a beautiful thing. we made it all crazy.
leggy said… wa oh for the ad oh. yes oh, blogsville is now very dry.
im thinking of skipping the oscars totally sef, just because i already know who is going to win so why watch it?
Tatababe said…
I totally feel u on the remote control thing, happens to me all d time :)
I agree with LucidLilith, marriage is a beautiful thing but some ppl have made it crazy.
Have a good weekend urself and be good.
Myne said…
Just to say I'm quoting you in my promo for the show.
Anonymous said…
when you crack the solution to get tempted to go to the gym, send me the recipe.
Nee Fe Mi said…
"There is nothing worse than lying on the bed and getting comfortable and your remote is way across the room staring at you and saying : haha, you have to get out of position and come get me." - lmao, thats the truth
the ad is offensive, not so crazy about the song but i would have know JT produced it, its so like him....and i agree with what Myne said abt heavy impact, besides they dance for only 5mins and if they practice only for an hr everyday thats not enough to work it all out...have a good weekend ma'am
neuyogi said…
LMAO you saying "T..erapy" I cant imagine...
JoaR said…
LOL! The remote thing happens to me all the time...and u know its so hard to find that comfortable spot again...
Random One said…
I wonder about big dancers and belly dancer with pouches too...guess Myne is right...eating habit is where its at but nna mehn!

haha@ quivering lips...thot so too.

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