Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Randoms

Happy Turkey and Thanksgiving day people. Hope everyone had something to be thankful for. If your answer is no, dig deeper and I am sure you would find something you are thankful and if not, if you are able to read this, I thank God for you that you have life...and as long as you have life, there is hope. Let's do this, shall we?

Honestly, how did generations before us work out without music in their ears? Like I had this one awesome workout that was filled with Naija music, it was awesome. Soca music is another good one for workout.

Has anyone ever heard of a gay muslim?

Ok so look at this picture and what do you see?:

So, my mind is crazy. Sometimes my friends tell me things or we are discussing things and I totally have some animated cartoon running in my head and I am laughing hard. Sometimes I see things (videos, ads) and think they are so genius example lady gaga's paparazzi, I just think that video is artistically genius. Anyways, I saw that ad and thought it was just brilliant. The pic is a dryer shown as a sick face, combined with the tag line (because you are not the only one who can have a sick day) - brilliant! (who is with me? lol)

Growing older is inevitable, growing up is optional.

I was reading Vivian's blog and she had a line that read: It is days like these that I just get home sick and I long for our Lord to come again. I paused for a moment and wondered if I had ever longed for Jesus to come back? What does that say about my Christian faith if I haven't? I thought that was a deep statement and deeply admirable. I guess I just gotta keep working on my faith :(

I hate being told what to do.

Life is puzzling.

So if you remember reading Just learn the language. I kinda had a true life experience about it. The priest at church decided to bring a spanish priest to give a second homily to the hispanic congregation. I was all fine until he started with being christian means embracing all cultures, I took a look around and wondered why there weren't nigerian, filipino or vietnamese homilies. *shrugs*

My friend is leaving on vacation for about a month, I don't see her everyday but I am still kinda bummed, she is like my anchor, I just like to know she is there :(

So I was reading a SHakira interview and she said when the spice girls ask : Tell me what you want, what you really, really want? That's a deep question. She says most people are not in touch with themselves and they think they are doing what they want but really they are just doing what will please other people. Yay or nay bloggers?

Finally, as per thanksgiving season : May we always be happy and may our enemies know it!

Have a lovely weekend!

P.S - Shout out to the one who called me swan and made me smile when I was in the pits. 'Preciate ya!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Body Image

Hi people, hope everyone had a good start to their week and is looking forward to their turkey day. Anyways, I had this blog written (in my head of course)last week after watching the Janet Jackson interview on ABC. Anyways, as I was watching the interview and looking at the pictures of her over the years, I was thinking to myself, "This woman is one heck of a pretty lady with or without makeup and she has a gorgeous smile". Also, everytime I see Janet, I forget she has a "donk" (booty for those of you that don't know" and I am always like, "where did that come from?" before I remember that Janet has always had one.

As the interview progressed, Robin Roberts (the interviewer) asked her how she didn't see herself as hot as everyone else sees her. Janet went ahead to answer that she doesn't know but she is learning to love herself. Jermaine(Dupri) helped her to accept her booty and realise there was nothing wrong with it, she likes the small of her back and now loves her smile even though she used to think it was like The Joker (the batman movie villain)and it was too wide.

Janet's answer reminded me that most women have these moments (I say most because not all women see a flaw when they look at themselves). I am not one of the most. I have had moments where I have looked in the mirror and wanted to run lol, and I am sure many other women have had those too. From our teenage years all through to *God knows when* we are concerned about our bodies either we are working out to maintain what we have, losing the pounds gained during vacation/holidays, wondering what damage babies will do to our bodies, coveting your neighbor's legs/boobs/ass/abs etc etc. No matter how ambivalent you are somehow or some point or the other you worry about your body.

My personal question is, "How long does this last?" Is this a lifetime thing? Oprah was interviewing Gabby Sidibe (chic who plays Precious) the other day and asked her how she seems unaffected as an obvious non-size 2 and she replied that she had been dieting most of her life and at some point she decided she was just going to love herself no matter what. As cliche as the answer is it really is the truth. At some point, we would have to accept that we can't get xyz and can only make do with what we have. It's ironic that usually that one thing we don't like about ourselves is what our neighbor might like about us like how I loved janet's smile and she didn't. Of course, its easier said than done but to my fellow sister's I hope we all come to that decision to embrace ourselves as is and own what we got. I am halfway there, this summer I decided to try to learn to love what I have. The extra pounds I don't like, I am doing my part to shed at the gym but for the huge feet, the small boobs, the short legs I accept that even though I wish they were different, that is what God gave me and I need to get with the program. For any male reader, I am curious to know do y'all have the same insecurities?

Have a great week people and lots of blessings your way :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friday Randoms

Not in a pleasant mood so here we go :

First off, LucidLillith I haven't forgotten about the topic, but I read the magazine at a nail place and I thought I would be able to find it online but I can't. So I'll search some more and if not, I'll just write off of memory.

I don't know who is more annoying that has been doing press rounds lately : Carrie Prejean or Sarah Palin. Carrie Prejean is just a dislikable, obnoxious mumu with solo sex tapes and Palin's voice alone makes me itch. I am sure it didn't help that I watched the Obama documentary right before her Oprah interview.

I need the warmth of a man's body asap, don't judge me!..sigh, if wishes were horses. I never seem to get what I want :(.

Speaking of warmth, how on earth do priests and nuns do it. I mean yes they are humans and they probably err every now and them and get theirs but for those that do honor their vows, how do they survive? No touch, No kiss, no nothing. Well I guess that's where the strength from God comes in.

Someone said : Trying to forget someone you love(d) is like trying to remember someone you never knew..Blogsville - yay/nay?

When someone is passionate about their craft and are really good at what they do, it's such a beautiful thing to see.

Somewhere along the line I got defensive about (being)Nigeria(n) and being black.

You guys should check out my friends blog Vivian. She has been writing for a while and has interesting stuff.

One of the things that I read on Vivian's blog that was so true was one of loneliness. I think everyone has those moments, especially if you live overseas without your family. Just that feeling that you are alone and nobody understands you and everyone seems busy. But usually and hopefully it's usually just a phase and you realise that there are other blessings to focus on.

Am I the only one who likes the taste of beer?

I have cried more in the last month than I have in a whole year in the past.

I thought this was hilarious. An atheist that offered to deliver messages for his christian friends after rapture lol. Azazel, I am sure this will interest you --

And signing out with something inspirational - Courage is saying, "maybe what I'm doing isn't working and maybe I should try something else"

Have a good weekend guys

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Randoms

Hi my pipus, how you dey? Once again as time is flying, it is Friday again. I just got done with an exam and I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulder. Can't wait for the semester to end. Alrighty, let's hop on the random train, shall we?

I started watching the T.V show L word and one scene kinda put a thought in my head. I am in no way making light of rape but I wondered if a gay woman can rape another gay woman. Also, you know how when a male rapes a female they have these rape kits to prove she was raped, how will they do it in this case, if it is infact possible?

In response to my last post, Ms. Dufa posted a response that said : True. Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. Hold onto yours and hear other people out, if it suits you, adjust yours and if it doesnt suit you, keep it to yourself and move on. I totally agree with it but I also wanted to add that sometimes just because one decides to keep it to themselves and move on doesn't mean they are passive aggressive. I feel like people feel that if you don't respond vehemently (or rudely in the name of keeping it real) then you are weak/passive aggressive.

I read an article about toxic parents/divorcing parents and this comment made me chuckle - "Nothing spells closure more than a tightly closed coffin lid". That person must have really hated their parent.

I read another article in Essence where a black girl decided to date like a white girl. Dating like a white girl meaning not being very discriminatory and just dating for fun. The writer felt we as black women have it ingrained in our head to date seriously so when we run into dudes with low level jobs eg waiter, driver etc, we x them immediately because what if we fall in love and things are serious, then what?

(My friend asked me this a while ago) But we women are always talking about a good man all the time, but after all said and done and we have all the good on paper characteristics ie college education, good career, cooking skills etc etc. What do we really have to offer emotionally, spiritually, physically etc and are we working on it as we wait?

November is Military Appreciation Month. Shoutout to all the men and women serving and putting their lives on the line for us to live our daily lives normally. Say a prayer for them y'all when you get a chance.

Expectations are a downfall waiting to happen. The sooner we learn not to put our trust in our fellow man the better we'll be.

I honestly do not condone the death penalty and that's all I'm saying about it.

I watched the Khloe Kardashian wedding thing. Well..more power to them, but where was Omarion I thought they were hella tight?

My new car is 8 years older than my previous car. Some may call it regression, but I actually like it. Hope it lasts!

Yuck, I hope I don't become one of those annoying, overly positive people..Nah, I doubt it.

I'm so glad to have my BFF around, even though she leaves in 2 days :( She has been around for two weeks and I have never laughed so hard. I like her easygoing spirit and I can always be myself around her.

And finally, for my blogsville family, remember that : Everything is ok in the end and if it's not ok, then it's not the end.

Hang in there people, have a lovely weekend!

P.S Lucid Lillith, per your last comment on last week's randoms. Pick any random and I'll try to see if i can expand it for ya!

Toodles People!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just a thought...

I don't really have a fleshed out post or thought for this but it was just something that occurred to me because I have seen many examples of it in the past week. Why is it as human beings, we tend to discount other people's ideas/opinions/beliefs because it's not in tune with ours? I think I find that irritating really. Like who makes one Lord or Queen that their opinion is rule. I think you can still have an opinion but still be able to realize that just because it is not your reality or part of your life doesn't mean it doesn't mean anything. The world will be a better place if we respected other people's views. The end.

How's everyone doing? Hope the week has been good so far? Take care and see y'all on Friday!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Friday Randoms

This is ridiculous. How is it time for randoms again.already? na wa oooh. Oya let's go diaaa:

- I'm not no skinny bitch but ever since college I have been pretty active and can hold my own in a gym BUT I HATE working out. If I didn't have to I wouldn't work out.

- To help with my dislike for working out, I try to incorporate my love for dance when I can at gym classes. Like with step class, I try to turn a basic right into a salsa step lol.

- How does one get over a parent committing suicide?

- I LOVE M.I. I confess that every now and then I stare at a picture of him that a friend sent me ever so kindly on my phone.

- I will always always love Sia's "Breathe Me"

- "Tis true that time heals numbs all wounds.

- Everytime I hear any of these songs : Beyonce's "smash into you" and taylor swift's "breathe" and "you're not sorry", I smile. Because this time last year these songs were guaranteed (almost) tear jerkers.

- Ah, the masses on fb have began their countdown to naija. My heart squeezes but my heart still also has faith.

- Don't jealous me because I live in Texas and we still rocking 76 degree weather.

- Aaah, it felt like old times but I had to ground myself in reality.

- I read somewhere that how you were loved when you were younger is how you love when you are older. Feel free to disagree with me but I agree.

- When.will.this.whole.twilight/new moon/robert pattinson. circus END????!!!!! This movie is so overhyped I am so irritated! The boy isn't even fine.

- I wish I had a tv life where everything wraps up in 30 minutes with a solution.

- I saw snippets of Rihanna's interview. Something is dead in that girl, you could see it in her eyes. so sad.

- I tested it out and gave it a chance but I'm sorry that LWKMD with !!! is just annoying, it just seems so..extra. In my head, it just seems like over laughing if that makes any sense.

- My love for TLC is waning. I enjoyed the phase sha.

- So on 18 and counting, a show where this couple have 18 children ( she gave birth to each one and all her girls were posterior births. Anywhoo, I think they are mormons and are strict about it and their oldest son just got married. When they asked the dude about their first kiss, after answering he now said, "I wish I was strong enough to have waited till my wedding day like my son". Well taynement gulped. I didn't know the son waited till marriage to kiss his bride and I was in awe. All you horny dogs and dog-ettes how many of you can do that? lol

I tink darrisall I have, kinda dry this week, eh? deal with it lol.. Have a lovely weekend ma fellow bloggers!

Oh wait, Check these out :

Ok for real bye!

My latest discovery. This is a lovely acapella song


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

(Lord Have) Mercy on Me

Lord have mercy on my soul
For I have walked a sinful road
That I'm down on my knees
Lord have mercy on me, please

Jesus, I must confess
That in all my loneliness
I've forsaken and I've sinned
Leaving fragments of a man so broken

I could tell you what I've done
Or should I tell you where I went wrong?

Well the more that I start to play
My deceitful, evil ways
Keep on growing stronger by the day

Oh lord have mercy on my soul
For I have walked a sinful road
So I'm gonna get down on my knees
Beg forgiveness to help set me free
Lord have mercy on me, please

Mother Mary full of grace
In my weakness, I've lost faith
I've been careless, and I have been warned
And the devil inside me is torn
God bless the men that I have scorned

So don't let me fool around no more
Send your angels down to guide me through that door
Well I've gone and confessed my regrets
And I pray I'm not held in contempt
I'm so lost, and I need you to help me repent

Oh lord have mercy on my soul
Oh I'm begging, I'm pleading, I'm needing
I want you to know
So I'm down upon my knees
Oh lord, I need forgiveness
I need forgiveness from you

I love this song. Christina Aguilera's vocals are on point in this song. Listening to this song with a good sound system is almost eargasmic. Check it out if you want to:



In other news, in lieu of national write a novel month please welcome a beloved family member of mine to blogsville, Abozelle. She is a writer and will be posting a bunch of short stories. Please feel free to stop by and leave feedback. Thank you much.

Have a good evening/morning!