Friday Randoms

Not in a pleasant mood so here we go :

First off, LucidLillith I haven't forgotten about the topic, but I read the magazine at a nail place and I thought I would be able to find it online but I can't. So I'll search some more and if not, I'll just write off of memory.

I don't know who is more annoying that has been doing press rounds lately : Carrie Prejean or Sarah Palin. Carrie Prejean is just a dislikable, obnoxious mumu with solo sex tapes and Palin's voice alone makes me itch. I am sure it didn't help that I watched the Obama documentary right before her Oprah interview.

I need the warmth of a man's body asap, don't judge me!..sigh, if wishes were horses. I never seem to get what I want :(.

Speaking of warmth, how on earth do priests and nuns do it. I mean yes they are humans and they probably err every now and them and get theirs but for those that do honor their vows, how do they survive? No touch, No kiss, no nothing. Well I guess that's where the strength from God comes in.

Someone said : Trying to forget someone you love(d) is like trying to remember someone you never knew..Blogsville - yay/nay?

When someone is passionate about their craft and are really good at what they do, it's such a beautiful thing to see.

Somewhere along the line I got defensive about (being)Nigeria(n) and being black.

You guys should check out my friends blog Vivian. She has been writing for a while and has interesting stuff.

One of the things that I read on Vivian's blog that was so true was one of loneliness. I think everyone has those moments, especially if you live overseas without your family. Just that feeling that you are alone and nobody understands you and everyone seems busy. But usually and hopefully it's usually just a phase and you realise that there are other blessings to focus on.

Am I the only one who likes the taste of beer?

I have cried more in the last month than I have in a whole year in the past.

I thought this was hilarious. An atheist that offered to deliver messages for his christian friends after rapture lol. Azazel, I am sure this will interest you --

And signing out with something inspirational - Courage is saying, "maybe what I'm doing isn't working and maybe I should try something else"

Have a good weekend guys


Anonymous said…
I think Palin is full of dross, won't even dignify Carrie with a comment.

The warmth - especially now that winter approaches - would be priceless but then one can't order it off ebay can one?

That trying to forget someone you love quote is soooo true! damn.
Vivian said…
Thanks Taynement for the shout out...much appreciated...oh and yes the comment about needing the warmth a man... I am right there with you on that :)..thanks for being so honest!...oh and Carrie Prejean is definitely the more annoying one..why is she still on TV??? And Sarah Palin...chai...what can you say about that one sef?
Harry-Rami Itie said…
AS regards the warmth...hmmn... I ask myself the same question
tunrayo said…
bottomline, not all people were meant to be nuns :)

i like beer, i love becks, i like stout...sue us

whats wrong sweets? is it just a mood or did something happen? talk to us. hope you get better soon
Omotee! said…
warmth - hmmm, thats essential this season..... thank God for my big duvet! lol

beer - i like the taste and thats weird cos its bitter

forgetting someone u love - hardest part is before u start the process, after that, its not so hard. speaking emperically
TdotQueen said…
How come your friday randoms are usually posted on thursdays? :p

I'm still trying to understand why Carrie is suddenly relevant. America!!
Myne Whitman said…
Carrie is very annoying, Sarah is not half bad LOL. OK I know I'm in the minority. So what's making you cry? Being black and Nigerian? Nothing to do about that, a dose of naija usually helps sha. Take care of you, wish I could send you some manblanket. :(
Tatababe said…
I've always said Sarah Palin is a damn good actress mehn! I feel you on "I have cried more in the last month than I have in a whole year in the past". Have a good weekend
Ms.O said…
I like beer too. I need warmth too! Sarah is annoying! NAY to forgetting someone you once loved. its possible
CIL said…
9 comments later!!!
I hate being so late...

So I went to the Nordie's Rack opening today and guess who was signing her book in the bookstore next door? tihihi... Don't ask me what she's like in person... Shoes vs. Palin? I chose shoes :)

Dude I had very dirty dreams last night. I had to ask God for forgiveness this morning. Must be agro cos that Grey's Anatomy kiss did thangs to me...

Regarding priests... shebi they say u don't miss what u never had... yay/nay?

I used to and still feel very lonely sometimes (Not to bad now that boo stays checking on me). One of my biggest fear used to be that I would die in my apt and no one would find me for weeks... 2005 was HORRIBLE! I lived in constant fear of the above. I didnt have a car and the one day I left my phone in a cab and internet got disconnected. Omo I have never cried as much as I cried dat day or felt as alone as I did that day...

Don't cry CILy :(... I hope u have an awesome weekend! My longest comment. Yay!

ps... my word verification is "chingsta". Like Gangsta wih a ching! I love it!!! LMAO... Cracks myself up!
CIL said…
Dang... my comment looks like a blog post.

ps. Who is Carrie Prejean? should I even bother googling?

pps.. Word Verification: "Kambe" kinda like Owambe with a Kam... yup I be kambeing at Taynement's... lol... gradually losing my mind...
Fabulo-la said…
lool @ CIL

Sarah Palin - no comment
Carrie warefahernameis *smdh*

moving on....yah I do think u can forget someone u love...might not be easy, but..I vote yay.
RepOne said…
lol@ manblanket...if only myne, if only!

I say yay! I dont know that you will ever forget even long after the feelings are gone.

Ha! worst one is when there are a million people around you but you still feel lonely or is that 'alone'...whatever sha. Horrid feeling.

I hear you on the crying bit. I'll say more in this year than in my life time...or so it seems. Dry your eyes "It shall be well" lol
Original Mgbeke said…
Re: Trying to forget some you loved etc etc. Yay.
TayneMent said…
Oje – Thanks for stopping by. Nna, in this America I am sure you can order a man for a night on ebay lol

Vivian – You are welcome and I swear I don’t know why she is on tv

Harry – lol, did you find an answer?

Tunrayo – Yay fellow beer drinker. It’s just life events and sometimes not being strong. Thanks for asking.

Omotee – lol see you, a man’s warmth is better!

TdotQueen – I start writing them when it’s almost midnight. Because it takes a long time for me to formulate I figure it’ll be Friday by the time I am done but I forget Blogger puts down the time I start typing.

Myne – lol I like that – Manblanket. I meant I get defensive when people say negative things about those subjects.

Tatababe – Thank you, you do the same

Ms. O – Thanks for stopping by and I guess there are more beer likers than I thought.

CIL – lol@your comment aka a blog post

Fabulola – lol@carrie’s last name

Repone – thanks repone :)

O.M – Seems the yay-ers are a majority
Nice Anon said…
I never forget the abacha thing o! Owu school + tiredness+ laziness BUT the Lord is on the throne! lol
MPB said…
Wow Tayney this is one of your most sincere posts yet!! The not beng able to forget thing makes so much sense to me considering my own situations...and I always wanna yell..."it doesn't mean I am not over them" it's just impossible to forget. I didn't think the news could get more annoying than when it was all about "falcon" but of course it did. Take care! The loneliness thing...I don't even know what to say it just seems to be what it is...and we try to deal.
Azazel said…
Lol taynement i laffed mad hard @ that blogpost mehn..
It's crazyyyy.. Hahaha wow i can't believe I never thought about it.

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