Just a thought...

I don't really have a fleshed out post or thought for this but it was just something that occurred to me because I have seen many examples of it in the past week. Why is it as human beings, we tend to discount other people's ideas/opinions/beliefs because it's not in tune with ours? I think I find that irritating really. Like who makes one Lord or Queen that their opinion is rule. I think you can still have an opinion but still be able to realize that just because it is not your reality or part of your life doesn't mean it doesn't mean anything. The world will be a better place if we respected other people's views. The end.

How's everyone doing? Hope the week has been good so far? Take care and see y'all on Friday!


CIL said…
@OM Take That!
Ok off to read.
P.s. It would be funny if u already commented.
Azazel said…
That's because we human beings are stuck up on ourselves..
We are mostly intolerant and we deem any view diff from ours as ignorant..
It's a real shame..
True @ the world would be a better place if ppl respected each other's views/opinions.
Anonymous said…
People think the world revolves around them.
Nice Anon said…
Food for thought.
MPB said…
True talk!
Anonymous said…
I find Azazel's comment amusing.
Ms. 'dufa said…
True. Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one. Hold onto yours and hear other people out, if it suits you, adjust yours and if it doesnt suit you, keep it to yourself and move on

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