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Lust Induced Post

Very short and straight to the point today..couldn't find equal and fair pics, IMO these two men wear clothes the best in hollywood..wish i could find both of them in suits....Ladies and Gentlemen - Daniel Craig and Will Smith...

Long Running and Shortcomings

So it's thursday nite and i am watching my usual shows, Ugly Betty at 7 while switching channels for 30 rock at 7.30. 8pm its time for Grey's Anatomy, which i don't know why i still watch. Anyways as the episode drags along, I am shaking my head wondering how a show that was so good suddenly went down the drain so fast in its 4th season (technically since season 3)..anywhoo 9pm i switch to ER and i end up enjoying another good performance from the underrated Maura Tierney and it got me thinking ...

What is going on with TV and TV audiences of today? ER is in its 14th season, call me cynical but somehow i don't see GA making it to 14 seasons..Back in the day, TV shows lasted what seems like a lifetime today..The longest running sitcom "Gunsmoke" ran for 20 seasons, "The Simpsons"(still running) for 19 and "Law and Order" has been on for 18...all this shows started back in the days when TV shows were given a chance..

Now today, before you even…

Grammy Predictions..

Now the Grammys do not mean that much to me anymore, seeing as they have created a thousand and one categories to accomodate everyone and every Tom, Dick and Harry has a grammy. 'Sides their noms/wins are so random now, its bizarre. Anyways Grammy Nominations are tomorrow, so i thot i'd share my thots on whose name(s) i think will be annonunced.

I'll start with Best New Artist. Grammys usually follow a pattern for the five nominees, they are:

- The standard generally accepted "yeah he/she is talented a la John Legend, Alicia..this year if she manages to stay alive I think this will go to Amy WineHouse and chances are she'll prolly take home the gold.

- The person who has been in the business for God knows how long but has a breakout hit and suddenly is the best new thing a la Shelby Lynne..this year I think it'll be Robin Thicke (Goodness gracious is he hot or what?!)

- The country artist a la Carrie Underwood, Leeann Rimes..this year it'll prolly be Taylor…

Music Thots from the Road

I couldnt think of anything i copied a note i had written a while back..

Driving down miles and miles, down I-45, I had to listen to a whole bunch of music trying to stay awake and of course listening to some music brought some thots to my head-“Best of You” by the Foo Fighters has to be one of the best rock songs ever made, has me all fired up almost as much as the few seconds of the drum intro to Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, except for Best of You this fired up feeling lasts through the whole song…You have to give props to Dave Grohl, who has gone from Drummer in Nirvana to Frontman in Foo Fighters and back to drumming again for Queens of Stone Age.Hey even the great Prince recognizes this song is great, why else would he cover it in his Super Bowl Half Time performance :)

-Something about Gwen Stefani rubs me off the wrong way, I liked her in No Doubt and I thot she was the coolest white chic. Then she went solo and I don’t know what happened. I used to think that i…

Celebs I don't care for

Celebs in general are annoying, but there are few that just get on my nerves..

#1 - No shocker Paris Hilton - no explanation needed, if you need an explanation, then I don't know what to tell you.

#2 - Mariah Carey - yeah yeah she has a great voice and all what not, couldn't care for her image/persona, from the getgo i just always thought she chose when to elevate her "blackness" to sell records, i know its the business... still. Her whole trynna be sexy thing is just over the top, she needs to recognise her age and act accordingly.

#3 - Christian Bale - now even I will admit that I do not have a valid reason for this, he just rubs me the wrong way, I don't enjoy seeing him on film, he is so intense, he comes off as cocky and arrogant in interviews and i hate his lisp!

#4 - Tyra Banks - ok homegirl knows her industry, i'll give her that, but man does she try too hard..On top model or her show, she always acts like a knowitall. Even when she is trying to act compa…

Can I get another side of Denzel?

So the last movie i watched was American Gangster..I was really looking forward to this movie, not just because of the really good trailers I had seen or the talented people involved; I was really hoping it would be the movie that I could see a different acting side of Denzel..The movie was good, i was not wowed like i thot i would be. It was like a textbook play, everyone just played the part they were supposed to play by the book.

Now a few months ago, i had mentioned to my friends that Will Smith was a better actor than Denzel and of course i was attacked by the masses, ok ok i went too far with that but what i really meant was Denzel is an awesome actor, one of the best actors of our times but everytime i watch him in a movie its like he is the same person (offscreen or onscreen). This self assured man with lots of swagger, heck halfway through AG, i was just waiting for him to burst out and say, "King Kong ain't got nothing on me". For a second i was like maybe i am…