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Happy memorial day

Hi everyone, hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and is enjoying their day off. It's been a rough weekend for me, worked all day friday, bit of sunday amongst other things but I just need to suck it up abi and try to focus on the positive things. I don't even have anything to say, I just wanted to blog and break the monotony of being on my bed all day but I forget I am not the "speaking" type so I can't say what's really on my mind.'s to all the veterans and current men in service who have risked and are risking their lives for our freedom here in the states and to you folk in Naija who have a frigging holiday every other day of the week, abeg una tell me what Democracy day is?? mschew...well I guess I should just bounce now, Have a lovely rest of the day and a lovely week ahead.

Friday Randoms

I thought it'd never come but finally the long weekend is here and of course I am gonna be working. I have homework and a paper due, procrastination has gotten the best of me again. It always takes me a little while to ease into the semester but I need to realize that it's summer and while I am still "easing in" the semester will be over before I know it. I got nominated in the best music blog category, I wasn't sure if it was for this blog or the other. Either thank you to whoever nominated me. I have an early day tomorrow so forgive me for posting this early.

Serena Van Der Woosen(sp?) from Gossip Girl is quite, quite annoying.

I'd really like to understand the whole concept of deja vu. It's quite spooky that conviction that something has definitely happened to you before. I feel like I am in LOST or something. I have them quite a bit too.

I highly doubt Obama will win re-election.

When asked the secret to his long lasting marriage, Kevin Bacon said: Ke…

Things I Wish I Had Known About Dating When I Was 21

Hi guys, happy Sunday. Hope you were able to get touched by the word either from Church or your personal meditations. Sigh, the weekend is over. Even though I spent my weekend sounding like a man it's always still good to be not working. School starts this week so a bit of my stress will be back. I planned on watching the entire season of Lost that's on my DVR that I haven't gotten around to but it's 1.30 and I still haven't started, time still dey sha. Anyways just wanted to give credit to my post, the entire post was copied and pasted word for word from a Yahoo article, so these are not my words. They are pretty common knowledge steez but still found it interesting, the writer is 31 by the way. Have a blessed week and don't forget to leave your comments.

1. If you're confused about whether a guy likes you or not, that's probably not good. Confusion in romance belongs only in romantic comedies because it suspends the plot, but suspense in real life suck…

Friday Randoms

Hi Guys, Friday is here and my undertheweatherness has become a full blown below the weather. I'm hacking and sneezing and all that good stuff, hopefully it goes away soon, I still want my mommy sha. Man! did anyone else catch that Grey's finale. Watched it with the best friend via IM and our convo was full of "Chineke's", "Chimoo", "Shit", "WTF", you get the drift. Hats off to Shonda Rhimes, she did her thing. ok, random time.

I mentioned Welcome to Lagos last time and it reminded me of Environmental Sanitation aka Enviromental.

WTL also made me think of Esther and other girls like her in Naija who are sexually active but don't know about yearly checkups in Naija. Makes me wonder about checkups here sef gan, how many of our mothers did checkups and teeth cleaning and all that good stuff and they seem fine.

I'll try not to spoil Greys for those who haven't seen it but there's a part where Bailey denies her profession…


Hey blogsville, I need help. Please can you recommend quick easy meals pesin fit make keep for house. Like I came home and I am blank, of course all that comes to mind is rice and it'll be nice to have a change/variety. So please list all you can, healthy/unhealthy (salad need not apply sha), naija/non naija. I'll welcome them. Thank you in advance.

Interesting Blog Post

Hello Blogsville, How are ya and how is your sunday going. Hope it's well. Mine is good so far, I am still out of town, managed to make it to church and now I am chilling in my hotel room feeling a little under the weather, I woke up with a sore throat. Hopefully it's just temporary and it goes away pretty soon. In the meantime, I am lying here resting and watching The Backup Plan ( don't judge me, I feel an obligation to watch every Jlo movie ever made).

Anyone have any TV plans for the night? I usually watch Amazing Race, Desperate Housewives then Brothers and Sisters but the Survivor finale is tonight and I might peep Ms USA for no reason.

As always, I don't have much to say but I wanted to share this interesting blog post I came across. I don't know the owner of the blog but I hope she doesn't mind. I'd like to hear your thoughts on it so please feel free to decorate my comment box.

Have a lovely weekend and an even lovelier week :)

Friday Randoms

Hey Hey peoples. It's my first friday as a "free" student, I got one more and it's back to the student grind. I'm on a little high because I took 3 classes and so far I got A's in 2 of the classes, the most important one is of course the one not out and I am on pins and needles because I.Cannot.Take.That.Class.Again!! Alrighty then, hop on the random train, whoot! whoot!!

So I am out of town for work and chilling with friends and I have been accused of being attached to my computer and my BB. This I cannot deny. I am currently sitting with 2 computers, typing this post on my personal, replying emails I ignored on my work computer, bb flashing, IM's beeping (sad innit? but I love it)don't know how people travel without their laptops sha. Call me antisocial and tell me something I don't know, it's easier to socialise with electronics than people lol

Have I mentioned people relations is exhausting??

The Best Friend got some good news this week an…

Response to Beautiful

If you read my last post, Beautiful here is a response from a male friend of mine after his initial response was "Rubbish":

Hold him where he needs to be held
Don't yell at him when he's only trying to uhmm please you
Kiss him in his favorite place
more often than not
Don't take his kindness for weakness
'Cause I'm sure he'll love you alot
Support him in all that he does
Don't tear him down, lift him up
'Cause that is the worst thing you can do to someone you love
Put him high on a pedestal and tell him when he performs wonderfully
Tell him when he performs wonderfully

Male Friend of Taynement.


Hold her when she wants to be held
Don't yell at her when she's only trying to love you
Take her to her favorite place
more often than not
Don't take her kindness for weakness
'Cause I'm sure she'll love you alot
Support her in all that she does
Don't tear her down, lift her up
'Cause that is the worst thing you can do to someone you love
Put her high on a pedestal and tell her when she looks beautiful
Tell her when she looks beautiful

- Vivian Green

Not that I have anything to say. I just finished what could possibly have been the hardest semester of my grad program. I'm going to slow it down and take it easy, but as is life when you think you have solved one problem another pops up. Thankfully everything always sorts itself out so I hope a solution comes up. Hope everyone is doing well. Have a lovely rest of the week, maybe I will have something else to say and I will post again. Laters.

Friday Randoms

Hi guys, it's friday again. Thank God for yet another week, how many of yall knew yesterday was the National Day of Prayer? Speaking of prayer, can we have a moment of silence for our ex-president : Umaru Yar Adua. To be honest I don't feel anything but he was someone's husband, father and brother, so I wish them comfort and hopes his soul rests in peace. Naija and its awoof, dem come declare am public holiday, their second in one week. Well let's see what Mr. Goodluck has in store for us. Let's random shall we?

I've tried but I don't like the word "seen". I do understand sometimes that in some scenarios it's the most appropriate word to use.

And once again, Halle Berry's 5 year relationship with Sexy Aubrey is kaput.

I can't believe Bow Wow is 23, wasn't he like 4 yesterday doing the harlem shake with braids? I don dey old oh!

I DEFINITELY do not have Bieber fever but he has a song that I like. "Eenie Meenie" ft Sean Kin…

Harmless Flirting and a Few of my Favorite Ads

Hi guys, I am 4 days late but can you believe we are in May? phew, I might as well say Happy New Year sef lol, just kidding. Ok about harmless flirting, I was thinking the other day, if you are in a relationship, would you be ok with your S.O flirting(harmlessly as in flirting and that's it, won't lead to anything else). Some may argue that there is no such thing as harmless flirting..but in my own pov I would be okay with it as long as it's not in front of me. I will smile at the man at the grocery checkout but not if my husband is there, that's disrespectful...

well I had a whole blog post complete with videos of my favorite commercials after searching for almost 2 hours and this was all that saved, so this is all I post. You can complete it as you will. Have a good week.