Friday Randoms

Hi guys, it's friday again. Thank God for yet another week, how many of yall knew yesterday was the National Day of Prayer? Speaking of prayer, can we have a moment of silence for our ex-president : Umaru Yar Adua. To be honest I don't feel anything but he was someone's husband, father and brother, so I wish them comfort and hopes his soul rests in peace. Naija and its awoof, dem come declare am public holiday, their second in one week. Well let's see what Mr. Goodluck has in store for us. Let's random shall we?

I've tried but I don't like the word "seen". I do understand sometimes that in some scenarios it's the most appropriate word to use.

And once again, Halle Berry's 5 year relationship with Sexy Aubrey is kaput.

I can't believe Bow Wow is 23, wasn't he like 4 yesterday doing the harlem shake with braids? I don dey old oh!

I DEFINITELY do not have Bieber fever but he has a song that I like. "Eenie Meenie" ft Sean Kingston. Not a fan of Colbie caillat either but I also found a song of hers I like.

Something I read somewhere: Don't lose your virginity to someone you love, he will own you for life.

I guess I have never tried to buy alcohol before 12 on a sunday but apparently you can't buy alcohol before 12 on sundays in texas. foolery!

We human beings are much stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

I have foot in mouth disease. Kinda sucks.

It's funny how we are so different but somehow live parallel lives, I spied this on a blog round and I ditto'd it to a t: I have come to understand that I don't need to understand everything... every one.. every will constantly change, I will constantly change. To be happy, I must accept myself at all times. Happiness.. what does that mean?

I feel that love is in the air. There is new love and people settling into their love, makes me smile.

Speaking of love, was chatting with my friend about it and I was like I feel like I know squat about love and she said: i think we are all dummies o some people just luck out they arent any smarter just

I must confess that I feel a twinge when I hear of people who have moved back home and found a job. Irrational I know.

Why is it when you are speaking to an oyibo person and you ask what kind of music they listen to they start with "hip hop, r&b..."

It really pisses me off when I call customer service and the automated service asks for all my info, when I finally get a person they ask me all over again for the same damn info the robot asked me for..ggrrrrr!!

Indomie is the business.

Anyone seen the new Christina Aguilera video? VERY Gaga-esque. I love my gaga and all but let's not forget who was the original durrty queen.

I miss my brother.

I'm all for not snooping on your man, but I have heard of instances where snooping has saved women from wahala and they got to find out the truth so now I'm like is it totally a bad thing?

I'm annoyed by my junk mail, I keep getting stuff about Islamic this and that, Yemen mail and mail in arabic. Abeg I no be member of Camp du Mutallab oh!

I;ve been to a LOT of starbucks and one thing is constant. Starbucks employees have to be the happiest employees. They are always so bubbly and giddy and polite. Nice change from usual snippy service.

Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.

Listened to christian music all day yesterday and chuckled when one of the singer's name was Big Daddy Weave.Interesting name.

PRAYER REQUEST: For all those with a disability. That God grants them patience to deal with it and to know that they are not any less than anybody else. AMEN

I am super excited about finishing up the semester next week. Going to enjoy that 2 week breather before summer school starts. Listened to the B.O.B album and it was a good listen. I'm totally in love with this song of his - Airplanes featuring Hailey (from paramoure) and Eminem.



NakedSha said…
Indomie is the business..

speak gibberish to the automated voice and you will be sharply transfered to a rep...
CILy said…
LucidLilith said…
On the virginity thing...its true.

STarbucks employees are high on caffeine fumes.

I love BOB. Have listened to 'dont let me fall'
neefemi said…
yankeenaijababe said…
fun post for real...I love Indomie so much.

Funny you mentioned Starbucks, love them so much

Have a good weekend.
yankeenaijababe said…

Really high on some caffeine...imao crack coffee
Nice Anon said…
I guess I lucked out on the virginity thing. We thank GOD!
MPB said…
And people wonder why I procrastinate on calls to "customer service". Once again...i have all these comments in my head about each or most of the randoms, but when I am here on the comment page I can't remember them :(
Anyways, have a good weekend and happy studying.
Fabulo-la said…
A twinge of...?

@ the virginity thing O_o!
Reverence said…
i have no idea who beiber is and i am too lazy to youtube and find out.

*dead* at nice anon

my brother is an alchy so i know about the 12 o' clock rule.

i feel you on the love thing, i cant log into facebook without seeing someone's engagement/ wedding pics.
Repressed One said…
Seen@ them customer services pple...tres annoying :0

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