Friday Randoms

I thought it'd never come but finally the long weekend is here and of course I am gonna be working. I have homework and a paper due, procrastination has gotten the best of me again. It always takes me a little while to ease into the semester but I need to realize that it's summer and while I am still "easing in" the semester will be over before I know it. I got nominated in the best music blog category, I wasn't sure if it was for this blog or the other. Either thank you to whoever nominated me. I have an early day tomorrow so forgive me for posting this early.

Serena Van Der Woosen(sp?) from Gossip Girl is quite, quite annoying.

I'd really like to understand the whole concept of deja vu. It's quite spooky that conviction that something has definitely happened to you before. I feel like I am in LOST or something. I have them quite a bit too.

I highly doubt Obama will win re-election.

When asked the secret to his long lasting marriage, Kevin Bacon said: Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty. - I like that.

Oh what Hollywood has done to cloud many a girls mind(not me sha, lol). Speaking of hollywood and sex, how many people in reality actually have sex with music?

Speaking of TV I have been catching up on my dearly departed LOST. I feel now that the show is over, Hurley isn't obligated to be fat anymore, he should go get lap band surgery. I never got into the 24 hype. Like people are in love with that Jack dude.

One of the sucky feelings in life is feeling disposable.

I am such a chronic yellow lighter. I am not one to stop, I just step on it and go. guess my reward came in the mail. Traffic violation and $75 down the drain.

I have heard of so many recent engagements lately where the couple haven't been dating up to a year. I admire the conviction, knowing strongly that this is who you will be with for the rest of your life. Is that how it's supposed to be? are you supposed to know that strongly or if you don't know is that a sign?

That Invented Sex song by Trey Songz, in the beginning there is a part where it sounds like he is saying, "Ego, ego, ego..."

So Alicia Keys is preggers for Swizzy...

What is with celebs renewing their vows. Why do these sheep always do follow follow sef?

I believe it's easier to think positively when things are going your way but then people argue that positive things happen to you because you are thinking positive. I disagree..

Where did the word impossicant come from?

Been trying to get in a workout whenever I can. Not a fan of work out videos but I checked out some on my netflix. Found a latin cardio one and one of the commenters was like "at least it's better than Zumba instructors who are only interested in showing off their moves". I never thought about it but it's so true.

Another advantage of being tall. Did you know that 94% of CEOs are over 6ft tall?

I moved to my apartment because it was 5 mins away from my job, and now my job is moving locations. GRRR!!

I laugh at my cousin in naija who has been watching the Greys Anatomy finale for almost a week due to slow internet connection lol.

I've never been tied up (in bed) before but I'd like to. Given my control issues I wonder if i'll freak out.

I had raved about a certain book some blog posts ago: Little Bee. My friend was kind enough to send it to me and I am so vexed by that book ehn...

Was watching the American Idol finale and noticed a bunch of them wearing knee length boots. First off, dem dey Cali so it's hot abi?

Speaking of which, we had a competition at work where we had to predict the elimination order for the American Idol contestants. I stopped watching a while back but I happened to be the proud winner of a $100 gift certificate to dinner :)

PRAYER REQUEST: For all those (including myself) who are caught in between the world and surrendering completely to the Lord. That we can find the courage to completely listen to HIM. Amen.

Today's song is a get krunk song when you need to feel pumped or when you are just plain feeling yourself. For someone who doesn't sing or rap, DJ Khaled be having some crunk songs



Gee said…
very long post!!!
i must say i feel u def touched on evrything u had in ur head--heehee
well since ur gonna b working for the long weekend, TRY to have fun at it, an make the best of it.

and i think im first
xx luv it. I worry for Obama too, its like from one thing to another. Dude was elected at the wrongest of times, but I hpe God sees him n his fam thru it.

Sex with always looks good in movies, n a friend gives it the thumbs its on my to-do list :)

That prayer request is definitely for me too...*sigh*...Amen!
Harry-Rami Itie said…
Yes oh!!!

Serena is annoying
Vivian said…
Randomness at its best!! Have a good friday Taynement!
Ms.O said…
I have sex with music..if I can I love it..#dontjudgeme!

I love the Quote by Kevin Bacon!

Alicia Beatz...Nocomment.

Can I come with you to that 100$ dinner? hehe!

Have a good one..xx!
neefemi said…
sex with music was fun- try to keep count of how many songs to see how long u were at it for

DJ Khaled is the best...
Nice Anon said…
The whole Alicia Keys thing is quite hmmm interesting I must say.

Have a great memorial day weekend
Beulah! said…
Congrats on ur nomination
ife, never iffy said…
I love friday randoms!

On the less than a year dating thing, unless your are able to to see in to the future you will never KNOW, KNOW! But there is something to be said for the joy you get with that person and faith that the two of you are strong enough to stick it out. My 2 cents.

Alicia wins the award for worst baby bump hiding ever. I don't think she was even trying with all that spandex.

If i keep commenting here it will be the length of my own blog posts, i should just go write one huh?
LucidLilith said…
This your random is too long am I supposed to comment on everything? Anyway sha...i feel you on easing into the semester...Managerial Accounting is kicking my ass!

Don't get tied up in bed, unless HE is the one that gets tied up.

Stopped watcing Lost after episode one.

Never liked 24.

Sex and TV. Yes. Sex and Music. Never time...we just got down to it.
leggy said…
ummm...sweetie...we are in america.obama WILL win you think bush actually won re-election?
Andrea said…
When asked the secret to his long lasting marriage, Kevin Bacon "said: Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty". - love it

"how many people in reality actually have sex with music?".only when we were still leaving with family and you dont want them to know its going down.

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