Hold her when she wants to be held
Don't yell at her when she's only trying to love you
Take her to her favorite place
more often than not
Don't take her kindness for weakness
'Cause I'm sure she'll love you alot
Support her in all that she does
Don't tear her down, lift her up
'Cause that is the worst thing you can do to someone you love
Put her high on a pedestal and tell her when she looks beautiful
Tell her when she looks beautiful

- Vivian Green

Not that I have anything to say. I just finished what could possibly have been the hardest semester of my grad program. I'm going to slow it down and take it easy, but as is life when you think you have solved one problem another pops up. Thankfully everything always sorts itself out so I hope a solution comes up. Hope everyone is doing well. Have a lovely rest of the week, maybe I will have something else to say and I will post again. Laters.


Jaycee said…
Wishing you the best in your grad program...

As for the poem I especially liked the double-emphasis on "Tell her when she looks beautiful"
Nutty J. said…
How about someone writes a poem that teaches women not to be clingy...

Nice Post by the way
blogoratti said…
Hey take it easy and all the best always!
Fabulo-la said…
Aww babes all the best. Praying it gets betterxxx
F said…
Na wa o... Grad studies aren't easy at all... At least this leg is over; you deserve some down time.

I love these lyrics by the way... Vivian Green's voice soothes me; the woman is gifted. That "Airplanes" song is awesome as well, by the way. :)
RepOne said…
Per your semester- Pele…hopefully you can say the worst is over and you do well.

dead@ Nutty J tho’...wetin na? lol

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