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Dudes, I don't know what happened but it's like as soon as I stepped foot on U.S soil it literally sucked my blogging mojo out of me. You don't know how many times I have come on here to post and my mind just goes blank and I have nothing to say. My people help me oh, how can I get it back?:(..Maybe it's cuz I am back to my dull life, nothing happens to me especially now where I just wake up, do things, go to class sleep. I am in the job market oh, anyone wey get hookup, holla!

Going to Nigeria was a complete leap of faith, the biggest leap of faith that I have ever taken. Before I left, I was in a BAD place and my friends could testify to that. I hated my job, I was homesick, my self-esteem was at a low, I was looking for an internship and couldn't find one and that just added to my despair, add some more unpleasant stuff and basically everything for the most part sucked!.I was literally just existing from day to day, with me hating my life and myself more as each…

Welcome Back

Hi people, it has been a long ass time since I posted oh! chei. In the time I haven't been here, I have returned to the states and I had so many mental blog posts, it's a shame I don't remember them. I hope everyone has been doing well, besides fretting about being single or married.:D. I have been trying to get back to some semblance of my life back but I happened to be under the weather and just now managed to have my cold and cough under control. I hope I can come back and do one last wrap up of my naija blog post. Hope everyone has a fabulous evening!

PS - The whole getting to know Taynement deal was an epic fail. I only got one question and I will be answering it in my next blogpost.

Once again, have a wonderful day/night!

SheWolf in the Closet, My Ass!

Excuse my recent blog title but anyone who is on my facebook should have an idea of what I am about to rant about. So I just saw Shakira's "Shewolf" video. (Youtube if you can, as usual MTN is PMSing and won't allow me find a video. the full length one might be in spanish). Anyways, I like Shakira but as I watched the video, I felt anger slowly rise in me and by the end I was utterly and thoroughly vexed.

You see, I totally get the music business is still a business. I totally get that sex sells but seriously at this point I feel insulted. If you watched the video, I dare you to tell me that you did not see Beyonce, Ciara and Madonna in that video even though Shakira was the one dancing? They are all trying to show us that they are the sexiest and the bendiest of them all. I mean Shakira should have just gone naked, why wear a flesh colored leotard? just prancing around her monkey cage, feeding me her juiceless ass cheek..uuughhh! whoooosah! I mean does anyone see my…

Listening to the Lines

If there's anything you have learned about me from my blog, you must know by now that I am a huge, huge fan of music. Doesn't matter what kind, as long as my ears are happy, we are good to go. I am always on the hunt for new music and part of how I find new music is from TV shows. I am watching a tv show and my ears are primed to catch the first strums of music goodness, soon as I catch it, the next step is frantically googling the few lyrics I could eke out while adding my voice recognition skillz and voila a new song is added to the library.

Anyway, I have been wanting to blog all day but had no idea what to blog about. NEPA(PHCN, whatever) was kind enough to give light all day, so I was vegging out watching Lipstick Jungle - another reason to love Naija, I bought season 1 and 2 for like less than $5, lol - and I heard a song that I knew already but the lyrics really jumped out at me. Sara Bareilles' "Bottle it Up".


There'll be girls across the nat…

Naija Slangs

It's been a while my dear people, not sure what's going on with the internet in Nigeria but on the news they said something about some satellite blah blah blah but all I know is MTN sucks! Even on my blackberry, the internet is not working and I am not the only one.

Anywhoooos! Today I thought I'd share with you some slangs I have heard the last few months. Enjoy:

End of Discussion - Honda iVtech (car)

Baby Boy - 1999 Honda Accord

Bulldog - 1997 Honda Accord

Parole - jumpoff/girl you are talking to or women hunting
e.g - "Ah, leave that one oh, that one na my parole" or "We dey go parole"

Kabash - praying
e.g "See as this pastor dey kabash"

Tear Rubber - Brand New
Refer to Eldee's song, "big boy"..."tear rubber everything..."

Romesh - to yarn rubbish, an update on yarning okpaks
e.g - "ol' boy why you dey yarn romesh?"

Sule - idiot/mugu (apparently a serious insult)
e.g "This boy na sule"

Kparakpa - Vernacular