Naija Slangs

It's been a while my dear people, not sure what's going on with the internet in Nigeria but on the news they said something about some satellite blah blah blah but all I know is MTN sucks! Even on my blackberry, the internet is not working and I am not the only one.

Anywhoooos! Today I thought I'd share with you some slangs I have heard the last few months. Enjoy:

End of Discussion - Honda iVtech (car)

Baby Boy - 1999 Honda Accord

Bulldog - 1997 Honda Accord

Parole - jumpoff/girl you are talking to or women hunting
e.g - "Ah, leave that one oh, that one na my parole" or "We dey go parole"

Kabash - praying
e.g "See as this pastor dey kabash"

Tear Rubber
- Brand New
Refer to Eldee's song, "big boy"..."tear rubber everything..."

Romesh - to yarn rubbish, an update on yarning okpaks
e.g - "ol' boy why you dey yarn romesh?"

Sule - idiot/mugu (apparently a serious insult)
e.g "This boy na sule"

Kparakpa - Vernacular
e.g "Abeg no dey speak kparakpa for this place"

Straffor/Piax- basically to hit it
e.g " I go straffor/piax that girl dis night"

Hammer - To blow up or get rich quick
e.g "Timaya don blow, e don hammer"

Soapy - To wank/masturbate
e.g "Omo, agro don catch me finish, man need to soapy"

Ororo - Expensive drink

Shekpe - ogogoro

I no dey see my period - broke
e.g "Bros, please you fit gimme 500 naira?" "At all oh, I no dey see my period"

Fall my hand - dissapointing
e.g "Guy why you dey fall my hand na?"

Park Well - Behave
e.g "abeg we dey public, park well jo"

Para - overreact
e.g "It's not that serious, why you dey para?"

Well that's all I have and I am sure there are many more out there that I have no clue about. In other news, its only God that protects us here oh. My coworker told me a story of how his friend got into a cab and the cab driver pulled over, whipped out a gun and beat her with it then robbed her. She ended up being in the hospital. My friend also told me that story and I wondered if it was the same person, he also told me of a chic that took an okada and he took her to the bushes and raped her. May God help us all! Have a lovely rest of the week!


CIL said…
Fest! :D
What is this crazy Nigeria turning into??

One cannot even take public transportation for fear of being physically and sexually assaulted..

So depressing.
Nice Anon said…
nawa oo! rape am? kai! pistol whipping? ewo! so sad.
LusciousRon said…
That does happen. Na wah sha.
Kate said…
lol..some of those made me laugh! Nigerians! can i get your ass to come back quickly? HISS!
I was laughing hard until I read the last bit about sexual assault. God have mercy.

Nice blog. First time here but I will be back.

RocNaija said…
Some of these I know...
I'll be surprised if they still use them on the regular like that..
Seeing as slangs tend to re-invent themselves very often..
Repressed One said…
lol naijas won't kill me...i cracked up at 'soapy.' That 'period' one is def gross...eww.

dang@ the transport wa oh...God keep us
BSNC said…
lol i have heard most of the slangs. which one is period again. naijas sef...
MPB said…
I am going to miss your naijablog hne you come back...

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