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Oscar Tyme

So its the Oscars tomorrow (and the Independednt Spirit Awards today :)). Now the Oscars are definitely not in my top favorite award shows, they are too long, boring and the awards are not completely based on merit, a lot of politics and campaigning. But yours truly still watches it unfailingly every year ( its that sickness i have). So i am going to list the major awards and say who i would like to win and who is probably going to win. I didn't do so well this year in seeing the movies but I tried.

Best Picture Nominees

Michael Clayton
No Country for Old Men
There Will Be Blood

So Atonement sucked, Juno was lovely but not a movie the Oscars will take seriously, I didnt see NCFOM, There will be Blood was a serious movie that still managed to squeeze in funny parts ( I drink your milkshake anyone?). I have heard only good things about NCFOM that they'll probably win. If i had to pick, I'd give it to TWBB.

Best Actor Nominees

George Clooney
Daniel Day-Lewis
Johnny Depp

One Naija!

I just got Banky's new cd "Mr. Capable" in my mailbox and I have to say I am very impressed with it. My favorite song is "Till my dying day", I absolutely love that song. My other favs are "Heartbreaker", "You really don't know me", "capable", ok in short I like the whole cd. Anyways, listening to it got me thinking how in the past coupla years, the visibility of naija artists increased a tenfold. I decided to list out some of my favorite artists/songs that I can remember.

My favorite Naija group even tho they don't get as much recognition has always been Styl Plus, ever since i heard "Olufunmi". Yes they have the corniest lyrics but I love their harmonies. Also "Imagine Dat" was a good song, who can deny?

Wande Coal/Dbanj etc etc - "Booty Call" is currently getting constant play on my playlist, forget the synthesizer, the hook is so catchy and the song as a whole captures both the naija playful…

Grammy Recap

I'm sorry this is late, i have been lazy :0

Alrighty so I guess, the Grammys have become kind of a free concert you watch on tv, cuz Lord knows that less than 10 grammys were given out on tv.

Ok so it started with Alicia Keys screeching alongside a "dead" Frank Sinatra, just nyeh to me, nothing special.

Carrie Underwood comes next with the song i want to and will sing one day at a Karaoke Bar, "Before he Cheats", it had some kind of funky drumming in the beginning. I liked it, she is pretty hot. Money is good sha

I think the first award went to Alicia for Noone, she is a Grammys baby so I wasn't so shocked. not that this relates in any way but she has small boobies, I am suddenly grateful for mine :D

Some group named The Time performed, didn't know who they were it was ok. They medlied with Rihanna and i didn't like it. I like her songs and all but right from the beginning, its like Rihanna needs some life injected in her, she just always seems like she …