Oscar Tyme

So its the Oscars tomorrow (and the Independednt Spirit Awards today :)). Now the Oscars are definitely not in my top favorite award shows, they are too long, boring and the awards are not completely based on merit, a lot of politics and campaigning. But yours truly still watches it unfailingly every year ( its that sickness i have). So i am going to list the major awards and say who i would like to win and who is probably going to win. I didn't do so well this year in seeing the movies but I tried.

Best Picture Nominees

Michael Clayton
No Country for Old Men
There Will Be Blood

So Atonement sucked, Juno was lovely but not a movie the Oscars will take seriously, I didnt see NCFOM, There will be Blood was a serious movie that still managed to squeeze in funny parts ( I drink your milkshake anyone?). I have heard only good things about NCFOM that they'll probably win. If i had to pick, I'd give it to TWBB.

Best Actor Nominees

George Clooney
Daniel Day-Lewis
Johnny Depp
Tommy Lee Jones
Viggo Mortensen

George Clooney is just a filler nominee, Daniel Day Lewis was great and is gorgeous, didn't see Johnny but i am sure he did a good job and he is gorgeous, I honestly don't see the hype in Tommy Lee's performance (yes i actually saw In the Valley of Elah in the theaters), Viggo Mortensen was just the embodiment of a great actor in eastern Promises. So Day-Lewis is probably going to win(he has won everything else) but if i had to pick an upset or really close runnerup it would be Viggo (and not becos of his nude scene :)).If i didn't know who he was, noone could tell me he wasn't Russian.

Best Actress Nominees

Cate Blanchett
Julie Christie
Marion Cotilard
Laura Linney
Ellen Page

Yap Yap Yap , Julie Christie. In all honesty I could not finish that movie, it just draaaagged. My vote goes to Marion Cotillard, she truly captured Edith Piaf. Here's hoping for an upset.

Best Supporting Actor

Casey Affleck
Javier Bardem
Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Hal Holbrook
Tom Wilkinson

No words necessary, did not see any of the above but i could bet a 100grand that Javier is running away with this one.

Best supporting Actress

Cate Blanchett
Ruby Dee
Saoirse Ronan
Amy Ryan
Tilda Swinton

what on earth did ruby dee do? slap denzel very well? i dont care who gets it.

Best Director

No need listing the nominees, the Coen brothers got this. :)


Omagus said…
Well, you called these right. Maybe you should do this for a living or something.
Pearl said…
i wish fems, i wish
TayneMent said…
haha just realised I got my wish and Marion Cotillard did get the oscar.

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